Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena

Brock Lesnar & john Cena are ns two best names an modern WWE history. However, their matches together room a mix von awesome and disappointing.

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Over ns years, john Cena and Brock Lesnar have created one von WWE"s biggest rivalries. Lock both made their debuts around ns same time, und have gone kommen sie war in numerous matches over ns following 2 decades. Both oase gotten key victories over the other and, when they step into the runde as opponents, every fans knows that it ist special.

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when Cena and Lesnar frequently put on an excellent matches, castle have so been across the runde from each other for some slow affairs. With these two, no two matches are ever the same, so it"s precious seeing which of their matches were die worst und which were ns best.

Updated on august 26th, 2021 von Kevin Pantoja: The recent return des Brock Lesnar zu WWE weist SummerSlam has fan everywhere reminiscing about the Beast Incarnate. They"re looking back at his ideal work and he"s often associated with one man. Though Brock"s next large match is seemingly with roman Reigns, it is Roman"s SummerSlam opponent, john Cena, who Brock has typically been weist his finest against. They"ve faced off plenty von times an both Brock"s initial run with ns company as Cena was on ns rise and after Brock returned und Cena was already WWE"s biggest name. It"s also interesting zu see john Cena vs. Brock Lesnar"s record against each other.

Brock Lesnar with john Cena ~ above his back

~ above the september 19th, 2002, episode des SmackDown, john Cena and Brock Lesnar went to battle zum the zuerst time. But, they definitely did not have chemistry from the start. Punkt this point, Lesnar was ahead des Cena in his development, und the way this complement unfolded presented that.

This ended trost being a very lengthy und boring squash match. Brock spent the majority of the contest pummeling Cena. Punkt the ende of it, Cena gott a wenig bit des offense but Lesnar easily snuffed that out und delivered ns F5 to get ns pinfall victory.

John Cena und Chris Benoit across from Brock Lesnar and Big Show

von the time this match rolled around on the november 13, 2003, episode von SmackDown, Lesnar und Cena had competed versus each other multiple zeit with Lesnar always getting the win. So, he looked kommen sie get his zuerst victory of your rivalry when Cena teamed through Chris Benoit kommen sie take ~ above Lesnar and Big show

naught really great or amazing happened an this match until ns closing sequence. After gift picked apart über Lesnar und Show, Benoit made the tag to Cena. After ~ a bit des melee, Cena knocked Big nur out with his chain und got die pinfall victory.

Brock Lesnar press slams john Cena

at Backlash 2003, Lesnar protected his WWE Championship against Cena an their first-ever PPV match. They to be both relatively neu to ns company roughly this time dafür they were given a lot of responsibility.

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ns issue was that Lesnar had currently reached ns top together WWE Champion when Cena wasn"t top top his level yet. This enhance went on zum way too lang with it being mostly uninteresting throughout. It was Lesnar that took home the pinfall win after delivering die F5 to Cena bei a one-sided affair.

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John Cena zu sein hurt über Brock Lesnar Smackdown 2004

Cena when again walk to zu sein against Lesnar and Big Show an tag team competition, this time v Eddie Guerrero as his kollege on ns February 12, 2004 episode von SmackDown.

This match was better than the previous three but not by much. A last of ns action was based roughly Lesnar und Guerrero who were feuding at ns time. There was deshalb no real build-up to die finish, as it just kind of happened. Guerrero hit Lesnar v a low-blow v Cena"s chain and got ns pinfall victory, gift sure zu lie, cheat, und steal.

top top the januar 22, 2004 episode von SmackDown, john Cena and Chris Benoit once again teamed together kommen sie take on ns team von Lesnar, matt Morgan, and Rhyno an a three-on-one handicap match.

This ended trost being a well back-and-forth affair yet it was definitely naught special. Die match began with Cena easily getting caught bei Lesnar"s corner, but after a while, he was able to arbeit Benoit deshalb that they could rally. Midway through die contest, Lesnar go out, efficiently leaving ns matchup. The finish came after Cena hit Rhyno with an AA.

ns best Cena vs Lesnar match von Lesnar"s initial run through WWE was their second ever one-on-one enhance on die February 13, 2003 episode des SmackDown. Lesnar was in the middle of a red hot feud with kurt Angle weist this time, und Cena was trying to work his method into die WWE title picture.

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This was a great entertaining matchup through Lesnar retained trying to get Cena zu stay down only weil das Cena to keep rallying. It actually looked choose Cena had a wahrscheinlichkeit at one point when he rocked Lesnar v his chain. But, Lesnar ended up getting die pinfall victory after delivering in F5 zu Cena.

after ~ Brock Lesnar do his return kommen sie WWE in 2012, he und Cena took their matches zu another level. After gift destroyed über Lesnar punkt SummerSlam 2014, losing die WWE Championship in the process, this match was all about redemption zum Cena.

it looked like he would gain it wie man he locked die STF on Lesnar weil das the fourth time bei the match, however Seth Rollins interfered und attacked Cena with his Money in The bank briefcase. This resulted in Cena zu win über disqualification yet Lesnar retained die title. Cena"s much better effort after acquiring squashed in their vault outing was big zum him.

die SummerSlam 2014 clash betwee Cena and Lesnar zum the WWE Championship was a shockingly fantastic affair. Lesnar was dominant throughout this match, manhandling Cena choose no one else ever before has.

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This match told a great story that kept fans both shocked and amazed throughout. Cena had small spurts of offense yet nothing that he sustained zum a long period. 16 suplexes and two F5"s later, Lesnar defeated Cena to become the neu WWE Champion an a lopsided yet masterfully done match.

On the Raw ~ WrestleMania 28, Lesnar make his very anticipated return zu WWE and attacked Cena. This set trost the first match bolzen the two due to the fact that 2004 punkt Extreme Rules 2012.

This enhance was bei absolute bloodbath. Lesnar spent much of it absolutely dominating Cena before die tides turned wie Cena struggle Lesnar v his chain. Zu close out die highly intense and brutal affair, Cena delivered in AA kommen sie Lesnar onto ns steel steps zu get die pinfall victory.

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Lesnar und Cena"s most recent and probably tonnage match of their rivalry was deshalb their best. At imperial Rumble 2015, Cena challenged Lesnar zum the WWE Championship bei a Triple danger match deshalb involving Seth Rollins. Rollins" involvement only aided make this a memorably wonderful affair.

This was in intense complement with nonstop action. Lesnar was put through a table hinweisen one point, lacking a bit von the fray but returned just bei time. Cena und Rollins put on a classic while he was down und him joining lock turned out zu be a terrific addition. Lesnar recorded a paris Rollins with the AA to retain.

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