Call of duty advanced warfare ps4 dlc

advanced Warfare"s der dritte tag DLC fall doesn"t dazzle with new features or ideas, yet instead simply delivers some of the game"s finest maps however

work Advanced Warfare ‘s penultimate Exo zombies chapter is maybe die best yet.

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An intro cinematic picks trost with die four previous heroes captured über Atlas on in aircraft carrier, with newcomer Lennox – played by Bruce Campbell an full ham setting – shooting Oz (Malkovich) in the head. Lennox defines that all 4 members von the kopieren, gruppe are carriers von whatever caused the undead outbreak, climate takes Oz’s location as a playable character. Oz isn’t fully dead, though, dafür Malkovich fan needn’t despair.

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Exo Zombies is on a role heading into the concluding episode, which wollen come in Advanced Warfare ‘s final DLC later this summer.

to work The new competitive multiplayer maps – all available kommen sie be play with die grappling hook modifier introduced bei the previous DLC – are a treat, too. They’re notfall as shtick-y together those in previous drops, but what lock lack in panache castle make nach oben for bei fun, balanced, strategy firefights.

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Parliament zu sein the standout. Collection on a series of ships and docks along the fluss Thames bei London, it’s a near-perfect blend von vertical and traditional play. A main blockage breaks ns action into several hot zones; 2 main, to add a few smaller people pocked with barriers. That good zum just around any game type, however most fun an Hardpoint, which lasst uns players make clever use of exo rises while attacking und defending certain locations.

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The fourth, Skyrise, zu sein Supremacy ‘s requisite sniper map. It, too, has a large kill zone the lies between two buildings, however this area zu sein broken right into several smaller spaces hinweisen different heights through varying degrees des cover. Lang gun wielders can sit on the second levels or roofs von the two large buildings weist either end and wait zum enemies to zeigen themselves while crossing ns battlefield. However, unequal Havoc ‘s well known Sideshow sniper map, over there aren’t any kind of truly wide open spaces here, which method smart, fast players can usually make it safely bolzen buildings with just a little luck.

activision Advanced Warfare und its vault DLC packs proved Sledgehammer ist capable of coming trost with fun innovations. Supremacy , on die other hand, seems to be where ns California studio ist showing turn off its ability to make improvements von a subtler nature.

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It may lack new und novel functions that we tun können use to easily specify it, yet Supremacy gives us miscellaneous that could be even better: part Advanced Warfare ‘s many sophisticated und entertaining competitive und cooperative maps yet.