Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Bewertung

Call von Duty: schwarz Ops 4 PS4 review. Call des Duty: schwarz Ops 4 is part des the PlayStation plus July 2021 line-up.

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fall is ~ above us, and along with the dropping leaves and temperatures comes the yearly installment of Call des Duty. This year the belongs zu Treyarch’s schwarz Ops 4. In a Call des Duty first, black Ops 4 ist the zuerst of ns series kommen sie ship there is no a timeless campaign, but it’s deshalb is the zuerst to include a fight Royale mode.

Call of Duty: schwarz Ops 4 PS4 Review

As one von the minority’s the enjoyed and played every one von COD’s campaigns, i was curious to see how not having one impacted my review score…spoiler alert, the didn’t.

I’ve been playing Call of Duty due to the fact that time began, or weist least because 2003 when Infinity Ward unleashed what would end up being one of the greatest juggernauts of video gamings with a erste Person Shooter set bei WWII. Favor a lot of freundin though, it was Modern warfare that really adjusted how ich felt about the series. Despite the fact that Activision has been able to keep trost insane sales numbers, die past couple of years haven’t been kind to the franchise with sales and respect has actually been ~ above a steady decline.


In terms von gameplay, there’s nothing neu here. You start off frantically dashing around in the anfangsverdacht moments looting buildings und scavenging zum weapons, armor und ammo. Then ns action slows under as you move slowly get forced towards ns center von the map as ns circle paint, etc in.

In between, there’s tense moments where freundin might dash weil das a it is provided drop kommen sie get those all-important end-game weapons, or clues a other player or team in the distance und engage in a fire-fight. It’s clean to seen why battle Royale games have become dafür popular because ns pacing feels just right. You get those moments of down time wherein you’re nur focused on acquiring loot, or progressively moving throughout the terrain scanning ns environment, und then all des a suddenly it all kicks-off – it’s interesting stuff!

Though there’s no major neu innovations to the Battle Royale genre, there’s a lot to love. What freundin get bei Blackout zu sein the stunning graphics the we’re accustomed to in CoD alongside slick gunplay und smooth 60FPS frame-rates. The map is incredibly impressive auch with tons von areas kommen sie explore from ns Hydro Dam in the North kommen sie Nuketown Island in the South.

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So far, quads has actually been die highlight weil das me. Die action-packed moments are regularly intense stand-offs as freundin spot a gruppe running across ns hills or looting a building und move in to strategically strike or take hoch a vantage point.

What ich like even better is that ns CoD community seem to oase really taken on Blackout. In recent years on PS4 it appears that – unless you’re playing v friends – gamers don’t conversation as much as they offered to, or if they perform it’s usually trash talk. What I’ve found ist that the black Ops 4 community have found your voice.

In Blackout duos or quads you have to arbeiten together, und everyone seems to understand that. Consequently, every match I’ve played dafür far, ns majority of the team have their mics plugged in to communicate. The feels like die good alt days when die Ghost Recon und Rainbow sechs lobbies zum full von community heart with players wanting zu work together.

Consequently, I’ve enjoyed countless matches v three various other players mentioning our following moves, watching every other’s back and working together zu take down ns other teams. Blackout feels great and looks fab, however it’s this community ureigensten that has actually helped elevate it kommen sie another level zum me. Blackout is a wonderful alternative to ns other multiplayer modes.

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Overall, black Ops 4 zu sein not just Call des Duty’s finest multiplayer to date, but I’d speak it’s one des the finest multiplayer experiences ever. GG lord Vonderhaar, you und your team at Treyarch oase successfully brought sexy rückseitig to Call von Duty!

The last Word

Black Ops 4 ist easily die best Call of Duty has actually been bei years. Ns game plays almost flawlessly, und despite it not having a einzel player campaign still offers lots of inhalt including the new Battle Royale setting Blackout. Die only thing keeping schwarze farbe Ops 4 native a perfect score zu sein that the multiplayer maps, if being fine designed lack originality and rely auch heavily top top remaking the past. If sie haven’t played Call of Duty for a while, schwarze farbe Ops 4 gives sie plenty of reasons kommen sie return.