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Bosch has started rolling out in update zu its smart home accessory line that adds support weil das Apple"s HomeKit.Nine accessories in total möchte work v HomeKit, including a clever plug, und radiator thermostat.HomeKit update have to be available kommen sie all individuals by august 13th.

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Bosch has announced that it has begun rolling out in update to its smart Home line the adds support zum Apple"s HomeKit. The update, which wollen be available zu all by august 13th, comes around seven month after die company initially announced the HomeKit was bei the works rückseitig at CES 2020.

The time has come: this summer, two an excellent names in the smart home sector join forces to create die perfect user experience. über integrating Bosch clever Home into apfel HomeKit, Bosch smart Home offers sich entschuldigen users even more control options and convenient functions weil das their clever home. Beginning today, ns integration into sich entschuldigen HomeKit möchte enable all apfel users, as of the 13th of August, zu control your existing Bosch smart Home components in the apfel Home app, to combine castle with other HomeKit-enabled accessories, and thus kommen sie optimally augment their clever home.

Source: Bosch

The recent update wollen bring a total des nine accessories over zu HomeKit. Bei addition to clever home staples together as smart plugs und door sensors, HomeKit-compatible accessories from Bosch include roller shutter controls, acting detectors, and radiator thermostats. Bosch deshalb plans kommen sie add HomeKit zu other accessories automatically throughout die year.

The following Bosch smart Home devices will be controlled via apfel HomeKit: clever Home Controller, clever Plug, Radiator Thermostat, Door/Window Contact, Shutter Control, irradiate Control, movement Detector, Twinguard, acting Detector

Once added zu HomeKit, Bosch clever Home accessories möchte be available weil das voice controls v Siri on die HomePod, und through the Home app for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, und Apple Watch. Bosch accessories included to ns Home app will so work with other HomeKit compatible devices an scenes und automations.

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The HomeKit update wollen come in firmware ausführung 9,18,1628-14284/5 weil das the Bosch clever Home Controller, which acts as a hub weil das all of the company"s accessories. In update to the Bosch smart Home iOS apps will so be available beginning on august 6th.


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