Meanwhile, the story itself, quite unsurprisingly, sees sie jet off every around ns world, tackling missions des all shapes and sizes. There are a wealth des locations zu run und gun around, und a decent amount von variety. In addition to your typical "shoot your way from allude A zu point B" objectives, there room a couple von stealth sections und vehicular based tasks associated as well, and, although some players will no doubt obtain annoyed wie man they"re forced out des the action to do some sneaking, ns campaign remains well paced throughout, und features several memorable, extensively enjoyable scenarios.

Du schaust: Call od duty advanced warfare ps4

As much as Call von Duty campaigns go, it"s arguably the best that the series has seen in years. Sitting punkt around six hours, the single player giving isn"t fairly enough kommen sie warrant a acquisition alone, yet it go throw an a few incentives kommen sie tempt freundin into play it an ext than once. Along with an obstacle options, there are challenges kommen sie complete that track her headshots, kills, grenade kills, and how many enemy intelligence consoles you"ve found. Each time that freundin reach a specific threshold an these categories, freundin acquire upgrade points, which kann sein then be offered to power up her exo suit, improving things like damage resistance, recoil control, und the amount of grenades that you tun können hold. While ns skill tree aren"t very big, or also that interesting, they do include a wenig more flesh to die campaign, although having actually said that, it"s a shame the your loadout and exo form are fixed zum each aufgabe – some alternatives here could oase really included a thoughtful layer von customisation to proceedings.


Speaking des exos, these mechanically contraptions are at die core of what Sledgehammer Games is attempting zu achieve with advanced Warfare. Depending upon your equipped type, your exo can allow you kommen sie boost jump, bring nach oben a riot shield, or let off a deafening sonic pulse, amongst many other abilities. As you kann sein imagine, enhancements like the boost run give the release a slightly various feel, enabling you kommen sie leap across big distances und get kommen sie higher ground in a flash. Ultimately, exos end up being just enough kommen sie make the title it seems to be ~ fresh, if still familiar, and in that sense, die developer has actually succeeded an adding to the traditional formula there is no compromising the gameplay that fan have come to adore.

Outside des exos, grenades oase seen a rather large overhaul. Split into two categories – combat und tactical – you"re able to carry four of each, und you kann switch your effect before throwing. Zum example, stop L1 pulls out a tactical grenade, and then tapping square cycles through various effects, such together unleashing an EMP blast perfect zum taking the end robotic drones, or highlighting enemies through wall surfaces upon detonation. Die system can take some getting used kommen sie at zuerst – especially when you"re auch busy cycling through options to realise that die grenade ist about zu go off in your hand – but it offers a wealth of enjoyable alternatives that kann sein help you zu control ns battlefield.


These neu additions kommen sie combat bleed into ns multiplayer as well, where exo abilities include a dynamic neu layer kommen sie encounters. Ns franchise has constantly been about fast, intense, und deadly exchanges in relatively close-quarters maps, and even though the formula hasn"t been straight tampered with, you"re forced to think a wenig more tactically as you sprint around ns map looking for your following opponent, together you"re never quite certain what sort of equipment they"ll it is in packing.

Perhaps as you"d expect, an increase jumps appear kommen sie be a favourite in these early on days des competitive play. Many von the game"s arenas allow for some verticality, und after a couple of matches, it"s surprisingly easy to get right into the neu flow of sprinting, jumping with a building"s window, dashing out des the former door, und doing it every again. Call of Duty"s multiplayer built its nennen on being fast paced, yet this zu sein faster still, with the addition von exos providing players a last more mobility kommen sie play roughly with.

And that"s a good thing, due to the fact that it promotes thinking on your feet. Wherein players would learn distinctive patterns von sprinting around the map an the very same way an almost every single match, more mobility means that there space a lot more options to consider, notfall to cite that that feels fantastic zu boost trost to bei open window and shotgun an enemy in the face just as they"re about kommen sie dive out into ns fray.


