This Reddit Conspiracy About britney Spears' 'Piece des Me' Music Video ist A an effective Reminder Of her Conservatorship

Britney Spears. Photo taken from britney Spears" youtube channel.

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Britney SpearsPiece des Me music video came at die tail-end von 2007, a year the saw britney Spears placed under a gewächs of pressure by the media, particularly tabloids und the paparazzi. It"s a video/track that responds to Britney"s past, und was one von the prominente of her 5th album Blackout. However, punkt least one person thinks there"s a part des the videos that hasn"t been discussed.

Reddit user WouldItNot has actually put together a huge thread about how lock think that britney Spears" head was superimposed on who else"s body bei the video zum about "10 secs total". They say the they think she"s to be superimposed throughout the dance sequence an the bathroom, zum "specific tanzen movements".

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There"s precedent zu Britney"s team editing her body an music videos. Together WouldItNot reminds us, an the videobilien for 2013"s Work Bitch, the visual effects studio that operated on it exit stills von how lock airbrushed Britney"s body. However, this ist on a slightly various level.

WouldItNot go through the bathroom sequence shot-by-shot zu illustrate your point, and by the end, it"s hard to argue with them. We"re hoping the after this, WouldItNot turns to some various other mysteries, due to the fact that we"re i was sure there"s nothing they can"t solve.

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The timing of the videos makes ns theory an ext plausible. It was shot just months before britney was gone into into a conservatorship von her father, jamie Spears, entering rehab earlier bei the year. Ns thread is a reminder of the windy pressures the were top top Britney, which may oase meant she wasn"t ready to perform the sprung moves necessary weil das the video. 

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If you"re interested in the full thread, you kann check it out here. Ns evidence ist hard zu deny, and it"s already starting to win over some des the commentors in the thread. Sie can so watch die video below zum a refresher of what it aussehen like. Happy sleuthing.