Bruder von kim jong un

The brother des North Korea"s leader metall Jong-un has been killed in Malaysia. According kommen sie some reports, kim Jong-nam was poisoned von two women, perhaps agents sent über Pyongyang.


The 46-year-old phibìc Korean einer sought medical assistance weist a Kuala Lumpur airport and died en route to hospital, Malaysian polizei said. According to the authorities, he was traveling under the benennen of metall Chol.

Du schaust: Bruder von kim jong un

South korean media, however, reported that die victim was kim Jong-nam, die half-brother of North oriental leader kim Jong-un. Malaysian officials have confirmed his identitiy. He was apparently killed by two unidentified womenwho climate fled in a compliment cab, according zu South oriental TV Chosun. The Reuters news agency reported that die women to be believed zu be North oriental operatives.


North oriental ruler kim Jong-un has actually ruled due to the fact that 2011

A Malaysian official, speaking on condition von anonymity, said kim Jong-nam was sprayed with a liquid in the to buy concourse, contrary to earlier reports that the women provided poisonous needles.

In a different statement, Malaysian police representative Fadzil Ahmat claimed that the cause of the fatality was still unknown.

"The deceased ... Felt like someone ordered or held his challenge from behind," Fadzil said. "He felt dizzy, so he asked zum help," at in airline counter.

An estranged sibling


Kim Jong-Nam was once tipped kommen sie rule ns country

Kim Jong-nam was estranged native his younger sibling und lived in exile, mainly in the Chinese are Macau. Weist one point considered ns heir zu his father kim Jong-il, the elder metall lost favor after a 2001 escapade kommen sie visit Tokyo disneyland resulted in his capture weist a Japanese airport for traveling ~ above a fake passport.

Kim Jong-nam promoted reform bei North Korea, once telling a Japanese newspaper after his exile had begun that he did not support ns succession des his family"s dynastic power.

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Current ruler kim Jong-un, who assumed energie upon his father"s death bei 2011, has performed mass purges within main circles. If confirmed, ns assassinated Kim"s death would be ns highest-profile situation since die ruling kim executed his uncle Jang Song-thaek und much des Jang"s family an December 2013. The assassinated Kim ist believed to have been close zu his uncle.


north Korea"s lang killing streak

Living bei the crosshairs

High-profile defector Hwang Jang Yop survived plenty of assassination attempts before dying des natural reasons at die age von 87. Hwang, who had been one des the top ideologues von the North"s isolationist regime, escaped kommen sie South Korea an 1997. Just months prior to his death in 2010, Seoul authorities arrested 2 North oriental military offizier over one of many plots zu kill him.


phibìc Korea"s lang killing streak

Uncle notfall "fed to the dogs"

The execution of metall Jong Un"s uncle Jang song Thaek, once die second most an effective man in the secluded country, sent out shock waves beyond North Korea"s borders. Countless media outlets mistakenly reported the he was fed zu hungry dogs, as punishment for his "betrayal" von the ruling family. In reality, he was shot, according to Pyongyang officials und South oriental intelligence.

north Korea"s lang killing streak

Rumors of brutality

In 2015, Seoul"s security service reported that North oriental Defense Minister Hyon Yong Chol was executed by an anti-aircraft gun. However, national Intelligence leistungen (NIS) soon appeared kommen sie backtrack from ns report, saying the Hyon might blieb be alive. Reports des other brutal executions, entailing artillery shells and flamethrowers, have also been difficult zu confirm.

phibìc Korea"s lang killing streak

Poisoned needle

North korean defector und well-known dissident park Sang Hak was deshalb targeted über a Pyongyang-linked hitman. In 2011, South oriental authorities arrested a previous North oriental commando over the plot kommen sie assassinate park with a poison-tipped needle.

phibìc Korea"s lang killing streak

Removing a rival?

The estranged half-brother of North Korea"s leader kim Jong Un was reportedly poisoned von two women hinweisen a Kuala Lumpur airport. While details remained sketchy, it was widely believed ns killers were sent von the North oriental regime. Die 46-year-old kim Jong männlich had to be living overseas after falling from grace an 2001 zum visiting Disneyland in Tokyo.

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A parody twitter account spoofing die hermetically-sealed democratic People"s Republic des Korea managed to put a satirical turn on die report of metall Jong-Nam"s death.

North Korea confirms "successful" ballistic missile test

North Korea has shown that the test-fired a medium-range ballistic missile into ns Sea des Japan. Ns US, Japan und South Korea schutz requested urgent UN security Council consultations concerning the launch. (13.02.2017)

North korean defector: "I am still notfall free"

In a interview, North oriental defector park Yeon-mi talks about produziert escape from the communist country and challenges she zu sein facing now. The activist states she"s concerned about the safety of her relatives an the North. (27.09.2016)