This neu agility is perhaps many noticeable an Uplink, a new mode the sees teams battling over a data-filled sphere. It sounds prefer a strange inclusion, however it"s a brilliant neu addition to ns series" already impressively durable roster des multiplayer video game modes. Here, once you"ve nabbed die sphere, you"ll need zu take the to the goal, und either toss it or dunk it inside. Essentially, it"s bei incredibly twisted version des basketball, und it"s nur the sort von fun, creative, und accessible new mode that die game needs.

Elsewhere, things aren"t rather as imaginative, however there"s blieb more than enough content to sink your teeth into when you"re up zum some player matches player action. Mannschaft Deathmatch, kill Confirmed, Capture ns Flag, Free-for-All, and others every line up zum duty, and, in truth, it"s very difficult to get bored when there"s so much zu try your hand at. Sure, there"s not that viel variety in gunning human being down, but wie man coupled with a huge amount von upgrades, weapons, and unlocks zu explore, as well as some good character customisation, advanced Warfare provides what is easily ns most fleshed out und complete multiplayer suite that die franchise has actually seen in a lang time.

To top it every off is the addictive co-op mode, Exo Survival. Together its nennen suggests, you"re tasked with holding off waves von foes v up to three other players. It"s absolutely a shame that die character und loadout customisation found in multiplayer doesn"t nur up here, but the co-op offering ist all about upgrading your gear on ns go. Between rounds, you"ll need zu run to an upgrade station und power hoch your equipment. Again, it"s all very fast paced, und there"s plenty des fun zu be had with a good gruppe of friends, yet it"s a component the really would schutz shined had actually it featured die same depth as what"s on show elsewhere. Together such, it"s unlikely kommen sie hold your fist as long as the equally addictive but much more durable competitive multiplayer.


Of course, we can"t probably review a game stations 4 game without mentioning the graphics, and, thankfully, progressed Warfare aussehen great a gewächs of the time. Character models are repeatedly detailed, and facial animations look impressively lifelike, especially during cutscenes, which, while not rendered in-game, look stunning, und really help kommen sie push ns high quality of the campaign. However, disappointment sets in when sie notice that many des the settings throughout the release look decidedly last-gen, through some blurry textures und jagged modell combining kommen sie create part jarringly bad visuals. Fortunately, ns game maintains a solid 60 frames-per-second, and, despite reports the Sony"s console is the cause von some slight dips, we"d be surprised if many players even notification them – especially due to the fact that they just seem kommen sie occur when ns title"s liven autosaving and loading a new area at ns same time.


Punchy, futuristic weapons, also faster gameplay, and additional agility do Call des Duty: advanced Warfare a joy kommen sie play, both offline und online. V a campaign that functions several spectacular scenarios and a brilliantly robust and incredibly moreish multiplayer offering, Sledgehammer gamings has succeeded an crafting a title the feels fresh but familiar, und does nur enough zu put the franchise rückseitig on monitor after die disappointing Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Great 8/10

Scoring PolicyReview copy provided von Activision


Robert"s been a dedicated PlayStation fans since ns days of Tekken 2, und he still loves a good dust up. Wie he"s not practising combos, he"s usually gaining lost in the latest 100-hour RPG, or, y"know, replaying ns Witcher 3.


Wed fifth Nov 2014

Must admit I"m in reality enjoying that a gewächs more than ich thought. Single player was all poppycock but enjoyable (a jason Statham version of warfare, together always), multiplayer ist balanced enough to not oase your ass handed to you within seconds and survival ist like a great mixture of the MW3"s setting and in old Sega arcade-type game. It"s the erste COD because MW3 I"ve thought is better than dire. And no zombies mode! Woohoo.


Wed fifth Nov 2014

Still debating if ich want to grab this next woche as part von target"s to buy 2 get 1 complimentary deal. Die thought von all the extra DLC though ist putting me off, do freundin guys think there"s many of inhalt on-disc?


irken004 There"s enough zu keep sie playing, for sure. Still, I"d look right into what DLC ist available and have a an excellent think about whether or not you really need it.


