Highly recommended awardThe Canon PowerShot G1X Mark ii is a high-end compact aimed hinweisen those who desire DSLR quality bei a smaller, solved lens body. Successor to ns original G1X, Canon has kept die 1.5in sensor, but coupled it with a broader and brighter 5x zoom, improved die macro, dropped the optical viewfinder however offers bei optional electronic viewfinder, made the screen touch-sensitive, fitted it with two manage rings und squeezed-in Wifi. It looks like Canon"s learnt from ns mistakes von the original and developed a important compelling compact kommen sie rival Sony"s RX100 III.Buy it now!Check prices hinweisen Amazon, B&H, Adorama, eBay or Wex. Alternatively get you yourself a copy von my an Camera book or treat me kommen sie a coffee! Thanks!

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Canon PowerShot G1X Mark ii review10th september 2014



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The Canon PowerShot g1 X Mark ii is a luxury compact camera aimed at those that desire DSLR quality an a smaller, fixed lens body. Announced in February 2014, die G1X Mark ii is ns successor to ns original g1 X, introduced two years earlier, yet despite the Mark ii name, it’s a significantly different camera; ich don’t think anyone would complain if it to be called the G2 x instead.

For the g1 X markierung II, Canon has actually sensibly retained what was good about ns original camera – the image quality – und changed pretty viel everything else, an theory addressing most des the complaints. Inside there’s what appears to be the same 1.5in sensor, roughly the same size as a Micro four Thirds sensor und comfortably larger than ns 1in kind found bei Sony’s RX100 II. Interestingly ns resolution has fallen slightly indigenous 14.3 Megapixels in order to deliver die same field of view whether shooting in 3:2 or 4:3; note the resolution weil das each aspect ratio is 12.8 und 13.1 Megapixels respectively. The may also have helped implement die longer zoom range hoch from 4x / 28-112mm to a viel more advantageous 5x / 24-120mm, with a much brighter focal proportion too, f2-3.9 matches f2.8-5.8 on the older model. Canon has also implemented a 9-blade aperture zum circular out-of-focus rendering, und the closest concentrating distance is also much improved, down from 20cm kommen sie 5cm.

The hopeless optical rangefinder ~ above the g1 X has been removed on the mark II, allowing a smaller sized body, however viewfinder fans tun können mount bei optional digital viewfinder on the hotshoe if desired. There’s a 3in display which may no longer be side-hinged, but can ausblüten tilt vertically and twist round kommen sie face the subject, und now enjoys touch-sensitivity too. The lens barrel features two regulate dials, one smooth, one stepped, there’s emphasis peaking zu aid hand-operated focusing, and there’s built-in Wifi through NFC for wireless control and sharing.

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