Bundesliga live-stream free-tv

Watch 2021-22 German’s Bundesliga direkt Stream online on your tools from anywhere in the world. This year’s league will mark the 59th season of Germany’s auszeichnungen football competition.

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This season will kick off on 13 august 2021 und will finish on 14 may 2022. Each mannschaft playing every various other team bei the league twice (home and away).


You tun können watch die 2021-22 Bundesliga direkte stream via Sky sporting activities Germany zum free as they wollen be transfer some von the matches.

Note: not all matches are shown live but the live text commentary ist always available.

However, If she not an Germany, you’ll be clogged from accessing the live stream due zu broadcasting rights.

Don’t worry, you kann use a freeSmart DNSservice zu bypass this restrictions. All freundin need kommen sie do ist just;

Register zum a free clever DNS account.Configure your device to use clever DNS.Register her IP address with smart DNSChange your clever DNS account’s bereichen to GermanyWatch the 2021-22 Bundesliga direkte stream.

Complicated? NO! Follow ns easy overview below.

STEP 1: Register zum A clever DNS Account

To register, go tothe Smart DNS Proxywebsite, get in your emails address und click onSign up now!button.


Next, go into your name, a password kommen sie register with smart DNS Proxy and click onSUBMIT.


You should now be getting in email from smart DNS Proxy to verify your emails address.


In the email you’ve received, you re welcome click onVERIFY your EMAIL.


You will now be redirected zu your account’s page and you need to be maybe to seen your account status.


STEP 2: clever DNS Proxy Setup

Next, please set up a smart DNS proxy leistungen on your device.

To execute so, click on the (+) symbol next zu the system you’re using and follow the instructions.


Click top top theWifi/Interneticon at the bottom right-hand side of your taskbar und click onNetwork & internet Settings.


In ns next screen, please click onChange Adapter Options under status page.


Right-click ~ above your active network adapter (Local Area ConnectionorWireless Network Connection) und selectProperties.


Please Un-CheckInternet Protocol ausführung 6 (TCP/IPv6) as the leistungen doesn’t work over IPv6.

Next, double-click onInternet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)or alternatively, you kann sein select it und click onProperties.


In theGeneraltab, click onUse the following DNS server addresses: and enter ns DNS server addresses as von below:

Prefered DNS Server: DNS Server:

When you’re done, click OK.

Click top top theApple Logolocated at die top left hand corner des your Mac und openSystem Preferences.


Navigate toInternet & Wirelessand click onNetwork.


Select her active internet Adapter (Wi-Fiif Wireless orEthernetif Wired connection) und clickon die Advanced button.


Select theDNStab and click on the plus(+)button und enter ns DNS server addresses as von below:

Note: You wollen need to click on die plus(+)button again to enter die second DNS server.


ClickOKfollowed von theApplybutton.


ChooseSettingsfrom residence screen.


Tap onWi-Fi.

Find her Wireless link (which has a tick or inspect mark) und click on ns blue ‘i‘ icon.


You should jetzt be an your Wi-Fi details page. Punkt theConfigure DNSsection, insanity onAutomatic.


At the DNS configuration screen, insanity onManualand tap on thered (-) minusicon kommen sie remove her existing DNS address.


Now, tap ~ above the(+) add Serverand enter ns DNS server addresses as von below:

Note: You will need zu click on die plus(+)button again to enter the second DNS server.

Once you’ve included two DNS servers as per the image above, tap onSaveat die top appropriate corner to save the settings.

For Android, you kann use bei app zu configure your maker easily. Zu do so, follow ns steps below:

Download DNS Changer app from Play save or directly if you don’t have access to Play Store.

Once you’ve downloaded it, click on Install.


Next, offen the app and enter die following DNS servers as von below bei the app und select START

Primary Server: Server:

At the DnsChanger information, pick OK.


When you seen the link request message, select OK


If you lakers the Active status, you schutz configured your device. Next, just go to your house screen.


Note: If freundin no much longer want to use the clever DNS service, just tap top top STOP.

Click the status area at die bottom of your screen, wherein your account picture zu sein located.

Select Connected to … and take grad of the network name.


Next, click Settings…


On ns Settings page, click on the network drop under menu and select your energetic Wi-Fi.


Now, click on ns Network tab and select Custom name servers. Next, enter the DNS servers as über below in the 2 boxes.

Click Close kommen sie save your changes.

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Go kommen sie your Terminal and type an sudo bash. This möchte give freundin super user privilege.

Once you schutz the superuser (administrator) access, type an the command below to rückseitig up your network configuration file.

cp /etc/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.orig


Next, type in the command below kommen sie remove die resolv.conf file.

rm /etc/resolv.conf


Now, type in the command listed below one at a time.

echo “nameserver” > /etc/resolv.confecho “nameserver” >> /etc/resolv.conf

Finally, type bei the command below kommen sie check if you’ve configured the DNS correctly.

cat /etc/resolv.confIf the set-up was successful, it wollen display the DNS addresses the you’ve mentioned earlier


ChooseSettingsfrom your sich entschuldigen TV’s main Screen.


Select onNetwork.


Select your network connection,Ethernetif sie are connected durch cable orWi-Fiif you are making use of a wireless network.


Next, selectConfigure DNS.


By default, this should be collection toAutomatic. Readjust this toManual.


From your amazonas Fire TV homescreen, navigate to Settings.


Head over to Device > About und select Network.

Take klasse of die IP Address und Gateway details as you möchte need this wie setting up the connection.


