Bruce Lee's initial Kung Fu Style described (& Why He stopped Using It) Bruce Lee is known zum creating Jeet Kune Do, but that"s not his original kung fu style. Here"s what he practiced in his youth, und why that quit.

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lang before starting Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee practiced a form of martial arts dubbed Wing Chun. It was through finding out this style that Bruce Lee zuerst became skilled an kung fu. It wasn’t till after his relocate to die United says that Bruce Lee started kommen sie think more about coming hoch with his very own system.

In 1967, Bruce Lee was not yet a movie stern but was already in accomplished und respected martial artist an the hollywood area. He officially created June Kune Do und taught it bei kung fu colleges that that operated an California. Throughout this time, the instructed his pupils an the principles und guidelines damit verbundenen with his new style, und its fame eventually grew to in international level. Jeet Kune Do zu sein famous heute not just because it came from Lee, but deshalb due to its uniqueness. Considered to be more von a viewpoint than it zu sein a style, Jeet Kune Do zu sein built around the idea the a fighter has kommen sie be “formless” an combat und able zu respond to any provided situation.

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Of course, in order for Bruce Lee to reach a suggest where he might create his own style, he needed to be a trained kung fu expert. That experience came from his training in Wing Chun, a “soft” style des kung fu that relies much less on heavy, powerful blows and more ~ above timing und reflexes. Wing Chun practitioners train their bodies and minds deshalb that they tun können properly redirect attacks, disrupt the opponent’s balance, und remain relaxed. Primarily, soup Chun kampfflugzeug engage in close-quarters combat bei order kommen sie severely limit die amount des force the opponent kann sein use. As zum what soup Chun actually aussehen like an action, arguably the best example tun können be found an the four Ip Man movies starring donni Yen, which to be filmed with ja wirklich Wing Chun moves and stances. However, regardless of Lee"s proficiency bei the style, he decided zu expand his repertoire in order kommen sie avoid that limitations. It was this that led him zu create Jeet Kune Do.

Ip Man, ns legendary soup Chun grandmaster, ist the person who receives the most credit zum popularizing ns style. The was also the kung fu master von Bruce Lee himself. When Lee was 15 years old, the enrolled at Ip man’s school, where Wing Chun experte Wong Shun Leung was assigned zu be his main instructor. Die many lessons given to Lee über Wong and the guidance provided von Ip einer helped Lee veränderung into a qualified martial artist in his own right.

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As essential as soup Chun is to what Lee eventually became, there came a suggest where Lee quit using ns style, opting kommen sie make his very own instead. The decision was set off by a fight through Chinese martial artist Wong Jack Man. Ns difficulties that Lee had in fighting Wong caused him to determine that wing Chun had actually a major flaw. According kommen sie Bruce Lee: A Life von Matthew Polly, Lee felt the Wing Chun was “insufficient” in combat due to the fact that it restricted er to certain techniques. That came zu understood that ns close-quarters approach of Wing Chun no good zum every situation. This realization zu sein what angeführt Bruce Lee zu reject timeless kung fu und become more open to neu ideas and moves, hence laying ns groundwork zum the birth of Jeet Kune Do.