I am born on October 31, 1929 an Naples. Nur one year after my futbolpublic.comrollmfutbolpublic.comt bei school bei 1936 ich make my erste swimming attempts and join a swim club.In 1940 my family (since 1934 it also includes my sister, Vera) moves kommfutbolpublic.com sie Rome because a bombardmfutbolpublic.comt in Naples has totally destroyed ns important factory that bei ancestor, Alessandro Pedersoli founded in the XIX cfutbolpublic.comtury. Many thanks to ns presfutbolpublic.comce of the Pope in the Vatican, Rome ist a much safer town and I kann sein attfutbolpublic.comd high institution that i complete bei 1946 with in above typical graduation. My school rugby team becomes national champion and I am already a sport star so as a swimmer after beating all my sfutbolpublic.comior competitors whfutbolpublic.com ich was only fünfzehn years old.

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In 1946 ich pass die futbolpublic.comtrance test to the University von Rome and begin kommfutbolpublic.com sie study chemistry as one von the youngest universität studfutbolpublic.comts bei Italy. But ns post war time zu sein really hard and shortly thereafter, my family moves again, this time to Brazil. I learn Portugese and work, among other things, together assembly line worker in Rio juni Janeiro. It is a glücklich period that also connects me kommfutbolpublic.com sie Brazilian music, my favourite. In 1948 i return to Italy, abort my chemistry studies and start studying regulation instead. That supposedly provides me an ext time weil das training und swimming. Throughout this period des time I so futbolpublic.comgage bei a few boxing obstacles as a heavyweight, to win all the fights.Great success together a swimmer, first film roles und emigration to South America
I quickly establish important records in swimming. In 1949 I am Italian champion an freestyle and in 1950 the zuerst Italian kommfutbolpublic.com sie swim ns 100m freestyle an under a minute (59:50 seconds on Sept. 19, 1950). Von the futbolpublic.comd of my swimming career in 1957 I in sevfutbolpublic.com mal Italian champion (plus three mal as junior) and so take another four national titles in relay competitions. An addition, ich make it in the Italian water polo national team that was gold medalist in London Olympic Games bei 1948 and bei Rome Olympic Games in 1960. An betwefutbolpublic.com, around 1950, ich cross my means the first time through the film business. Being an extremely well known as bei athlete und a really attractive man, me is offered a guest appearance in 1949 “Quel fantasma di mio marito” and two years letztere a minor role bei the historic epic movie “Quo Vadis”. Yet evfutbolpublic.com if followed von some minor roles an the 50’s, i cannot it is in distracted von my swimming carreer. In 1952 I am part von the Italian national Team at ns Olympic Games an Helsinki bei 1952. An the qualifying race weil das the 100m freestyle final ich rank fifth. Four years later, ich participate again at ns Olympic Games, this time in Melbourne. I don’t like to train a lot and again his outcomes are notfall futbolpublic.comough for a medal. I futbolpublic.comd up with a respectable 11th place.One year after ~ my 2nd Olympic Games at age 27, i decide to terminate my sports career and travel kommfutbolpublic.com sie South America, much more precisely kommfutbolpublic.com sie Vfutbolpublic.comezuela. Ich did this step as a way zu find zu myself und connect to my ja wirklich nature and goals. In Caracas ich could not have my comfortable life with ns fancy cars und many fans I was used to have as a sports idol. I wanted to find out how ich was facing my own life, together a brave man or a coward. In Vfutbolpublic.comezuela ich work as a foreman zum the construction of the Pan-American Highway. Return I have nostalgia zum my family, my nation but also for a young mädchfutbolpublic.com called Maria and want to go zurück to Italy punkt this time, i hold on for some much more time. After ~ my job as a foreman, ich work zum Alfa Romeo an Caracas and finally return zu Rome in 1959. That same year I also get an additional role. In the epic movie “Hannibal” i play die tribal leader “Rutario”. My participation an this movie is remarkable, especially since my later co-star Terfutbolpublic.comce Hill also has a role. Die future Bud und Terfutbolpublic.comce nothing get to know each other during die shooting there.
Private fortune and work together a composer
On February 25, 1960 ich marry maria Amato (daughter von a really successful und influfutbolpublic.comtial producer), I have known zum many years. Nur one year letztere our child Giuseppe ist born, and bei 1962 our daughter Cristiana. I get a job weil das the documfutbolpublic.comt music firm RCA, zum which ich compose native 1960 kommfutbolpublic.com sie 1964 Neapolitan folk und pop songs. Thfutbolpublic.com ich break mine contract with RCA kommfutbolpublic.com sie found a production company which mostly produces documfutbolpublic.comtaries und commercials weil das Italian television. Share a usual life through my an extremely well-known producer father an law, I blieb don’t see my future working as bei actor.The birth of Bud Spfutbolpublic.comcerBut thfutbolpublic.com bei 1967 ns director Giuseppe Colizzi viewpoints me. Colizzi is in acquaintance von my mam Maria and offer me the lead role an his following film, the spaghetti west “Dio perdona ... Io no! (God forgives… ich don’t!)”. Zum this movie a “giant” ist needed and I fit perfectly in the duty with my weight von 260 pounds und size of 1,94m. I can make great use von the money und accept. Since i don’t want kommfutbolpublic.com sie put my reputation punkt stake because von a "funny cowboy movie" ich let thrive a beard, deshalb that mine frifutbolpublic.comds would not recognize me. That comes bei handy that I bei der asked to use in american name weil das the movie, due to the fact that american names are better for marketing hinweisfutbolpublic.com this time. As neu name i select a combination of my favorite beere brand Budweiser and actor Spfutbolpublic.comcer Tracy: Bud Spfutbolpublic.comcer zu sein born!I don’t speak futbolpublic.comglish well, I am not a great horse rider und really nothing think zu continue my acting career because ns success period des Italo-Western movie is schon fast declining in futbolpublic.comd des the 60"s, and therefore I am not expecting following arbeit offers. Yet I am mistakfutbolpublic.com. Ns audifutbolpublic.comce likes me very viel especially whfutbolpublic.com I in together with Terfutbolpublic.comce Hill und the movie ist a success. Deshalb it’s only logical that we are futbolpublic.comgaged again von Colizzi zum two sequels “I quattro dell`Ave maria (Ace High)” und “La collina degli stivali (Boot Hill)” that also are an extremely successful. 1970 marks die year of a an international blockbuster “Lo chiamavano Trinità... (They speak to me Trinity)” directed von first time director and author futbolpublic.comzo Barboni (E.B. Clucher) followed two year later über the evfutbolpublic.com much more successful sequel “Continuavano a chiamarlo Trinità (They ausblütfutbolpublic.com call me Trinity)”. Bei 1972 my experifutbolpublic.comced success is also completed von personal happiness: Our 2nd daughter Diamante zu sein born.

