Bosch flexxo serie 4 test


✔️ very light✔️ great battery life✔️ incorporated tools✔️ Inexpensive


❌ Plasticy feel zu it❌ Battery can"t it is in replaced❌ klein capacity
The Bosch Flexxo is a neu line des cordless vacuum cleaners from Bosch. We're big fans of Bosch cordless vacuums, having reviewed both the Bosch Athlet or ns Bosch Athlet ProAnimal fairly highly.

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First impressions of the Flexxo zu sein that it's light, nimble, a good size, and very easy to use. The ticks all ns boxes, but zu sein it much better than competitors or die Athlet range?

Read on to find the end more, however like any kind of cordless vacuum it's important to know what it zu sein you want from die vacuum. Weil das some consumers ns weight ist the most essential factor, whereas zum others that may schutz pets it can be ns suction that ist the priority.

Suction on ns Flexxo is good zum the size von the vacuum. There space 2 energie modes, a standard and a an ext powerful setting (often referred zu as 'Turbo mode'), which ich always find zu be a must-have on any kind of cordless - it allows you to clean 95% des your home in standard mode, but ns extra suction zu sein there when you need it.

The Flexxo has actually what Bosch call a "RobustAir System". Breaking through die marketing fluff, the motor has air gaps available kommen sie it, which permits it zu continue offering good suction also when ns dust morgen is complete or near capacity. This is something a lot of cordless vacuums don't do, und you notice a large drop bei suction.

The brush gittern is powered, which way it has actually its own motor zum spinning independently of the rotate caused über the suction. A powered brush riegel is a must-have if her home zu sein carpeted, as without that you'll only be pulling up surface dirt.

The design of die Bosch Flexxo is similar to ns Athlet. It aussehen very much like a classic upright vacuum, i m sorry is bei advantage. Many cordless vacuums oase decided kommen sie adopt a 'handheld-first' strategy where they're effectively a handheld vacuum with a lang neck kommen sie reach die floor; if this has its benefits it i do not care a pain zu store as you either need zu lay them flat or oase a wall bracket to fix them to.

The Bosch Flexxo doesn't follow the handheld-first ethos, instead it looks just like a timeless upright dafür you kann sein easily store it upright.


The Bosch Flexxo comes through a couple of tools, including a neck extension, a crevice tool und a soft furnishings tool.

Bosch Flexxo with the included tools

Turbo Mode

Often referred to as 'turbo mode', the Flexxo has a setting that renders the motiv spin faster, which an turn causes far better suction. Of kurse this uses much more battery, so use it sparingly, however it's a must-have feature for any cordless vacuum.

Handheld Mode

Bosch oase taken a different design approach to the Flexxo than other modell like die Athlet. Although it may look very comparable there zu sein a key entwurf different: die motor kann be eliminated from ns centre casing and create a truly handheld vacuum.

The handheld mode makes this handheld vacuum even an ext manoeuvrable and easy to use.

The Bosch Flexxo cordless vacuum weighs an at a tiny 3.1kg. That's about 6 cans des beans zum those of us unfamiliar with kilograms!

Considering the entwurf of ns vacuum zu sein one of bei upright, much of ns weight zu sein distributed to die floor. This isn't ns case with other cordless vacuums, that space 'handheld-first'. Dafür not only zu sein it in already light vacuum, but it so distributes what little weight the has much better. It provides it very easy to use and to whip around ns house.

As we often point out though, less weight isn't necessarily better. Die less a vacuum weighs ns less force it has to push under against ns carpet, which can effect the amount des dirt pulled up. Of course it's a trade off, as hefty vacuums aren't great kommen sie be rail around ns house, deswegen it really depends on the size und layout des your home. If you schutz a large offen plan residence on one floor then you'd want a heavier vacuum, yet if you have a home spread throughout multiple floors with lots of nooks then you'll want something a little lighter. Ns Bosch Flexxo certainly fits into die second category!

We've briefly talked about the Bosch Flexxo's light und flexible body, yet what us haven't discussed too much zu sein its ability kommen sie split right into a true handheld.

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When people buy a vacuum they often get bogged down bei features like the suction power, battery life und dust capacity. While these are really important, sie quite often forget how freundin actually use your vacuum. Dust und dirt gets everywhere, not just your floors, and if you schutz pets then there ist hair to inhalt with as well.

You've gott sofas, under tables, under chairs, cushions, pillows, corners des rooms and ceilings kommen sie contend with. That's nur inside ns house, you're bound kommen sie want kommen sie clean kommen sie car indigenous time to time too, deswegen lugging a substantial upright round the front garden und driveway isn't auch appealing.

Well fortunately die Bosch Flexxo is an upright vacuum that tun können split native its taste body und turn into a completely handheld vacuum cleaner. It comes with a couple of tools to make cleaning sofas, stairs, and reaching ceiling corners easy.

Bosch Flexxo vaccum in handheld mode
We lived with the Bosch Flexxo for a couple des weeks und used the every day, und the ability to quickly switch kommen sie a true handheld was great. Compared kommen sie other vacuums like die Dyson variety which space 'handheld first' it was a wenig more cumbersome zu switch between modes, but ns benefit you get of being able kommen sie easily store the Flexxo bei upright mode far outweighs it weil das me.

Battery life on die Bosch Flexxo ist great. Advertised as "up zu 55mins", in our prüfung we got bolzen 45-50mins out von a complete charge.

We oase a mix of hard floors, low heap carpets and high heap rugs an our home, so it tun können be a stress, overload on the motiv (and bei turn ns battery) end a complete clean deshalb 50 minutes from a full charge is pretty great.

Suction isn't as solid as alternative vacuums, which help on battery life, but ns suction ist plenty enough zum most households.

The Facts

Battery run Time45 minutes
Charge Time4 hours
Capacity/Dust Box0.6 Litres
Noise Level76 dB
Good zum Pets?
Additional Tools3

The Ratings








The Bosch serie 4 Flexxo ist a nice bit of kit. It's a good cordless vacuum, at an affordable price point.

But, ist it as good as its sister vacuum, die Bosch Athlet or the Bosch Athlet ProAnimal? Well, it's newer, dafür you'd suppose it zu be better, but when we look at the details you can make trost your very own mind.

We'll cut through the noise zum you, our selection here ist probably ns Athlet. Why?

It has actually a much larger capacity; about double, i m sorry means freundin need kommen sie empty it half as much

It comes through a flexibel hose

It has actually been out weil das 4 year prior to the Flexxo gift released, this method it's easier kommen sie source accessories, batteries und repairs

It ist (ever dafür slightly) cheaper

That said, the Flexxo does oase advantages. In our opinion it ist more manoeuvrable. It is a huge plus being able zu turn it right into a handheld quickly, which ist very different to how die Athlet models do things.

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In short; if the ability kommen sie switch kommen sie a handheld zu sein important zu you go weil das the Flexxo, otherwise go zum the Athlet.