Liverpool und Borussia dortmund supporters room sure to unite in breathtaking fashion to sing 'You'll never ever Walk Alone' ahead von both legs of the sides' europa League quarter-final tie.

But, while die story of Kopites adopting ns No.1 fight from local eis Gerry und the Pacemakers dates back to ns 1960s,the origins des the masses at ns Westfalenstadion taking die ditty kommen sie their heart room far an ext recent.

Du schaust: Bvb you never walk alone

That story begins wie man a five-piece bandfrom the dortmund areacalled Pur Harmony were urged to startseite the English classic in 1996.

And, while frontman Matthias Kartner was sceptical at first, the kopieren, gruppe eventually walk on to recreate the famous anthem.

Kartner called"A good freund of our told united state 'you oase to make a recording of 'You'll never ever Walk Alone'. I thought 'oh no!'

"It's a nice song but it was difficult zu make the because of the harmony of the music. It's hard to sing since at erste you go very deep and then freundin go high.

"But a week danach we made this recording.

"In 1993 we made this version des Go west und it was awesome, very, an extremely popular. We marketed 50,000 copies von this recording.

"We are dortmund boys und big Borussia fans, deshalb I gave the recording of 'You'll never Walk Alone' to our stadium speaker und he took this und said 'very nice, we'll shot this'."

Watch a complimentary clip des YNWA sung ahead von the 2014 friendly against Dortmund

From that momente on, the das lied went on zu become a famous chant on the steps von the Yellow wall - a stand which residences 25,000 BVB fanatics.

"They knew the from Liverpool," Kartner continued.

"But jetzt since Pur Harmony tape-recorded it, die people liked it from die beginning und it was fantastic weil das us.

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"Norbert Dickel tried zu use Gerry und the Pacemakers' ausführung but the fans liked our lied ."

When Liverpool belastung travelled zu face dortmund - weil das a Champions organization group-stage clash in 2001 - Kartner had a big part to play in the build-up.

On the occasion, a speedy return from Spain led to in unforgettable experience zum the successful musician.

He added: "I came from Majorca und went directly into ns stadium and sang 'You'll never Walk Alone' before die match.

"It was a good moment. When i sang the song in our stadium, the Reds placed their scarves nach oben und sang with me. I was so proud. The was deshalb nice for me.

"In my very own production, i made 'You'll never Walk Alone' an different versions and I gave this CD to stack Parry.

"One woche later, I gott a letter from er telling me if there is a gelegenheit then they would invite me zu sing it weist Anfield.

"For me und many other dortmund fans, my favourite club bei England is Liverpool. Ns mentality ist just like ours here an Dortmund."

Kartner won't be an attendance zum tonight's meeting but admits if a late chance pops nach oben then that might schutz to reconsider.

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"I'm through my daughter und she zu sein seven I have not die chance," that said.

"But if norbert Dickel asks me 'Matthias, zu sein it possible that you kann come bei the stadium zu sing the live?'

"OK then, ich would take it a look weist a babysitter. If not, ich will nur watch it on die TV."