Bose Around Ear 2 Test

These headphones tun können keep nach oben with die non-stop pace of life, thanks kommen sie their 15-plus-hour endurance und supreme comfort. If you"re privy to a sound signature the favors ns midrange und treble, und don"t mind payment a premium for a world-renowned brand, then ns Bose On-Ear Wireless are bei excellent pick.

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Just like your favorite childhood toy, ns Bose SoundLink On-Ear Wireless are largely plastic. Unlike her favorite childhood toy, these will hold your attention for more than 15 minutes. When Bose may be a little bit polarizing kommen sie those bei the audio enthusiast community, ns Bose SoundLink On-Ear Wireless headphones offer great features such as energetic EQ, dual-microphones, and soft ear pads—making these one von the ideal Bose headphones out there.

Editor’s note: this review was updated on march 1, 2021, kommen sie include deals.

Who are ns Bose SoundLink On-Ear Wireless for?

Made from a schwarze farbe plastic, ns Bose On-Ear Wireless look at classy und timeless, however their attenuated build may it is in cause zum premature breakage.

Anyone upgrading from your phone’s earbuds. Together we’ll acquire into later, they sound great und provide terrific connectivity—something that i unabashedly harp on wie man it’s sub-par. Unfortunately, die biggest barrier for consumer’s is likely die $129 preis tag.Students should take into consideration these fix up headphones since their compact size renders them easy to fahrzeug from laconic lecture zu dilapidated discussion.

What is it like kommen sie use the Bose SoundLink On-Ear Wireless?

The Bose On-Ear Wireless room great zum the studious and transient alike, due to their klein footprint, pressure-relieving padding, and extended battery life.

Not kommen sie be puzzled with the Bose SoundLink On-Ear headphones, released in 2014, the Bose SoundLink On-Ear Wireless were released at the end of 2017. Choose their predecessor, the ear cups echo die shape des Adam Sandler’s self-described egghead, while retaining a nondescript, signature Bose aesthetic. The raised controls—housed on die right ear cup—are well-built, easy kommen sie differentiate von mirroring that des the SoundSport Wireless und SoundSport Free, and respond with die perfect amount von tactile resistance. Plastic building keeps costs kommen sie a minimum, which ist okay; though ns Bose On-Ear Wireless don’t feeling cheap, they don’t feel luxurious either. Ns plastic yokes rotate in either direction but feel set kommen sie snap under minimal torsion.

Regardless des the questionable durability, castle lightweight und uphold Bose’s reputation for being supremely comfortable. Supple, velvety padding keeps ns ear cup comfortable und light on die head. Notfall only are the Bose On-Ear Wireless a pleasure to wear for hours ~ above end—even with glasses—they become even much more compact by folding die ear cups trost towards ns headband, make them the size of a contempt enlarged heart. By just squeezing the headband, it doesn’t feel like it’s going zu be comfortable on die crown des the head. Contrary to first-impressions, ns headband distributes ns On-Ear Wireless’ featherweight mass evenly across the head und on ns ears kommen sie minimize pressure und maximize enjoyment.

Their compact size provides them straightforward to fahrzeug from laconic lecture to dilapidated discussion.

The power taste is a simple sliding toggle the doubles as a way to initiate pairing. Kommen sie do so, host the button up for two seconds. Bose’s voice prompts walk users through ns pairing process, making it thoughtlessly simple. Below ns power und beneath die diagonally dotted sample switch is a two-way progressed microphone system. These microphones reduce environmental din while increasing die other speaker’s volume. The system works well in coffee shops, libraries, und outside through minimal wind. As soon as winds exceed 25mph, you’re far better off using Morse code kommen sie communicate. It’ll be less frustrating and likely nur as effective.

Can you workout with ns SoundLink On-Ear Wireless?

Technically, yes, you kann sein workout in them. As a matte of fact, i ran and lifted v these a handful of times, und they’re no worse weil das the wear. However that was after 3 easy-to-moderate workouts, dafür I wouldn’t recommend it. If you’re sweating, ns synthetic ear pads transform into a cushy inferno, and since the On-Ear Wireless lack any IP-certification, die perspiration wollen quickly take it a toy fee on the material. As well as ruining die ear pads, they’re nur clearly notfall built with athletes in mind. When running, die headband slides around und slips off during scorseses weight-lifting—think: bench press. If you’re looking weil das workout on-ear headphones, ns Plantronics BackBeat 500 fit are more trost your alley.

Bose’s inclusions hearken rückseitig to easier days when die Herbie: fully Loaded soundtrack was cemented an my Sony CD player. Ns provided zipper carrying situation borrows the appearance from unsightly CD carrying cases von the so late ‘90s und early ‘00s—but does ns trick rather nicely. Inside ns case zu sein a 3.5mm cable (1.2m), a micro-USB charging cable, und the On-Ear Wireless headphones. Oh, und the headphones kommen sie with a one-year restricted warranty, within Bose will “repair or replace… any defective components within a reasonable period of time and free des charge.”

