Canon Pixma Mx495 Mit Wlan Verbinden

Some access points (often called routers or hubs) feature bei automatic connection taste labelled “WPS” which stands zum Wi-Fi safeguarded Setup and allows allowed devices zu connect zu your network there is no needing kommen sie enter a password. This is the simplest way von connecting your PIXMA printer, deshalb if your access point has a WPS taste please choose ‘WPS connection Method’ below for instructions on connecting making use of this method.If your accessibility point does notfall support WPS, please pick "Standard connection Method" below.

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WPS connection Method

before we start, there room some conditions that must be met an order zu use die WPS push taste method:

The access point must schutz a physical WPS push taste available. Please inspect with her device’s user guide weil das details.If ns WPS push taste is not available please use die instructions in the Standard connection Method.

Your network should be using die WPA (Wi-Fi safeguarded Access) or WPA2 protection protocol. Most WPS enabled accessibility points usage this protocol.

Press the taste (B) on die printer.Use ns arrow knoten (C) to select und press the button.Use ns arrow taste (C) to select und press the button.The press will jetzt automatically search for access point out supporting die WPS feature.The following message wollen be presented on die printer’s display screen “Press WPS button of die wireless router around 5 sec. And press ~ above this printer”Press und hold die taste on your accessibility point for approximately 5 seconds, climate release.For exact instructions on starting WPS on your access point, please refer to its user guide.Press ns button on die printer within 2 minutes. Once connected, the following screen will appear. Niederdrücken the button to complete the setup.

If one more screen appears, please refer zu “troubleshooting” an the user guide.

Network settings confirmation

To check that your printer is successfully connected kommen sie your wireless network, you kann sein print out ns network settings des your printer if sie wish:

Make sure that your printer ist turned on.Load a sheet von A4 or Letter-sized plain paper.Press die taste (B) on die printerUse the arrow button (C) kommen sie select und press the button.Use the arrow button (C) zu select and press ns button.
Use die arrow button (C) kommen sie select and press ns button.The network info page möchte be printed.

When referring to die printout, inspect that the “Connection” suggests “Active” und that ns SSID -Service set Identifier (or the nennen of her wireless network) indicates the correct nennen of her wireless network.

This concludes ns WPS setup procedure.

Please now proceed über installing the software to make ns most out of your PIXMA MX495.

If you do not oase the installation CD the came with your product, you re welcome download die manuals und software.

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If ns wireless setup is still failing after adhering to this guide, please call us zum further assistance.

Standard link Method

Press die button (B) on the printer.Use ns arrow taste (C) to select und press the button.Use die arrow taste (C) zu select und press ns button.Press the

button und the adhering to screen wollen be displayed, niederdrücken the button.
The printer will now search all accessible wireless networks in the prompt vicinity.Use ns arrow keys to select the nennen of your network (also referred zu as SSID) and press the taste twice.If freundin are unsure of the benennen of your wireless network, it might be top top a printed label top top your access point, or you kann check die network your computer ist connected to. If you cannot see your network listed, use ns arrow keys kommen sie select and press ns button.When die following display appears, use die numeric taste on ns machine kommen sie enter die security passphrase von your wireless network.
The device has three input modes: uppercase mode, small letter mode, und numeric mode. Niederdrücken the <
> button to move to ns uppercase setting (A), lowercase setting (a), or numeric setting (1). This ist displayed in top right des screen.For example, an the uppercase mode, pushing the button once wollen give freundin "A" und pressing the button twice will give freundin "B" etc. If you have 2 characters contained within ns same button, press the arrowhead key kommen sie advance to die next character. If freundin accidentally do a mistake, you kann sein delete die character von pressing the 
key. Once you schutz finished entering ns passphrase, niederdrücken the button.Once connected, die following screen will appear. Niederdrücken the button to complete ns setup.This concludes the Wi-Fi setup procedure. Please now install the provided software.

If you do not schutz the installation CD that came through your product, please download the manuals und software.

Restoring Network Settings zu Factory Default

If sie need zu reset her network settings zurück to factory default, weil das example if freundin change your access point, you kann do so von following these instructions:

Press die button (B) on die printer.Use ns arrow knoten (C) zu select and press ns button.Use the arrow knoten to choose and press ns button.
Use the arrow taste to choose und press die button.
Use die arrow buttons to pick und press ns button.

The wireless network settings schutz been reset zurück to manufacturing facility default settings.

Press ns taste to return to die home screen.

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If this process is ausblüten failing after following this guide, please call us zum further assistance.