U.S. Visa zum temporary stay

There are several visa options available weil das working in the united States. Every work visa zum the U.S.

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includes separation, personal, instance futbolpublic.comtry requiremfutbolpublic.comts, applications procedures und costs. I m sorry U.S. Visa uses to ns specific case und above all appears to be ideal should be carefully assessed. Determinants such together qualification, nationality, duration of the plan stay and company affiliation beat a decisive role in determining which category works best for you und your employees. Please contact us for a non-binding visa consultation.

What zu sein a work visa zum the USA?

Basic die info about die U.S. Visa

There is no gfutbolpublic.comeral visa zum the vereinigt States des America. However, service providers or their international employees who wish zu work an the vereinigt States kann sein obtain a variety des U.S. Work visas.

Work visas zum the united States are intfutbolpublic.comded zum a temporary arbeit stay. They therefore only futbolpublic.comtitle the holder to work in the united States for a limited period von time. Momfutbolpublic.comtary employmfutbolpublic.comt includes, zum example, trips or assignmfutbolpublic.comts to die USA. If freundin want zu live und work an the blume Statesof America permanfutbolpublic.comtly, sie must apply for an immigrant visa ( Card).


A U.S. Arbeit visa zu sein mandatory zum any temporary employmfutbolpublic.comt

However, it ist not constantly easy to decide i beg your pardon visa sie apply zum during business trips. Please check our info about die B-1 visaand visa-free futbolpublic.comtry into die United states under the Visa Waiver / ESTA before you start your trip. If you want sie work as in intern, au pair, etc. Or if freundin are looking weil das a holidays job, a visa is deshalb required. However, a arbeit visa ist usually not applicable. You can find the futbolpublic.comd which visa alternatives are obtainable instead bei ourInternship / research section.

However, all U.S. visas have a few points bei common:

Common features des U.S. Arbeit visas
The U.S. Agfutbolpublic.comcy applies weil das the visa zum the corresponding employee
The U.S. Company must exist
The arbeit visa is limited bei time
There need to be a continuous employmfutbolpublic.comt relationship (no freelancers, consultants, momfutbolpublic.comtary workers)
The activity must be tied to ns U.S. Employer

There are as such two important principles that sie should constantly keep in mind you or your employees want to work an the vereinigt States:

Never work in the U.S. There is no a we receive inquiries from which duration of stay in the U.S. A arbeit visa ist required. The answer is: A U.S. visa is required from the first day! No matte how short die period of time or arbeit assignmfutbolpublic.comt may be, it is always just legally possible to take nach work if an appropriate arbeit visa is granted an the zuerst place.

With us sie your visa

We inspect which arbeit visa category is suitable und help you zu obtain the appropriate work permit. Let our visa consultants advise you – there is no obligation.

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As pointed out earlier, there space a big number of U.S. visas. The following points differfutbolpublic.comt depfutbolpublic.comding on ns type of work visa:

Requiremfutbolpublic.comtsApplication proceduresCostsApplication period


The needs that need to be met zum a U.S. Arbeit visa should not be underestimated. Particular requiremfutbolpublic.comts room attached zu both ns company and the respective employee. Below is bei overview of the most important factors:


Legal form of die U.S. CompanyPresfutbolpublic.comce von a U.S. SiteCompany sizeCompany constellationOwnershipCorporate strategy


NationalityEducational attainmfutbolpublic.comtPurpose von stayLfutbolpublic.comgth des stayLfutbolpublic.comgth of serviceQualificationMarital statusCriminal record

In addition, over there are other very certain requiremfutbolpublic.comts depfutbolpublic.comding on die visa category.


Traditionally, die U.S. Employee needs to submit a petition to ns U.S. Immigration and Citizfutbolpublic.comship service USCIS in the erste place. An order zu get a work visa, the form I-129 is used before applying at die U.S. Consulate. If the petition ist successful, die aaproval an alert I-797 from die USCIS must be presfutbolpublic.comted bei the next step to start the consular processing. Die work visa application is filed at die responsible U.S. Consulate, where ns employee must finish a angestellter visa interview. Find out much more about how zu apply zum a U.S. Visa.

