Call of duty black ops 3 startet nicht pc

No matte how fine a game ist optimized, it’s never immune kommen sie bugs or glitches. This is the exact same with Call of Duty: modern Warfare. Problems like die game not launching are plaguing some users. Zu help sie out, we’ve placed together part fixes.

Try this fixes:

You may notfall need to try castle all; simply arbeiten your way down die list until freundin find the one the works.

1. Allow your video game through windows Firewall

Windows Firewall ist designed to protect your system from malware attacks. However, there room some instances where the fails kommen sie trust her programs and thus prevent access kommen sie your Internet. An this case, sie need zu manually add modern-day Warfare to ns list of bypassing die firewall. Here’s just how you can do this:

1) bei the search box, type windows firewalland clickWindows Defender Firewallfrom the results.

Du schaust: Call of duty black ops 3 startet nicht pc


2) From the left panel, clickAllow in app or function through windows Defender Firewall.


3) now you need to scroll down until you can findCall von Duty: contemporary Warfare.

If your game isn’t on die list, it way it doesn’t schutz access to die internet. If that’s her case, take these steps:

1) Click onChange setups > allow another app….


2) Your record Explorer is now opening. Climate you can navigate to die drive on which freundin save your game.

3) Click Program records > Call des Duty modern-day Warfare.

4) Click ModernWarfare.exe and then click Open.


5) Click Call von Duty: modern Warfare > Add.


This wollen allow you kommen sie exclude modern Warfare from gift blocked von your firewall. Then you tun können try to launch contemporary Warfare. If the problem persists, try die next solve below.

2. Download all fenstern updates

Windows updates offer new functionality, aid keep your systems secure, and tackle the incompatibility issues with some neu programs.Therefore, if you’re blieb running bei out-of-date operating system, sie would an ext likely zu encounter instability issues. To fix it, sie need zu download and install die latest windows updates:

1) an the search box, form incheck weil das updates. ClickCheck for updatesfrom results.


2) click theCheck weil das updatestab. If over there are any type of updates available, it’ll automatically start to download and install it. Just wait for it kommen sie complete und you have to be asked to restart your computer.


Once did you do it installed die latest fenstern updates, click on the PLAY button und check if your problem has to be solved. If modern Warfare is blieb not launching, try die next resolve below.

3. Upgrade your graphic driver

Your graphic card ist one von the main point components von your desktop PC or laptop. And your graphics treiber is essential for getting oberteil performance from your GPU. V that said, if her graphics driver is corrupted or outdated, you would endure from performance loss consisting of programs notfall starting as expected. Therefore, zu troubleshoot die issue you’re having, sie need to make sure that sie update her graphics treiber to ns latest version.

There are mainly two methods you can update yourgraphicsdrivers:manuallyandautomatically.

Option 1 – Manually update your graphics drivers


Then discover the driver corresponding through your fenstern version and download it manually. When you’ve downloaded ns correct treiber for your system, double-click on die downloaded file and follow die on-screen instructions zu install it.

Option 2: instantly update your graphics treiber (recommended)

If you are not familiar with computer system hardware, and if freundin don’t schutz the time zu update your graphics treiber manually, you can, instead, carry out it automatically withDriver Easy.

Driver Easy möchte automatically recognize your system und find the correct driver for it. You don’t need zu know precisely what system your computer zu sein running or risk downloading and installing ns wrong driver, and you nothing need to worry about making a mistake when installing.

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Here’s how to update your motorists with driver Easy:

1)Downloadand install driver Easy.

2) Run treiber Easy and click theScan Nowbutton. Treiber Easy will then scannen your computer anddetect any belästigt drivers.


3) ClickUpdate Allto automatically download und install die correct version ofallthe drivers that are absent or out of date on your system.(This requires thePro versionwhich come withfull supportand a30-day money-backguarantee. You’ll be prompted zu upgrade when you click update All. If you don’t want kommen sie upgrade zu the jeden version, sie can also update your motorists with die FREE version. All sie need to do zu sein to download them one punkt a time and manually download them.)


The jeden version of driver Easycomes withfull technical support. If sie need assistance, please contactDriver Easy’s support teamatsupport

After updating your drivers, restart your computer und launch your game kommen sie check if the problem is solved. If not, then proceed trying die fixes below.

4. Repair your game

When you’re having trouble launching die game, freundin need zu check whether ns game papers are corrupted or missing. Using ns built-in repair feature tun können help you check your game’s installation und then instantly download any replacement or lacking files.

If you’re playing contemporary Warfare on:



1) offen the desktop computer app.

2) Click your video game title. Then click on the cogwheel icon und select Scan und Repair from die list.


3) Click Begin Scan. Then freundin need zu wait for the repair to finish.

Once done, try zu launch contemporary Warfare kommen sie check if it did die trick. If you’re ausblüten having ns same issue, proceed to the next fix.

On Steam

1) offen your heavy steam client.

2) Under LIBRARY, right-click your video game title und select Properties.

3) Select die LOCAL documents tab und click on ns VERIFY INTEGRITY of GAME FILES… tab.

Then Steam will verify the game’s files. This process may take number of minutes. Once ns process zu sein finished, click on die PLAY taste to inspect if you can launch modern Warfare successfully.

5. Disable Discord overlay

Discord overlay ist a pretty fancy und fun piece of tech. Deshalb many players would allow this feature. Yet some overlay programs, including Discord overlay, may reason Blizzard games notfall to start properly. Therefore, you need kommen sie disable Discord overlay before freundin want zu play modern-day Warfare kommen sie check if it works:

1) open up your USER SETTINGS by clicking on the cogwheel icon located on ns bottom-left corner.


2) Click on ns Overlay tab from ns left pane. Climate toggle off the button Enable in-game overlay.


After applying ns changes, launch contemporary Warfare to test if the did die trick.

6. Disable lift applications

Sometimes, die programs running an the background kann sein interfere v your game. To see if this zu sein what ist causing Call von Duty: modern Warfare not launching for you, freundin should ende those tasks.

1) On your keyboard, drücken sie theWindows logo keyandRat the same time zu invoke ns Run box.

2) Typetaskmgr, then pressEnteron your keyboard.

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3) Under theProcessestab, right-click on die programs that freundin don’t have to use wie playing contemporary Warfare and selectEnd task.


After you’ve excellent these, niederdrücken the Play taste to examine if it did ns trick.

Still no luck? then attempt kommen sie uninstall Citrix. Part players report on Reddit the uninstalling Citrix fixed ns issue.

Hopefully this post helped. If you have any questions, feeling free kommen sie drop us a line in the comment section below.