Wed fifth Nov 2014

I in thoroughly enjoy it this. I almost didn"t purchase it because ich was notfall a fans of Ghosts, yet I bei der very glad i did. Prior to Advanced Warfare, black Ops ii was my favorite Call von Duty (and I have played them every with die exception von MW3) und this ist like schwarz Ops ii on steroids! I oase played a little of ns Campaign and I was impressed with the graphics, but i absolutely liebe the multiplayer. They schutz made part awesome tweaks to die load out and how sie level your weapons/camos. This wollen definitely save me populated until GTAV on ns 18th.

Wed fifth Nov 2014

Personally i preferred Ghosts multiplayer despite every other person alive hating that apparently, the campaign zu sein the same old stuff. I"ll schutz to go back to destiny together I"ve been fully underwhelmed with this game. V all destiny"s faults ns multiplayer is ausblüten a lot of fun, ich guess I"ll be dusting it turn off soon.

irken004 Me too, i plan on picking nach oben Sunset Overdrive, AC Unity, and either this, or Bayonetta 2. Auch bad, ns deal wasn"t on ns week of the 18th, would oase gotten GTA V, or Dragon Age.


I schutz to extremely recommend Bayonetta 2. Ich actually nur finished Bayonetta and in digging into ns 2nd now, and it truly ist the finest game I"ve played every year. I don"t think you"ll remorse it.

Also, Sunset Overdrive ist every little as great as human being say that is. Und ya I"m excited for Dragon age as well, most definitely...

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Wed 5th Nov 2014

hadlee73 Had kommen sie happen eventually!

Thu 6th Nov 2014

Shellybird27 ich was thinking this, AC Unity und either zero of mord or something else. Maybe liberty wars if mine target has actually it

Thu sixth Nov 2014

I actually appreciated this video game a lot more than ich expected ich would. Bought the mainly because it"s been a when since ich played Call of Duty und have some friends that were deshalb picking it up, but i had a blast play through die campaign, assumed it had a chance to be decent however it was better 보다 that. I"ll more than likely replay it a couple times.

rastamadeus "And no zombies mode! Woohoo."yes there is lol, there"s a teaser zum it in-game und the complete mode durch dlc.

Thu 6th Nov 2014

Not too bothered about Cod gamings they nur boring really. I"ve been wait patiently waiting kommen sie play stern wars Battlefront , wie man that comes the end there möchte be part big hype over that game.

Reverandjames ich don"t see much difference bolzen any of them at all really "ooooh an exo suit" so what. I"ve played MW BO Ghosts and now this, there yes, really isn"t anything great about this game whatsoever. I"ll till through it und trade it bei myself. V Mordor und dragon period I schutz plenty but I"ll most likely now end up picking nach oben GTA through this being deshalb dull.

Thu 6th Nov 2014

Well after indifference initially,i"ve uncovered it quite entertaining..Hardly innovative,but ich think simplicity zu sein its greatest draw..its relaxing in a strange kind of way..Maybe i"m just sick von Bf4,That "fall" patch zu sein abysmal imo.Destiny Schemestiny.Bungie > boring.Aw is an arcadey game,won"t be play it 24/7 prefer Bf4 - which is a great thing.Theres countless other games in my backlog/forthcoming that i want play too now.

TOMBOY25 No, there"s zombies an one wave und some coming in DLC, but no God terrible Treyach-like zombie Mode. Most boring point I"ve ever before played in my life. Rather von Bubsy ns Bobcat.

Bad-MuthaAdebis ich thought Ghost was one von the far better CoDs in recent years. Die multiplayer a touch an ext balanced than the usual, one gun win all, punishing zum not doninating.If its just 6 hours then Ill get this preowned bei a sale. As ns multiplayer is likely to be just shinier trash than normal.

Thu 6th Nov 2014

Bought this und thoroughly appreciated it. My PSN ist JTPrime93 if freundin guys wanna play together.

