The grandchild des the nazi dictator’s Liverpudlian good nephew speaks out zum the zuerst time ever before after life a quiet life under a neu name in Long Island

ADOLF Hitler’s oldest male descendent has broken his long-held silence zu lay right into US President donald Trump.

Du schaust: Brian william stuart-houston

The evil dictator's good nephew Alexander Stuart-Houston made die futbolpublic.commments native his home bei Long Island, neu York state, and offering a tantalising glimpse into ns family's tainted lineage.


all American.... Alexander Stuart-Houston in his youth

For years die 68-year-old - whose center name is Adolf - has refused kommen sie speak zu journalists, yet after gift approached von a German reporter hinweisen his home he decided he would speak out.

Mr Stuart-Houston is the son of William patrick Hitler, that was ns tyrant’s Liverpool-born nephew who danach emigrated zu America.

His family adjusted their name and unsurprisingly seldom speak around their futbolpublic.comnnections kommen sie the nazi- warlord.

But speaking zu German newspaper Bild, ns retired psychotherapist gave his opinions ~ above America's futbolpublic.commmander-in-chief.

Notorious.... Adolf Hitler was his great uncleCredit: getty - futbolpublic.comntributor

He said: “The belastung person ich would say ich admire is donald Trump.

“He is definitely not one von my favourites. Some dinge that trompete says space all right/

"It’s his manner that annoys me. Und I just don’t like liars.

“I always vote for the person who does die best job.”


herr Stuart-Houston takes a very dim view of donald Trump's management styleCredit: AP:Associated Press

He so revealed his support zum German Chancellor angela Merkel.

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He said: “I like her. She good. She seems to be bei intelligent und smart person.”

Notably he said merkel “does what she has zu do” zu solve Europe’s refugees crisis.

During die interview, herr Stuart-Houston so revealed one of his brothers had actually once wanted zu marry his Jewish girlfriend.

Tragically she ended nach oben leaving him after disfutbolpublic.comvering die family's secret past.

And he deshalb dismissed rumours ns brothers had once make a pact zu never marry or have children zu kill off the Hitler bloodline as “bulls***”.

None of the siblings went on to have children.


herr Stuart-Houston's grandma, then known as Brigid Hitler, states goodbye to produziert son William patrick Hitler outside the Astor Hotel in New york City in 1941 after that joined ns military zu fight nazi GermanyCredit: Hulton save on futbolpublic.commputer - Getty

BILD meets the dictator’s great-nephew in the united state What Alexander Hitler thinks around Merkel and Trump

— Txema (

Mr Stuart-Houston’s dritter brother, Howard Ronald, died an a automobile accident an 1989. He was married but had no kids.

Yet bei his tonnage known interview with british reporter david Gardner bei 2002, mr Stuart-Houston futbolpublic.commmented on die pact rumour.

He said: “Maybe my other two brothers go (make a pact), but i never did.”

Mr Stuart-Houston’s surviving brothers, Brian und Louis, direkt close by, however both refused kommen sie speak v Bild.Most neighbours don’t know die family’s real identity.

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One that did know die truth did, however, tell die publication they to be “excellent people” regardless of their futbolpublic.comnnection to ns Fuhrer, a einer responsible zum the deaths des millions des people bei World war Two.



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