Braun silk-expert pro ipl pl5117

The Braun Silk fließend Pro 5 IPL machine ist designed to remove undesirable body hair quickly und efficiently – however does it really work? Here"s our review


The Braun Silk expert Pro 5 ist intuitive to use, much more powerful and long-lasting than major competitors, and for mine skin tone und hair kind it was extremely effective. We just wish there was a cordless option.

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Reasons to buy+

Effective und easy zu use


SensoAdapt sensors complement intensity zu skin tone


Stamp or glide options


Fast kommen sie use and long-lasting

The Braun Silk fachmann Pro 5 is Braun"s flagship IPL machine, and one des the really best IPL equipments around. If you"re not familiar, IPL stands zum "intense pulse light", und these machines can be used at home zu significantly (and painlessly) reduce ns regrowth of body hair. They won"t banish body hair for good, but zum certain skin tones und hair species they will seriously reduce ns amount von hair und make staying hair-free a entirety load easier.

The Braun Silk fachmann Pro 5 ist designed to be speedy, safe and effective, through a integrated SensoAdapt attribute that consistently adjusts die intensity von light based on ns skin tone. There space a few different models (we tested the Silk-expert pro 5 PL5124) but ns different alternatives refer just to the extras contained – you get the same base an equipment with all of them.

I"ve been utilizing one for the past 8+ months, and have been very impressed. This is bei extremely great IPL device – bei fact, in many locations it outperforms our #1 rated device right now (head to our Philips Lumea Prestige mit Braun Silk-expert zum 5 face-off for bei in-depth comparison). Check out on zum my complete Braun Silk experte Pro 5 review.

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You can deshalb choose bolzen glide and stamp mode, which auto-activate escape on the motion you make with the machine. Die former zu sein designed zum effectively extending large, flat areas quickly – slide ns Silk experte Pro 5 along ns skin and it"ll speed intermittently. The latter is for when you need an ext precision, und is activated über firmly pressing and releasing on ns area sie want zu treat.

Design-wise, we can"t really fault it. Bei fact, die only only real drawback is that there"s no cordless option.

The Silk fachmann Pro 5 has actually a bulb life of 400,000 flashes. Von way des comparison, the top-of-the range Philips Lumea reputation (our #1 rated IPL machine punkt time of writing) only has actually 250,000. Braun states it"s equivalent kommen sie 22 years des treatment, which renders that price tag sound viel more reasonable.

It deshalb operates twice as in der nähe des as ns previous Silk Expert. Sie should be able kommen sie treat both legs bei under 5 minutes at ns lowest power level. If you"re worried around safety, don"t it is in – there"s a referral from theSkin health and wellness Alliance (a leading international skin health organisation working through dermatologists and scientists) for extra peace von mind.

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Braun Silk fließend Pro 5 review: Who kann use it, where und how?

The Braun Silk fließend Pro 5 can be provided on ns body, consisting of underarms und bikini line. It"s deshalb suitable for removing sparser face hair, but notfall full beards and not almost everywhere around ns eyes.

As with all IPL machines, ns Braun Silk fließend Pro 5 ist most effective for those with dark hair and a light to mid skin tones. Essentially, the bigger die difference between the colour of the hair and the colour des the skin, ns better. IPL machines, including this one, room unlikely zu be effective for those v fair body hair or dark skin. This one come with in extra warning, though: early to ns SensoAdapt skin ton sensors, it"s definitely notfall suitable weil das use top top dark skin.

You"ll need kommen sie remove hair using in alternative technique such as shaving, wax or epilating before targeting through IPL. Use when a week zum a start-up period des 4-12 weeks, then continue as required weil das maintenance after ~ that.

The Silk expert Pro 5 ist very easy kommen sie use and deshalb almost totally painless. Sometimes the head feeling a wenig hot, und occasionally you"ll gain a tiny twinge – probably where you"ve been inefficient an removing hair beforehand – but compared kommen sie waxing or epilating, it"s a walk an the park.

Braun Silk fachmann Pro 5 review: Does that work?

Yes. I"ve to be using the Braun Silk expert Pro 5 zum eight months or so, und my human body hair zu sein significantly sparser, slow growing und finer. It has been least effective on my legs, which ist unsurprising as the hair there is fairer, finer und the skin is more tanned. Yet elsewhere the difference is massive.

At this point ich should most likely emphasise that together a white-skinned person with dark hair, I"m basically an IPL machine"s dream. How efficient it is zum you will vary depending on your skin und hair type.It"s also worth saying that if freundin don"t keep nach oben with occasional oberteil ups, your hair will anfang to return to its original zustand over time.

The anfang up period ist a faff – shaving and IPLing what feels prefer your entire body as soon as a week is quite the intense routine. However, after two or three uses ich noticed there was significantly much less hair growing back, und after the it was all really smooth sailing. Maintenance, even with ns annoying two-step hair remove process, is quicker und much longer lasting than any kind of other hair removal method I"ve make the efforts (and I oase pretty much tried them all).

The resulting finer, sparser hairs also means ich haven"t skilled ingrown hairs or excited skin, which can be a side-effect von other hair-removal methods. Finally, there"s so the added benefit of not having to grow back the hair zu a specific length before removing the – so bei the summer, there"s no sweating it out in long trousers zum a hauptsächlich before you kann sein effectively wax or epilate.

Braun Silk fachmann Pro 5 review: Verdict

I was extremely impression with ns Braun Silk expert Pro 5. It"s easy to use, with bei ergonomic shape und intuitive controls, und it"s almost totally painless. How reliable it is weil das you möchte depend on her skin tone and hair type, but zum me, it was very effective.

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The price zu sein high, but then irreversible hair removal zu sein never cheap. Bear bei mind auch that deals are not uncommon (check die widget below for the finest current price in your area). And with a lifespan of 22 years, I"d argue it"s an ext than worth it.