Braun series 7 vs 9

Braun released what ist arguably the most popular and reviewed electrical razors with the series 7 models. Because then castle have also released die series 9 heat up.

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Which series ist better und which one should sie consider wie choosing in electric razor?

This article will discuss die differences bolzen the series and compare castle side by side zu give sie a much better idea of what is offered from every series. You möchte learn ns pros und cons of each series as a whole and also what features and options are accessible within each series.

There room different models within every series, all of which oase different features, colors, or attributes. Wie man you look punkt the modell numbers, freundin will see that each model ends in bei alpha key: one of two people cc or s. This ad to die charging and cleaning station und if the particular model has one (cc) or does notfall (s).

I composed a series 7 round nach oben that compares the popular models from this series. Here"s a fast table the will zeigen you die different models bei series 7.




Note: bei series 9 there space no personalization/shaving modes like in series 7. Instead die shaver automatically adjusts the energie according zu your beard"s density.



Each modell within a collection will schutz different features added or removed, as well as different shade schemes. However, the really shaving performance used an each series zu sein identical. Therefore, this short article will notfall compare details models and will instead emphasis on comparing die series as a whole.

The series 9 is the latest iteration of the Braun family des shavers. It zu sein the premium series and costs more nach oben front than die series 7 does. Ns replacement cartridges also cost an ext than those of the collection 7.

If freundin opt zum the series 9 models,you will pay more for the shaver both at first and in the lang run with die replacement parts.

Both series offer models that are dry cut only too as modell that are certified as wet or dried shave. Through a wet or dry shave model, you can use ns shaver in the shower or through foams und gels.

It must be provided that theuse von foams und gels is not required und if freundin do use them, you need kommen sie clean ns foam from die foils before placing ns unit in the cleaning station.

Both collection offer modell with a clean station. The series 9 station zu sein smaller and more user-friendly. It wollen charge und clean die unit with just a single button. It so uses a fans to dry die alcohol equipment from ns heads. This drying procedure takes about 40 minutes.

The series 7 cleaning station, on ns other hand, offers induction heat kommen sie dry die solution and runs silently. It wollen dry the razor bei about fünfzehn minutes.

While they are similar, sie cannot use one series cleaning terminal with a different collection shaver.

Series 7 offers in adjustable speed control zu better protect against irritation und redness des sensitive skin. You can adjust the speed in either 3 or 5 stages (based on ns model) back there is little-reported evidence ns speed controls help or hinder die shave experience.

Series 9 doesn"t have personalization modes. Instead a new technology was implemented calledSyncroSonic. the shaver automatically adjusts the energie according to your beard"s density.

Depending on your purchase of a cc modell or in s model, you will receive a cleaning and charging terminal (cc) or sie won’t (s).

Besides the cleaning station, an the series 7 box, freundin will also receive a take trip pouch (leather in the 799cc und hard-shelled vinyl bei the rest), a dry cleaning brush, und a Smartplug power cord.

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In theseries 9 box, you will unpack a dried cleaning brush, a Smartplug power cord, a take trip case and acharging stand.

The series 7 uses in LCD display screen on ns bottom von the unit zu display die battery charge and foil toilet level. Die series 9 removed ns LCD from die bottom and placed it bei the front des the unit similar zu the angeführt placement an the collection 5.

The collection 9 model display will nur you the battery charge, restroom level, and travel lock position.

Each model bei both collection comes v a take trip case. Hard-shelled vinyl with die sole exception von the 799cc model with has actually premium leather. ns cases wollen hold the shaver, the dry clean brush, und the power cord deswegen you kann sein take your razor through you punkt any time.

It"s time weil das the series 7 vs series 9 face-off, I"ll go over several categories and state die winner zum each category.

How ns shavers perform ist the most essential aspect of your acquisition decision. Just how well it shaves, how fast it kann sein complete ns job and how well the battery performs are all vital markers for in electric razor.

Each von the models in both collection uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You kann sein charge die battery kommen sie full bei one hour top top both versions. You deshalb have ns ability zum a rapid charge möglichkeit that möchte give sie enough battery power weil das a einzel shave an only five minute of charging time.

The battery will tonnage up to50 minute on a complete charge, which need to be plenty des time for multiple shaves.

The collection 9 has a distinctive advantage in overall cut time. While the series 7 ist quick enough zum most men, the series 9 zu sein just a little faster. Die extra cut edge wollen take down much longer hairs much more efficiently 보다 the single edge des the collection 7 head.

You kann shave weist a faster tempo without worry des irritation, tugging or pulling of hairs and will be complete sooner 보다 with die series 7.

The series 7 modell use athree-part headcomprised des two silver paper blades und a central cutting sheet that ist designed kommen sie lift hairs and trim much longer ones, deswegen the foils have bei easier time.

On die series 9 cartridge head, there is a4th element. A titanium-coated HyperLift & cut blade designed zu aid die central cutting blade in taking under longer, more dense hair.

More essential than speed ist the quality des the shave. In this instance, ns two series are virtually identical. Ns series 9 slightly outperforms the series 7 an closeness, however it would be difficult zu tell without a side von side shave und compare.

The collection 9, also as ns series 7, supplies cooling coil technology that keeps die foils und cutting blades kühl while in use. Unlike some des the previous series where ns center blade gets warme to die skin, ns series 7 und 9 razors stay cool.

The collection 9 cooling technology works nur a wenig bit far better than the series 7, und you wollen notice die cooler coils on your face.

Closeness ist what counts, und both models will take your beard under to0.05 millimeters. However, ns series 9 seems kommen sie be much more efficient, faster and even closer than die series 7.

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The series 9 outperforms the series 7 an shaving time, quality, und closeness, even if just von a small margin.