Breath Of The Wild Season Pass

Extend her unforgettable adventure in Hyrule with die Legend von Breath of the brutal Expansion Pass. The Expansion pass grants access to three new treasure chests und two DLC packs.

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The development Pass is available zum both die Nintendo SwitchTM and WiiUTM versions von the game.


When sie purchase ns Expansion Pass, three neu treasure chests appear in the game"s an excellent Plateau area. Inside one von these chests, link will find a shirt bearing a acquainted crest: the Nintendo move logo! ns other two chests administer useful in-game items for Link"s adventure.


DLC verpackt 1 adds ns Trial des the Sword, grasp Mode, Hero"s route Mode, ns travel medallion, und new armor.


DLC verpackt 2 has The Champions’ Ballad, ripe armors you can find while treasure hunting, and bei ancient bridle und saddle.

There space three added ways zu purchase die Expansion Pass weil das Nintendo Switch. this are ns ONLY ways kommen sie purchase ns Expansion Pass weil das Wii U.

DLC verpackt 1 and DLC pack 2 can not be purchased individually.

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Note: 3 GB of available storage are required on die Wii U system or external drive kommen sie play the hauptsächlich game. An additional 2.5 GB von storage is required kommen sie play DLC package 1 und 2. Zum the Nintendo move version, 2.4 GB des storage zu sein required to download and play both packs.

The Legend von Breath von the wild Expansion Pass tun können be download only in regions whereby Nintendo eShop zu sein available.

The development Pass wollen be available zum both die Nintendo Switch und Wii U versions von the game.

Full version des game required kommen sie use DLC. Sold separately.

*Manufacturer’s suggested Retail Price. Actual price may vary.

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