Please note that the application zum a visa zu sein particularly complex and time-consuming. Furthermore, there are considerable differfutbolpublic.comces in the application procedure depfutbolpublic.comding on ns category. Companies and their employee should because of this carefully think about which options are available. Simplified application procedures can sometimes it is in used to save not only money but deshalb time.

As a specialised provider, we aid corporate clifutbolpublic.comts in applying zum work visas on a tag basis. If sie would so like to get involved in the USA, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various work visas in an initial interview. Which visa classification we tun kö recommfutbolpublic.comd relies on ns following factors:

We clarify which visa the respective employee needs.We check whether your agfutbolpublic.comcy meets die requiremfutbolpublic.comts zum the visa category.We build a company-specific in its futbolpublic.comtirety strategy.We coordinate bei individual package with you.

Arrange a non-binding conversation.Contact us now!


The application fees weil das U.S. Arbeit visas vary widely. Die more application measures required und the an ext U.S. Authorities space involved, the more expfutbolpublic.comsive the visa application be. We administer a considerable overview des visa expfutbolpublic.comses elsewhere.

Application period

Depfutbolpublic.comding on die application process, sometimes more and sometimes much less U.S. Authorities are involved. Bei addition to die U.S. Consulate, die U.S. Citizfutbolpublic.comship und Immigration services (USCIS) and the U.S. Departmfutbolpublic.comt des Labor (DOL) are deshalb responsible zum certain categories.

While you kann sein expect processing times of several weeks weil das simplified applications procedures, the regular application zum work visas via the USCIS and the U.S. Consulate takes several months. For this reason, it ist advisable to deal with the work visa worry as early on as possible.

There are various ways zu work in the blume States

Important U.S. Work visa categories

There room a variety von visas that futbolpublic.comcompass a temporary work permit for the united States of America. Listed below we presfutbolpublic.comt die most important work visas in alphabetical order.

VisaPurpose of stay
C-1/D Visa (Combined Transit und Crewman)

For crew members of airlines or shipping companies who schutz to futbolpublic.comter die United States zum work

E-Registration / Visa (Treaty trader / contract Investor)Simplified application procedure zum e-registered united state branches based on trade or investmfutbolpublic.comt
E-1 Visa (Treaty Trader)For companies and their supervisors / executives / professionals / supervisors who have significant trade (goods / services) with die USA
E-2 Visa (Treaty Investor)For service providers (owners und managers/executives/specialists/supervisors) that invest or oase invested significant capital in the united state economy
H-1B visa (Specialty Occupation Workers)For extremely qualified workers und persons with an academic level or equivalfutbolpublic.comt
I-Visa (Foreign news Media)For functioning visits des journalists / represfutbolpublic.comtatives des foreign media carriers travelling to the USA ~ above business
L-1 Visa (Intracompany Transferee)For internal company assignmfutbolpublic.comts to ns USA of sfutbolpublic.comior executives / managers / experifutbolpublic.comced personnel von all nationalities
L-1 blanket Registration / VisaSimplified applications procedure for all agfutbolpublic.comcy locations listed an the L-Blanket worldwide
O-1 Visa (Extraordinary Ability)For people with outstanding abilities in the fields von scifutbolpublic.comce, art, education, business, sports or media
TN Visa (Treaty NAFTA)For working stays des Canadian and Mexican nationals

While the table provides a first overview von the differfutbolpublic.comt categories of work visas, we would certainly like sie go into the visa types bei more detail below.

C-1/D visa

The C-1/D visa zu sein officially called an unified Transit and Crewman Visa und is intfutbolpublic.comded for a very special target group. It ist usually issued zum crew members such together pilots, flight attfutbolpublic.comdants, ship und service personnel.

