C G Haenel Sturmgewehr

BREAKING: C.G. Haenel MK556 Wins German military Tender to ReplaceG36

C.G. Haenel MK556

After almost six decades through Heckler & Koch, ns German bewaffnete kraft appears to oase selected a new supplier zum its attack rifle. TFB has followed the process closely and while the decision had been delayed us knew that a decision from ns was early out this autumn. We so knew that regardless des the outcome des the German Army’s choice die result would certainly be des great importance zum decades zu come.

Du schaust: C g haenel sturmgewehr

According to several resources (see bottom des page zum reference) ns German Ministry von Defense has chosen C.G. Haenel GmbH kommen sie supply ns next German attack Weapon. The initial report came from ns German drücken sie Agency (DPA) and has been extensively quoted. At die time des writing no the bewaffnete kraft nor Haenel oase made main statements.

Haenel zu sein already offering the bewaffnete kraft with die Haenel RS9 sniper rifle (designated die G29 in German service), which us reported about on 2016. In spite of this they have long been seen as ns underdog in the Bundeswehr’s search zum a new dienstleistungen rifle.


The MK556 (Haenel Defense)

The total deal is probably worth an the bereich of 245 million euros (over $290 million) und will see the procurement von some 120,000 new firearms. As I am keying this article die Haenel homepage has actually crashed, most most likely due to a server overload.

The bidding procedure started in 2017, und TFB has followed C.G. Haenel over die years, through several posts covering their products. Ns company belong to ns EDGE kopieren, gruppe (United Arab Emirates). The group so owns Caracal.


The Bundeswehr’s Choices: Heckler & kochen HK433 vs Haenel Mk556

Note that die decision of the compensation is ausblüten subject zu a feasible complaint or judicial evaluation proceedings. Ns two service providers – Heckler & Koch und C.G. Haenel – were reportedly informed of the decision an extremely recently.


A MK556 configuration bezeichnen on Haenel’s website (Haenel Defense)

As it appears today, die MK556 from C.G. Haenel winner over ns Heckler & koch HK416 and the HK433, both of which are thought to oase been under consideration. It also beat out ns RS556, in entry from Rheinmetall und Steyr Mannlicher.

The “MK” stands for “Maschinenkarabiner” (Machine-Carbine) und was presented an 2017. Together you tun können see an the photos it follows ns AR15 layout, however uses a short-stroke gas piston system with an adjustable gas system.

Just mainly ago, die author had die privilege von instructing part soldiers from in undisclosed unit, from an additional European nation, on die C.G. Haenel CR223 which ist the civilian version von the MK556.

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At the range newly with ns CR223 – die civilian, semi-automatic version of the MK556.

The specific configuration von the weapons and the accessories they möchte be equipped with is still unconfirmed. We wollen continue to beaufsichtigt the story and report more as we gain confirmation von the selection and more einzelheiten about ns rifle itself.

Sources: Soldat-und-Technik, Focus.de, Spartanat, Zeit

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