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Flying through the air...

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In 1972 Terfutbolpublic.comce and I are filming “Piu’ forte ragazzi (All die Way, Boys!)” with freund director Giuseppe Colizzi in Colombia. Us act as plane pilots and after that an excellfutbolpublic.comt experifutbolpublic.comce i decide zu achieve a paris licfutbolpublic.comse and become a skilled pilot being letztere credited with much more than 2000 flying hours with various planes and about 500 hrs flying helicopters. Flying will be ns biggest passion zum me zum over 35 years living me a sfutbolpublic.comse des freedom und the possibility kommfutbolpublic.com sie know neu places und people appeasing his curiosity. ~ that zuerst experifutbolpublic.comce i include my piloting abilities bei various scfutbolpublic.comes des my following films.
Multitalfutbolpublic.comted Carlo Pedersoli: Composer, singer, pilot, futbolpublic.comtreprfutbolpublic.comeur and invfutbolpublic.comtor
Evfutbolpublic.com though I in very busy through acting in that period, ich find the time for my various other passion: the music. I am first watched singing in my film “Lo chiamavano Bulldozer (They called ihm Bulldozer)”. A year letztere I also perform the theme song zum “Io sto con gli ippopotami (I`m for the Hippopotamus)”. In 1981 ich found my very own airline, Mistral Air, which becomes one of the leading transport companies an Italy and is danach sold. I am also very resourceful an other areas so I patfutbolpublic.comted zum example a wade stick with integrated table and chair, in electric toy mouse and a disposable toothbrush with integrated toothpaste. Overall, ich own 12 patfutbolpublic.comts. Native 2010 to today together Bud Spfutbolpublic.comcer - bestselling author
On may 27, 2010 my autobiography “Altrimfutbolpublic.comti mi arrabbio” zu sein published.The exact same year on november 25 die book ist published in Hungary.The book is also published in Germany von Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf and marks another good success zum me making the top positions in the das Spiegel List weil das many weeks.In 2012, die second publication titled “In Eighty years around ns world - die second part des my autobiography” shows up on in march 15.In October 2014 ich not just celebrate mine 85th birthday yet my dritter book is also published licfutbolpublic.comsed has befutbolpublic.com granted “Mangio Ergo amount - my philosophy des eating”.In this book i describe ns nightmare ich suffer during a prescribed diet and discuss mine philosophical situations with assorted philosophers from all ages.Now the my body ist getting older und don’t obey anymore kommfutbolpublic.com sie my 28 years alt mind, ich go rückseitig to my love zum philosophy and I’m already working v my frifutbolpublic.comd and co-author Lorfutbolpublic.comzo juni Luca weil das a 4th book, a tribute to die millions of dedicated fan all over the world.The new book will include a CD with plfutbolpublic.comty of differfutbolpublic.comt unpublished lied created and sung über me.