A solid entry-level smartphone. Die Bq E4.5 was one von the zuerst commercially easily accessible Ubuntu Touch!

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Note: Bq E4.5 tools that are offered with android have a locked bootloader, so those need to be manually unlocked von installing ns manufacturers Ubuntu bild before switching to UBports" release of Ubuntu Touch.

Built ~ above Legacy

After die Ubuntu Touch project got discontinued von Canonical and UBports started maintaining the project we inherited ns the already ran Ubuntu Touch bei the Canonical times. We speak to these ports legacy since we right now use Halium instead von the initial Canonical porting method.

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How to install

You kann sein install Ubuntu Touch top top this device using the UBports Installer on her computer. Select die appropriate package zum your computer: Plug bei your device und follow die on-screen instructions. Die Installer will take it from there.


Failed to install?

try our troubleshooting on Ubports docs or try older versions des the installer if the belästigung keeps occurring.

Report an Issue forBq Aquaris E4.5

Did die maintainer to speak that function ‘works’ but you know native doing it that it really doesn’t?

start by searching ns bug device issue if freundin found it, hopefully die porter is on it. "Subscribe" to the issue in case it gain solved.

Couldn"t find it?

Uh-oh… fine it is time zu let die porter and everyone else recognize about ns fail and send die tech magic back to die workshop zum a makeover.

1. Read "Bug Reporting" section an UBports docs top top "How to report a bug".

2. Climate (this time), head to GitHub Issues und submit it, deshalb the porter knows about it.

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