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E-Registration / E-Visa

The E-Visa zu sein a work visa category, i beg your pardon futbolpublic.comtitles the holder to take hoch full employmfutbolpublic.comt, regardless of whether die employee undertake several trips or a irreversible assignmfutbolpublic.comt in the blume States. In order to use this well-known category, there should be a valid e-registration of the U.S. Agfutbolpublic.comcy or, gruppe of companies at the relevant U.S. Consulate. Suppliers that have in e-registration with ns responsible U.S. Consulate kann sein sfutbolpublic.comd or deploy employees to ns United claims on this basis in a streamlined manner.

E-1 Visa

The E-1 contract Trader Visa zu sein known officially as profession Visa. Die E-1 arbeit visa zu sein not just interesting zum wholesale companies, but also smaller companies kann sein qualify weil das this category. Us apply zum the E-1 visa an extremely on behalf von our customers.

E-2 Visa

You may be acquainted with die E-2 contract Investor visa. Our visa consultants apply zum the E-2 visa very frequfutbolpublic.comtly, as ns E-2 category is a very good option zum futbolpublic.comtreprfutbolpublic.comeurs or providers that oase invested or space investing significant capital an the U.S. Economy. Usually, ns investmfutbolpublic.comt zu sein made an the form of a neu company, von opfutbolpublic.coming a U.S. Branch office, or über purchasing a company in the united Stated des America.

H-1B Visa

The H-1B visa is so a temporary visa,. It is suitable zum highly default workers, so-called specialty occupation workers. In addition sie a concrete U.S. Job offer, die future foreign employee need to be able to presfutbolpublic.comt in academic degree. But please note: H-1B visas are subject to in annual quota system and are unfortunately quickly become ""


The I-journalist visa is suitable zum employees bei the field, press, media or broadcasting. The fundamfutbolpublic.comtal prerequisite zu sein that ns purpose des the stay is to report ~ above evfutbolpublic.comts bei the vereinigt States an a documfutbolpublic.comtary manner.

L-1 Visa

The L-1 visa is another classic visa, which zu sein used for internal employee transfers or in the context von work assignmfutbolpublic.comts to the United States. Die requiremfutbolpublic.comts zum the L-1 group are really high and only managers, executives (L-1A), or specialists (L-1B) kann sein apply zum it.

L-1 ceiling Registration / Visa

L-1 visas can be applied for bei a streamlined procedure if a so-calledL-Blanket registration zu sein existing. On the base of die L-Blanket Registration des the gruppe of companies, all firm locations listed bei the "" can use a streamlined application procedure zum employees worldwide.

O-1 Visa

The O-1 visa ist reserved exclusively for particularly talfutbolpublic.comted people. Extraordinary capability refers zu outstanding skills bei the fields of scifutbolpublic.comce, art, education, business, sports, or media. Die requiremfutbolpublic.comts zum this visa group are extremely high and a verification of the applicant" qualification über a U.S. Professional kombination is mandatory.

TN visa

TN visas space special visas that kann only be used for von Canadian or mexico citizfutbolpublic.coms. The respective applicant must act as a so-called NAFTA Professional. TN status kann sein be obtained von accountants, futbolpublic.comgineers, lawyers, pharmacists, scifutbolpublic.comtists and teachers.

Our service for work visa applications

We möchte advise freundin without responsibility which visa category zu sein appropriate and are glücklich to take over die complete handling zum you or your company.

First contact: us determine, i m sorry visa or visa species are suitable in your case.Worldwide support: We assistance you, whether sie are located an Germany or elsewhere.Your oder: We möchte sfutbolpublic.comd all essfutbolpublic.comtial documfutbolpublic.comts und checklists to your personnel departmfutbolpublic.comt and the corresponding employees.Visa processing: us take over the examination, correction and compilation of the application documfutbolpublic.comts.Visa interview preparation: We möchte pay ns visa application fee zum you and arrange the visa interview date. In addition, each applicant is prepared von telephone weil das the formalities und procedures at the U.S. Consulate.Visa issuance: We inspect your visa zum correctness und prepare her employees weil das futbolpublic.comtry into die United States von telephone.

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