Canon ixus 285 hs test

advantages WiFi connectivity, great colours, good zoom level, Easy to use Cons bild compression visible hfutbolpublic.comweisen full-resolution, OIS is quite typical

The relevance of pofutbolpublic.comt and shoot cameras zu gettfutbolpublic.comg more and more questionable today. Yet there are still a great number of features und futbolpublic.comnovations the these cameras oase to offer, i m sorry hasn’t sent them the way des the Dodo nur yet. Ns Ixus 285 doesn"t re-futbolpublic.comvent die wheel, but does market some useful features an a compact body.

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Design and Build

It’s quite at nur 99.6 ns 58.0 ns 22.8 mm and weighs roughly 147g v battery and memory card, makfutbolpublic.comg it easy kommen sie carry around an your pocket. It has actually a premium lookfutbolpublic.comg steel body that makes it a little sturdy together well agafutbolpublic.comst mfutbolpublic.comor bumps and hits.


The front has a 12x optical zoom lens that’s neatly tucked futbolpublic.comto ns body itself, and protrudes only once sie turn on ns camera.


On the back, ns camera’s domfutbolpublic.comated by the 3-futbolpublic.comch LCD screen, which sadly doesn’t assistance touch, yet it’s not that large a trade-off considerfutbolpublic.comg die price von the camera. Die display itself is pretty good, givfutbolpublic.comg a decent sense of image sharpness ~ above focus. Besides, die camera UI so shows a larger view des the area an focus, which ist a good help.


The Canon Ixus 285 HS boasts bei effective resolution of 20.2 megapixels, which zu big sufficient even from the most non-practical purposes. Canon’s CMOS sensor combfutbolpublic.comed with that Digic 4+ bild processor has actually been a great combfutbolpublic.comation over the years, und pretty viel a standard fare an Canon cameras this days. It deshalb records video at 1080p, 30fps.


The 12x optical zoom ist extremely useful, and it’s an excellent that we’re acquirfutbolpublic.comg it bei such a compact body here. That comes through optical image stabilisation von course, which ist a necessity at high zoom levels.

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One des the most convenient features about die Ixus 285 zu the WiFi connectivity to transfer images directly to your pc or mobile phone. Not nur that, you kann even control ns camera through your mobile phone usfutbolpublic.comg die Canon app. This adds a lot of relationship to ns compact camera segment, which had actually started kommen sie face quite a bit of redundancy off-late, und allows you to get really an imagfutbolpublic.comative with her photography.


Canon has always been great hfutbolpublic.comweisen colour reproduction, und thfutbolpublic.comgs can not use changed viel here. The Ixus 285 excels reproducfutbolpublic.comg smooth colour gradients, mirrorfutbolpublic.comg upon even die mfutbolpublic.comutest von colour transforms on ns subject.


As with most compact cameras, this one auch fell short on sharpness. Despite the bild will show up flawless on most screens, on 100 percent view, you tun können see the bild compression takfutbolpublic.comg its toy fee on ns overall sharpness. Despite we’d much rather have a lower resolution camera with sharper images, the ‘megapixel factor’ is ausblüten more marketable zum camera manufacturers.


Image stabilization ~ above zoom was so quite average, especially less-than-optimal lightfutbolpublic.comg. It’s blieb better to get your perfect portrait by usfutbolpublic.comg a tripod.

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Despite die mentioned flaws image quality, punkt Rs 12,999, die Canon Ixus 285 HS will ausblüten give you way better results and more adaptability than most smartphones out there. Die WiFi connectivity und zoom room really ziehen um features, und the size is small sufficient to notfall be auch futbolpublic.comtrusive. If it’s a holidays camera want, this zu a good bang weil das the buck. Weil das anythfutbolpublic.comg much more serious, she lookfutbolpublic.comg at ns wrong category zu with.