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kann SimulatorThis zu sein a job we used kommen sie help develop und test ns Carloop open-source vehicle adapter. We hope you"ll find it useful zum your projects too.

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The simulator consists of:

An OBD harbor (the same sie have bei your automobile under ns steering wheel) kommen sie plug a device zu testThe simulator board to convert kann voltages kommen sie logic levels und provide 12V on the OBD portA Raspberry Pi to run die simulator program


Background around CAN

CAN is the communication bus used betwee most computers in cars. It has several physics layers, including a high-speed differential voltage (CAN high and CAN low) weist up zu 1 Mbit/second. Kann is a multicast protocol where each blog post has in identifier and up zu 8 charme bytes. Any kind of node hear on the bus can receive any kind of message transmitted. Bei order to make sense of the messages, die receivers need kommen sie know the charme format used über the transmitter von each message for the säule bytes.

There are higher level protocols developed on top des CAN, many importantly ISO 15765 used zum OBD-II (On-Board Diagsnotics II) mandated on all cars because 2008 und used on many cars before. Lakers this tutorial von Sparkfun for more information about the OBD-II protocol

This tun können simulator can be used zu transmit and receive message simulating OBD-II communications und regular auto messages.

Simulator board

The heart of the simulator board ist the MCP2515 standalone can controller the understands the kann protocoland talks to die Raspberry Pi over die SPI bus.

The board deshalb has a TJA1049 tun können transceiver kommen sie translate reasonable voltage levels to die differential voltage level used zum high speed CAN.

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Since die OBD port is supposed kommen sie provide 12 volts, a straightforward 5V kommen sie 12V step up regulator native Pololu is included.

The OBD connector zu sein part of an off-the-shelf 9-pin OBD ribbon expansion cable easily accessible on Amazon.

Assembly instructions

Solder the above together.Get a Raspberry Pi through a GPIO connector.Insert die 9-pin level cable an the 10-pin insulation displacement connector aligned to die left (see ns overview bild above) und cut die leftover cable.Flash die latest Raspian image to ns SD card des your Raspberry PI und follow ns instructions to get ns simulator program running.

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Simulator program

The regime running the simulation is in a separate repository. At this time it just sends solved messages. It might be extended weil das more advanced communication or zu replay logged CAN bus traces.