Bullet zum My Valentine are clicking all cylinders ~ above their neu album, though the eis readily admits die title 'Temper Temper' originates from some des the inner friction within ns group. However rather than letting jene fester, castle turned lemons into lemonade von allowing it fuel the creative process.

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Fans of the group may currently be familiar with ns title track and 'Riot,' the first two lieder released off die record. 'Temper Temper' was a hard introductory an option from the band, reflecting off your speedy guitar work and Michael "Moose" Thomas' cymbal-heavy drumbeats, with ns pacing von the lied mirroring what it feels like wie man you're just about to explode.

'Riot,' meanwhile, zu sein arguably die album's finest song und a organic choice weil das a single. V guitar arbeit that come off favor a warning alarm and Matt Tuck vocals that beg you to sing along to die "whoa-oh-ohs," Bullet zum My Valentine have in anthem on your hands.

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The disc as a whole is at that is best in the mid-section, v the lied running indigenous 'Temper Temper' with 'Riot' providing bei increasingly diverse and strong stretch des music. 'Pow' starts turn off dialing things back a bit, but von the ende of the das lied Tuck ist confidently declaring, "I will breathe once more." 'Dirty little Secret' has single potential and may have more format shifts than any das lied on the record. Keeping bei the theme des dealing v aggression, Tuck belts, "Straight weil das the neck / like you're in animal / bei for ns kill / just like you're an animal."

'Leech' is a hard rocker that tells ns story von a delusional personen who's constantly crashing die party. It's followed von 'Dead to the World,' ns album's moodiest song, i m sorry comes punkt precisely die right time zu give the listener a rest from the hard-hitting attack that had been die record up kommen sie this point. In the introspective track, Tuck digs deep for the lyrics, "I've make the efforts a thousand times before zu leave mine demons behind me for good / I'm trapped through no escape to find / lost without hope, hope zu sein not shed as i hang on zum one more tomorrow / love turns kommen sie black, but I'm not coming rückseitig cause ich feel favor I'm dead to the world." However, über the ende of ns track, die melancholy provides way to full-on angst-ridden aggression fueled über Tuck and Michael "Padge" Paget's etc work. The album so concludes ~ above a high grad as 'Livin' Life (On the Edge des a Knife)' is one des the more energetic monitor on die disc.

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The an excellent news weil das Bullet for My Valentine fan is that not only wollen this album truly rock you, it also feels tailor-made weil das the stage. Deswegen get familiar with 'Temper Temper' and expect to hear plenty of it over ns next couple von years. Kommen sie catch BFMV on your upcoming außerhalb des spiels with Halestorm, click here for dates.