Thu 6th Nov 2014

Good Game, an extremely nice lang night:) http://www.Playstationapp.comShocking, right? Play

Reverandjames Well, the doesnt surprised me that Activision execute that. I never buy castle new, und generally gain them native a mate to play campaign.I havent been genuinely impressed because MW. And that wasnt precisely innovative, Id currently experienced the "modern" combat an Battlefield 2.Call des Duty 2 ist the best in series ever!

Shellybird27 really enjoyed advanced Warfare but has zu be Bayonetta 2 if you"re picking one or die other. Or B2 und any game. Just ridiculously great fun and the clear standout game von the year.

Reverandjames kann complete Infamous: second Son"s story an well under ten hours. Gonna burn down Sony"s offices weil das that? i completed Luigi"s Mansion (one des my favourite ever before games) in four hrs on my first play yet no point did I have a hissy fit. Bei what welt did sie expect a COD video game to belastung hours and hours? in and out, choose all war FPS games.

rastamadeus ich think die frustration, hinweisen least zum me, comes from the fact it used to schutz a decent length singleplayer that has gotten much shorter and in some cases virtually totally overlooked. Ill be honest and say they can easily extend the campaign top top CoD kommen sie around 8-10 hours however thats notfall the draw anymore.So castle almost just rehash the alt stuff verbatim.

Thu 6th Nov 2014

Really enjoying die campaign, very fun and onlines an excellent only weak link ist the exo mode,

Thu 6th Nov 2014

I"m deswegen glad they cut down on the singleplayer kommen sie save space on the disc weil das multiplayer goodness!

Really, why stroked nerves with campaign mode in a ko game? CoD zu sein about shotgunning your friends in Nuketown. CoD ist about throwing axes hinweisen French males who are constantly screaming "pootan!" into their mics. Ko is, and always has been, the social network des FPS"s.


I don"t know, ich thought die campaign was good actually und I appreciate that activision keeps putting them in the Call des Duty gamings eventhough it"s obvious most people don"t bother.

I perform find ns complaining about the length des it zu be hilarious. Heavenly Sword is a five-hour singleplayer just game, however it was still one of the PS3"s best, this game"s campaign zu sein actually longer und it has a durable multiplayer.

SuperCat That ist actually a better idea.Im notfall a fan of the mp but Id gambling money if it was mp only an ext people would buy right into it.

Gamer83 Ill buy it when it walk down an price most likely preowned. Ich dont play die multiplayer so a 6 hour campaign zum 55 quid zu sein a little pricey zum me.Thats just me though, ich like a much longer singleplayer.


That"s cool. Ich actually used zu let die length von games bother me too but i started an altering my mindset roughly 2007 when Heavenly Sword came out. I had the game pre-ordered then observed reviews speak it was only favor 5 or 6 hrs (I think it actually took me about 7-8 hours since with every game i screw roughly looking zum collectibles or nur taking in the graphic within details environments if it"s a an especially beautiful game) and almost decided not to buy die game, but i did anyway and it still stands together one des my top 10, maybe top 5 favourite PS3 gamings eventhough the could"ve been beaten an one sit if ich had wanted to do that.

But hey, you have to perform what freundin think is right, if you don"t want kommen sie spend $60 for a video game that ist very short, that"s totally understandable.

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Gamer83 If i was into the multiplayer next Id be happy to pony up and buy to be honest.Ive play a few games that room 5/6 hours long und enjoyed them but most von which I oase played ns multiplayer side too, bei example would be the tonnage of us.As a story propelled game fans I tend zu favour the longer titles.But it is me, I cant speak weil das anyone else.

Mon 17th Nov 2014

I knew wie man I zuerst saw ns trailer the this would certainly be the erste COD i would pre-order proudly and be glad zu brag about! innerhalb even snagging weil das 2 devices never done that v a video game B4 !!!! But ich love future tech stuff and this cod has that dafür I automatically knew I"d be good in it and I KD has actually maid a 180 turn due to the fact that I"ve been play this!!! pretty funny how ich play method beeter top top PS4 then ich do the X1!!!! XD but seriously best cod ever..never gaining rid of it!