Call Me von Your Name, die heartbreakingly beautiful 2017 romantic coming-of-age tale starring Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer, was adapted from ns 2007 novel von André Aciman. Twelve years later, ~ the film had permeated through the cultural consciousness, Aciman released ns sequel kommen sie his initial work, called Find Me. Ns novel revisits ns characters of Elio (Chalamet) und Oliver (Hammer) countless years ~ their initial meeting, resolving bei a method that wollen either betray or delight fan of die film, relying on what you want zu happen zu them. This neu novel begs ns question: will we get in onscreen Call Me über Your Name sequel?

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the film"s director, Luca Guadagnino, has spoken to us before around his desire zu do a sequel, saying, "I glauben that i will ende up do a cycle of films about these characters because ich love them deswegen much. Und I think their experience of life ist ripe zum many, plenty of adventures." But wie our own steve Weintraub sat under with hammer to chat about his new film Rebecca, a strategy of patience in a Call Me von Your benennen 2: store Calling Me von Your Name was revealed. Here"s what hammer said about the desire to wait a lang while prior to making a 2nd installment:

"It demands room to breathe, too. I mean, so many human being are emotionally invested an the first Call Me von Your benennen that if freundin release a second one now, no matt what, i feel choose you"re nur setting yourself up zum failure. If freundin give us time — like ns story is supposed zu happen — if you give us that time, und then we kann come zurück when I"m bei my 40s und Timmy"s 23, then we kann do that again, then."

hammer is both speaking accurately to the plot of Find Me, which finds those characters viel older, und dunking on ns babyness of his co-star Chalamet, and I in here zum both elements. But hammer himself — rather inaccurately, if you ask me — so revealed kommen sie Weintraub that he"s aging faster than he"d like: "Steve, I"m aging like milk in a wärme car, buddy." native peaches bei bedrooms to milk bei warm cars — die sequel write itself!

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check out hammer talking about a Call Me von Your Name sequel below, and be on ns lookout for our full interview with er soon. Weil das more on Hammer, here"s ns trailer zum Rebecca.

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