Puma und Bundesliga runners-up Borussia Dortmund have exit their new home kit for 2016/17

2016/17 house Kit

The famous yellow and black von Borussia dortmund has been arranged as stripes bei their neu 2016/17.

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The club announced heute that the kit möchte be worn bei the last game of this season, weist home zu 1FC köln at die Signal Iduna Park.

In die centre des the shirt, there ist a thick schwarze farbe stripe comprise a dünn yellow line, through two brace-effect schwarze farbe stripes leaving either shoulder to ns waist. Ns logo of sponsor Evonik across the chest is the just interruption on die front of the shirt.


The rückseitig of the österreichisch is level yellow permitting plenty des space weil das player names und numbers. Under each, the club’s name will it is in printed


A last touch on the reverse möchte be the initials “BVB” under ns collar which includes a thin schwarze farbe hoop.

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The kit wollen be perfect by schwarze farbe shorts with only a thin yellow trim around die bottom hemlines of each leg and yellow socks v three zurück hoops, “BVB” once an ext printed across the shin.


Goalkeeper residence Kit 2016/17

Roman Weidenfeller cuts a highlight figure an the predominantly black goalkeeper kit. A blue faux-chevron pattern on every outer arm breaks ns minimalist method Puma has taken to this design.

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Is this a fight or miss kit for Dortmund? the club think so, opening die club geschäft on Friday night to allow ns yellow und black wall kommen sie buy your shirts ahead of Saturday’s match. Let us recognize your views an the comments.