Multipoint connectivity provides it a breeze kommen sie connect up zu two gadgets simultaneously. This zu sein great for switching betwee phone calls und laptop-streamed TV shows.

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As far as multipoint technology goes, the Bose On-Ear Wireless space some des the most well-equipped Bluetooth headphones available. Castle flawlessly connect zu two devices simultaneously und switching ist just a matte of pausing media on the first und playing it on die second. There aren’t any alternating jitters, und while testing, the On-Ear Wireless never disconnected und reconnected in in attempt zu switch devices. As long as we’re on ns topic of outstanding execution, ns Bose On-Ear Wireless administer a superb microphone experience. Die aforementioned doppelt microphones properly reduce ambient noise und amplify die speaker’s voice. The headphones so make volume adjustments according zu your environment. Pretty smart stuff.

The battery life above expectations über 30 minute to a complete hour, und the led indicator notifies listeners of the battery level.

Bose insurance claims that these tonnage for fünfzehn hours, but I have been able kommen sie consistently get 16 hours des playback time (volume hinweisen 50 percent) prior to employing mine roommates zu help scour our apartment weil das a hilariously commonplace, however elusive, micro-USB cable. I wish that Bose would pioneer die shift indigenous micro-USB kommen sie USB-C charging zu expedite ns 1.5-hour charging process. In all fairness, this is somewhat made nach oben for by the reality that 15 minutes von charging offers two hours of playback fuel. Plus, if sie need a visual indicator von the battery status, the führen zu glows green, amber, or blinks red zu relay high, medium, or low battery, respectively.

As a pair des on-ears, die Bose SoundLink On-Ears don’t carry out a great job at maintaining out noise.
The Bose SoundLink On-Ears Wireless aren’t flat über any means, but an all same they’re notfall being marketed kommen sie audio engineers.

The Bose On-Ear Wireless reproduce a consumer-friendly sound that favors die mids and treble over die low-end. This tuning stays fairly consistent no matte the volume, due zu Bose’s intelligent Active EQ technology. It’s a subtle feature that prevents ns need to fumble around with finicky volume controls, due to the fact that it’s able zu calculate what note need bei appropriate boost. The said, that doesn’t make weil das a level sound by any means, but to Bose’s credit, castle aren’t marketing kommen sie audio engineers here.

For such a klein pair von headphones, the soundstage—or illusion des 3D-space zu sein noteworthy. Punkt the ende of new York über St. Vincent, a recurring squish—like wet boots trudging through slushed city streets—drives the fade-out. These final six seconds yield an excellent auditory pleasure, due kommen sie the clever production behind neu York inter-playing with the Bose On-Ear Wireless’ sound engineering.

Lows, mids, und highs

The lows room pretty quiet with the Bose On-Ear Wireless. To be fair, the enjoyment of prominent mids and treble depends significantly on her music, but it functions well in Butterflies über Samsa. Ns de-emphasized base reinforces die speaker’s prominence an the mix; thus why the important for Butterflies the Bose doesn’t overemphasize ns low-end.

Using its active EQ feature, die Bose On-Ear Wireless headphones keep a consumer-friendly sound for any song.

Drive Darling von BOY opens with picking von the A, D, G, and B-strings, which introduces a dissonant tone. Chimes change the song from verse to chorus, and are slightly emphasized. This rise meets users’ expectations des treble reproduction, making die Bose On-Ear Wireless sound an ext detailed 보다 their competitors.

Two-thirds des the way through drive Darling, a basic “boots-n-cats” win dominates die instrumental break. Listening even closer, die snare north complements the sonver Glass’ immediate guitar picking. The predictable to win anchors the song, allowing zum Glass’ facility picking to interweave between Valeska Steiner’s isolated notes. Though the snare zu sein always audible, Valeska’s high-pitched picking ist sometimes drown out über the amplified midrange.

By flipping die ear cups toward die headband, die Bose On-Ear Wireless become even more compact und ready zu go wherever sie are.

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The Bose SoundLink On-Ear Wireless are only easily accessible as a renewed product, yet even so, these headphones are excellent and a stealing at nur $129. Ns Bose On-Ear Wireless are absolutely precious it weil das students, commuters, and general consumers simply looking zu upgrade their headphones without tumbling down ns rabbit hole des audio equipment. These tick off daily listeners’ needs von being travel-friendly, comfortable for extended periods of time, und providing a praise-worthy Bluetooth experience. Though, these headphones haven’t swayed my preference zum around-ear models over on-ear ones, they space hands-down ns comfiest pair of on-ear headphones the I’ve tested.