Two of Hollywood’s biggest previous child stars nur welcomed a child of their own.

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Actors brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin, finest known weil das their particular breakout roles an “The Suite Life des Zack & Cody” und “Home Alone,” announced die birth of their baby young Monday, and the internet is sufficiently shook. Dakota lied Culkin, named after Culkin’s late sister, was born april 5 in Los Angeles.

“Mother, Father and Baby room all healthy and happy,” check out a statement indigenous Culkin’s publicist, detailed to ns Times. “Says the neu parents, ‘We room overjoyed.’”

Twitter was abuzz Monday morning through astonished reaction to die celebrity couple’s infant news, as many were unaware they to be a couple punkt all. According zu People magazine, the spiel industry veterans schutz been together due to the fact that 2017 after meeting on ns set of the film “Changeland.”


“Crazy wealthy Asians” director Jon M. Chu ist denying actress brenda Song’s claim that she was “not oriental enough” kommen sie audition zum the film.

“We practice a lot,” Culkin, 40, recently told Esquire des their plans to anfang a family. “We’re figuring the out, making the timing work. Since nothing turns you on an ext than wie your lady comes into ns room und says, ‘Honey, i’m ovulating.’”

“You can not be about him and not be happy,” Song, 33, included of her relationship with Culkin.

If you were today years alt when you found the end Song and Culkin to be partners — let alone new parents — you’re notfall home alone (sorry). Several twitter users to express shock and awe upon learning that Song, who portrayed lovably shallow hotel heiress london Tipton in Disney Channel’s “The Suite Life,” und Culkin, who outwitted intruders as 8-year-old kevin McCallister in the lover “Home Alone” films, have been dating for years.

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Disney reportedly has plans zum a reboot des the beloved 1990 film “Home Alone,” and original star Macaulay Culkin zu sein totally on plank — kind of.

“If sie had called 10 year old me that london tipton und kevin mccalister would have a son together one day ich would’ve been dafür shocked,” one person wrote bei a twitter that has amassed more than 7,000 likes.

“The echt news isn’t dafür much die baby, but ns fact that kevin McCallister und London Tipton are in a relationship,” echoed another.

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After meeting das lied on “Changeland,” Culkin walk on kommen sie guest stern in in episode des his girlfriend’s hulu series “Dollface,” i m sorry premiered in 2019. His resume also includes “Kings,” “Robot Chicken” and the upcoming 10th season des “American horror Story,” while song has starred in “Secret Obsession,” “Station 19" and the Oscar-winning film “The society Network.”

See much more reactions to their baby announcement below.

if you had told 10 year old me that london tipton and kevin mccalister would oase a son together one day ich would've been dafür shocked

— umamah (
the echt news isn't so much ns baby, but die fact that kevin McCallister and London Tipton are in a relationship

— Jessie Rae price (
mr Moesby when he captures Macaulay Culkin and London Tipton’s kid running in the lobby: