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Du schaust: C klasse vs e klasse

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, Automotive redaktion - august 21, 2020

When you’re standing an a Mercedes-Benz dealership, seeing ns massive price gap bolzen the C-Class and the E-Class may lead to in internal conflict over which zu sein the much better buy. Can the E-Class’ wenig brother give freundin all die luxury und performance you need? us dug deep into each modell to uncover out.

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What die C-Class gets Right

As the wenig brother to ns E-Class, die base Mercedes-Benz C-Class, die 2020 c 300, starts hinweisen $42,395 (all prices include die $995 location charge), making the $12,650 cheaper than ns base 2019 feige 300. There room a gewächs of option boxes buyers would schutz to check kommen sie get die C-Class even close to the E-Class’ price. Die C-Class deshalb makes great use of the corporate entwurf language, as it aussehen the part von a downsized S-Class without ns huge preis tag.

Being a virtually 10 inch shorter and over 2 inches narrow than die E-Class makes die C-Class far better suited zum zipping through city traffic and pulling right into those ever-shrinking parking-garage spaces. Plus, with die E-Class’ safety features trickling down to ns C-Class, it"s virtually as safe zum the totality family as its large bro.

What ns E-Class gets Right

Like ns C-Class, die Mercedes-Benz E-Class has style for miles. Give Mercedes’ design team a bigger canvas zu paint on, like the mid-size E-Class, and this format gets even sharper. And with deswegen many engine, body style, und chassis options zu pick from, there"s bei E-Class for everyone.

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The E-Class deshalb gets a foot up in performance. Sure, ns base e 300 and C 300 re-superstructure a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engine, but the E-Class’ platform delivers a much better combination des handling and ride quality. From there, it’s a matte of ns E-Class adding stärke numbers the C-Class can’t match: a 362-horsepower 3.0L twin-turbo V6.

Finally, if it may be pricey, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class comes invited to the gills with premium features und the finest tech features. A an excellent example of the latter ist the Level 2 semi-autonomous driving tech available in even die base e 300. And things just keep getting better as you move up through the lineup.

On a chop Budget? ns C-Class isn"t a bad Option

There"s just no way the C-Class can stand up to die E-Class, yet it"s a an excellent option zum buyers who just can’t traction off the $50K-plus MSRP. It has all the luxury freundin need, great performance, and a legendary nennen behind it.

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Verdict: Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class ist one von the best-balanced high-end cars on die market through its breakable combination of luxury and performance. Plus, the has options to fit any buyer’s needs und even has red-hot performance modell ready to tackle a curvy nation road.