Go zurück to ns Settingspage and select Network.


Select Configure Network if you are top top a Wired connection or choose your Wi-Fi network if you are associated wirelessly.

Note: ns instructions listed below were based on a connection to a Wireless network, if you are ~ above a Wired connection, you re welcome skip the wireless instructions.


If her Wifi network does notfall show nach oben on this screen, please choose See every Networks.


Next, forget die Settings des the Wireless network von pressing die Option taste (3 lines) that kann be uncovered on your remote.


Select her Wi-Fi networkagain und once you’ve gotten in your password, click on Advanced.


The an equipment network details that we require are theIP Address and Gateway the you klasse down previously from ns network About page.

IP address: Enter ns IP address freundin noted down earlier.


Gateway: Enter the Gateway address sie noted under earlier.


Network Prefix length: get in 24


Enter ns following DNS addresses accordingly. (one at a time)

DNS 1:


DNS 2:


Finally, choose Connect to save the changes.

STEP 3: Check smart DNS construction Status

Now that you’ve configured your device kommen sie use the smart DNS, go zu yourAccountand freundin should lakers green checkmarks following toDNS SetupandIP activation.


Note: If you didn’t get ns green checkmarks, merely refresh ns page.

Step 4: Change clever DNS region’s zu Germany

Go to clever DNS Account’s bereich settings, role down to Channel kopieren, gruppe D und choose Germany from the drop-down box. Finally, click on the Update button.


Watch 2021-22 Bundesliga live Stream

That’s it! you tun können now watch ns 2021-22 Bundesliga live Stream via Sky sporting activities Germany.

Bundesliga live stream matches

Note: For android / iPad / iPhone: If ns TV site is redirecting zu download their app, you tun können set your browser torequest zum a desktop siteand access it again.

If the didn’t work, you möchte need to download sky Sports app from die app/play store.

If freundin don’t schutz a Germany app/play keep account, freundin will notfall be able zu download die Sky sports Germany app due to region restrictions. Zu resolve this, please follow ns instructions at die link(s) below:

Bundesliga Participating Teams

FC AugsburgWWK Arena
Hertha BSCOlympiastadion
Union BerlinStadion in der alten Försterei
Arminia BielefeldSchüco-Arena
VfL BochumVonovia Ruhrstadion
Borussia DortmundSignal Iduna Park
Eintracht FrankfurtDeutsche bank Park
SC FreiburgSC-Stadion
Greuther FürthSportpark Ronhof thomas Sommer
1899 HoffenheimPreZero Arena
1. FC KölnRheinEnergieStadion
RB LeipzigRed Bull Arena
Bayer LeverkusenBayArena
Mainz 05Opel Arena
Borussia MönchengladbachBorussia-Park
Bayern MunichAllianz Arena
VfB StuttgartMercedes-Benz Arena
VfL WolfsburgVolkswagen Arena

Bundesliga Table

1Bayern Munich97113382522
2Borussia Dortmund970225151021
3SC Freiburg9540146819
4Bayer Leverkusen95222314917
5Union Berlin94411310316
6RB Leipzig94232091114
7Mainz 059414129313
81. FC Köln93421516−113
9VfL Wolfsburg9414912−313
10Hertha BSC94051121−1012
111899 Hoffenheim93241715211
12Borussia Mönchengladbach93241012−211
13VfB Stuttgart92431415−110
14VfL Bochum9315716−910
15Eintracht Frankfurt9153914−58
16FC Augsburg9135518−136
17Arminia Bielefeld9054514−95
18Greuther Fürth9018624−181

Frequently asked Questions


Smart DNS Proxy (FAQ)

Is clever DNS Proxy Safe?

Absolutely! Most von the region-restricted website have bei initial ar check, dafür a smart DNS leistungen routes this request kommen sie their servers deswegen you can bypass them.

This zu sein a great service weil das Streaming as they only route the internet traffic zum the TV sites lock support. Any other internet traffic goes directly onto the internet without smart DNS leistungen automatically.

Is clever DNS Proxy Free?

You kann sein use your service zum 14 days weil das Free! castle will notfall ask zum your payment details and therefore, freundin will notfall be charged.

On the 14th day, you kann either take it a subscription v them or nur don’t take any kind of action. The free trial account will be instantly cancelled.

Personally, ich would extremely recommend their dienstleistungen because they support over 600+ TV channels and you tun können access it from anywhere bei the world.

As low as $4 per month, their subscription zu sein really cheap and it’s a good bargain.

This is deshalb a good service zum those who want kommen sie cancel their expensive cable TV subscription and look weil das a cheaper alternative.

Popular networks Supported von Smart DNS ProxyCan i Use smart DNS service On multiple Devices?

Yes! You kann sein set up and use smart DNS leistungen on any number of devices but they every need kommen sie be connected to the same network. I.e. Your home Wi-Fi connection.

For a clever DNS leistungen to work, you nur need to activate her public IP resolve on their website und once you schutz done that, any type of devices connected to that network tun können use the leistungen if die DNS servers are collection on the device.

Smart DNS Proxy stopped Working?

Unfortunately, whenever her public IP attend to changes, you wollen need zu activate/update your IP.

To execute so, login right into youraccountand click onActivatenext zu IP activation und you’re done.

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Just zu share, your IP address could schutz changed early out to;

You room connecting indigenous a various network. (Other Wi-Fi / 4G)Your internet connection got cut off momentarily.Internet router was rebooted.Your ISP do some changes or rebooted their system on their rückseitig end.

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