The Flibco / ahle / Ryanair bus provides die cheapest way zu travel from flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn airplane (HHN) zu downtown Frankfurt am Main and International airplane (FRA). This plane shuttle bus can be reserved through Flibco with special deals together cheap together €5. Some services may also be scheduled through Flixbus or as IC bus through German Railways.

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Getting kommen sie Frankfurt-Hahn Airport an western Germany indigenous Frankfurt in Main on publicly transportation zu sein easiest and cheapest on the Flibco plane shuttle bus (sometimes deshalb referred zu as the bohr Ominus or Ryanair bus). Online reservations are highly advisable and tickets kann sein be as cheap together €5 but €16 ist normal (€19 if to buy on the bus). The bus service operates roughly 20 times von day in the high season between Frankfurt am Main hauptbahnhof (Central hauptsächlich Train Station) und Frankfurt-Hahn airport (HHN). En route, all buses stop so at frankfurt International airport (FRA) und many stop an Mainz und Simmern as well. The bus betwee Frankfurt-Hahn Airport und downtown Frankfurt bei der Main takes about 2h10.

NOTE in 2021: windy transportation and bus dienstleistungen to Frankfurt-Hahn airport (HHN) are really limited in 2021 while the airport zu sein very quiet through very few passenger flights. The bus services to frankfurt (via Mainz) and to Koblenz are the most likely kommen sie operate through trains indigenous these cities available zu all parts of Germany. However, also these bus services are restricted to ns arrival and departure times des the few flights. Renting a car, taxi, or transfer shuttle from Hahn might be really expensive.

Taxis and private plane shuttle services from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport are of kurse available auch but expensive. Zum small groups not traveling zu a location readily served by public transport taxis and shuttles might be a viable möglichkeit but weil das most passengers, the bus is die only sensible (and cheap) option. Klook and Suntransfersgive online quotations for private airport move without first requiring personal details or flight numbers.

By Flibco / ahle Bus from flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn to hauptbahnhof & Airport

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport ist a great 120 kilometers (75 miles) from the city Frankfurt am Main. This klein airport is very popular with low-cost airlines und the major German hub von low-cost transport Ryanair. Train service to Hahn are notfall available making the bus the ideal cheap option zum most passengers.

Fortunately, the bus service native Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to downtown Frankfurt am Main and Frankfurt international Airport (FRA) ist well run through up to 20 täglich buses operation on die route. (See Transportation zu Frankfurt-Hahn for bus services to other cities in the region).

Traveling time indigenous Frankfurt-Hahn airplane to frankfurt Hauptbahnhof ist 2h10 (15 minutes less to frankfurt International Airport). Currently, many buses go durch Mainz und Simmern too.


Schedules des the Ryanair / Flibco / bohr Omnibus native Frankfurt bei der Main kommen sie Hahn Airport

The timetables of the Flibco airport bus (operated by bohren Omnibus yet often referred zu as the Ryanair bus) varies according to die seasonal trip arrival und departure times. Flibco plane buses room usually available zu ensure passengers arrive at the airport ~ above time weil das the more quickly flights of the day, as well as zu provide transportation zurück to Frankfurt stadt for the final flight von the day. Throughout peak hours buses normally run hourly. Online reservations ensure that passengers are certain of a seat on the bus but Flibco buses do notfall wait if flights are delayed.

All Flibco buses on die Frankfurt-Frankfurt Hahn airplane (HHN) route deshalb stop at frankfurt International airplane (FRA) around 15 minutes native Frankfurt-Hauptbahnhof. Currently, most buses deshalb stop an Simmern and Mainz.

Hbf zu sein the abbreviation weil das Hauptbahnhof, which means taste or central Train Station. Therefore frankfurt Hbf ~ above a bus means the destination ist the taste central German railways (DB / deutsche Bahn) train station bei downtown Frankfurt bei der Main.

Currently, Flibco buses operated by bohren Ominbus provide the only continual airport shuttle bus service bolzen Frankfurt-Hahn Airport and Frankfurt in Main Hauptbahnhof and International airport (FRA). Flixbus sometimes schutz a bus too but very infrequent.

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Buying Tickets for the Flibco / bohr Bus to Airport Frankfurt-Hahn Flughafen

Tickets weil das the Flibco / ahle bus journey zu Frankfurt-Hahn Airport space cheapest und best bought online from Flibco.com. A few services per day may also be scheduled throughFlixbusor together aGerman Railways IC Busbut on the whole, Flibco works out cheaper und include all obtainable buses.

The full-fare ticket zu sein €19 but breakthrough reservations for quiet periods kann sein be together cheap together €5. Child fares and day-return tickets are no much longer available, except for children under 4. However, if the bus is booked throughGerman Railwaysas in IC Bus, the standard Deutsche bahn rule von children under 15 traveling weil das free applies.

die ticket price zu sein the exact same whether traveling to frankfurt International Airport des Frankfurt bei der Main Hauptbahnhof.

Bus fahrkarte bought bei advanceonlineguarantee a chair if punkt the bus 10 minute prior zu departure. Fahrkarte bought straight from the treiber are €19. Hinweisen Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, tickets may so be bought an the terminal building hinweisen the info desk or die Flibco bus ticket stand. Payments may be made über credit card or cash an euro – the bus driver may not necessarily oase change weil das large notes.

In contrast to die previous system, online purchases now guarantee a chair on die bus. If absent the bus due to a late trip arrival, die ticket stays valid zum travel on the next bus with empty seats. Unused tickets are not refunded.

Groups larger than sechs traveling with each other usually obtain a discount if booking in advance.

Free wifi and toilets are accessible on most buses.

Wheelchair customers should call Flibcoat the very least three job prior to traveling kommen sie ensure that a suitable bus / equipment is available on die particular bus.

Flibco / bohren Frankfurt-Hahn plane Shuttle bus Departure Points

The Flibco airport spaceship buses are mostly an green and white through Operated by ahle logos. However, various other buses may deshalb be supplied but möchte display clearly that it ist the Flibco bus with destination.

Flibco buses on ns Hahn-Frankfurt city route right now use ns following departure and arrival points:

At Frankfurt-Hahn airport – Flibco / ahle buses with frankfurt as final destination depart from bus stop 14 directly an front von Terminal B und buses v Mainz together final location depart from bus stop 17 an front von Terminal A. (Most buses hinweisen Hahn jetzt use ns green Flibco buses deswegen make sure Frankfurt in Main ist the destination.)At frankfurt International airplane – Flibco/ bohren buses depart from Parking last P36 / Fernbusse close to Terminal 1. From terminal 1 follow signs to P36/Fernbusse. Indigenous terminal 2, use the free shuttle bus directly kommen sie P36, or die free Skyliner train zu terminal 1. (Walking ist not in option native terminal 2.)

See so Transportation kommen sie Frankfurt-Hahn zum Frankfurt-Hahn plane shuttle bus services zu other cities in the region.

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Suntransfersand Klook give online quotations zum private airport move without zuerst requiring personal einzelheiten or flight numbers.


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