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Highly encourage awardThe Canon G1X unterschrift III is a unique camera, squeezing a big APSC sensor - ns same found in the EOS 80D und EOS M5 modell - into a reasonably compact weatherproof body v a 3x optical zoom, built-in viewfinder, fully-articulated touchscreen, plenty von manual control und excellent wireless capabilities. Ns sensor deshalb boasts dual Pixel CMOS AF, permitting it to smoothly und confidently refocus zum stills or movies. These every make ns G1X markierung III one von the most powerful compacts zu date, however there"s blieb no 4k video, nor microphone input, und the huge sensor deshalb makes that one des the most expensive compacts around. Revealingly that is rivals with smaller sized 1in sensors typically pair them with brighter lenses, permitting them kommen sie roughly match die G1X markierung III on resolution, noise and potential zum background blurring, but there"s no arguing with die APSC sensor"s remarkable dynamic range, allowing the G1X mark III kommen sie capture a higher tonal range und more saturated colours. Don"t underestimate die appeal of squeezing the photo and movie quality of the EOS 80D right into a compact weatherproof body weighing much less than 400g either. The G1X mark III may oase some annoying omissions zum movie shooters, however remains one von Canon"s many compelling compacts appealing as a independent camera or a companion to larger DSLRs.Buy the now!Check price on ns Canon g1 X markierung III hinweisen Amazon, B&H, Adorama, or Wex. Alternatively get you yourself a copy des my in Camera publication or treat me kommen sie a coffee! Thanks!

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Canon G1X mark III review22nd january 2018

In depth

The Canon PowerShot G1X unterschrift III zu sein a premium compact camera aimed hinweisen those that desire DSLR quality in a smaller, fixed lens body. Announced in October 2017, it come three and a hilfreich years ~ its predecessor, the G1X mark II, and now represents die flagship in the PowerShot G range. Ns previous G1X Mark ii stood out in the series thanks zu its larger 1.5in kind sensor, i m sorry the mark III jetzt trumps with in even larger APSC sensor. This is essentially ns same sensor employed an the EOS 80D and Canon’s 24 Megapixel mirrorless cameras, featuring dual Pixel CMOS AF for smooth und confident focusing in stills and movies.

The PowerShot G1X markierung III couples ns 24 Megapixel APSC sensor with a 3x / 15-45mm zoom lens equivalent kommen sie 24-72mm, with bei f2.8-5.6 focal ratio, closest concentrating distance des 10cm hinweisen wide angle, four-stop optical stabilizer, und a built-in 3-stop ND filter. These room squeezed into a drip and dustproof body with a integrated 2.36 Million period OLED digital viewfinder und a fully-articulated 3in touchscreen. There’s no 4k video nor a microphone input, yet the unterschrift III’s 1080p videobilien (up to 60p) services from ns confident concentrating of dual Pixel CMOS AF und the ability zu tap die screen kommen sie pull-focus; die AF system so supports explode shooting at 7fps or with resolved focus punkt 9fps. There’s also built-in Wifi accompanied by NFC and Bluetooth to ease connectivity, while ns latter permits seamless general practitioners location tagging. The mark III even becomes Canon’s erste model to finally stitch panoramas in-camera.

Impressively Canon’s managed zu pack all von this into a human body that’s comfortable smaller und lighter than ns previous G1X Mark ii – indeed it’s virtually die same dimension – und design – as the PowerShot G5X, but with a viel larger sensor boasting practically three times the total surface ar area, not to cite one v phase-detect autofocus. Des course von employing a bigger sensor, the G1X unterschrift III’s lens range can’t aid but it is in shorter and optically dimmer than other models, but die fact you’re essentially carrying EOS 80D quality und focusing in a body that weighs nur under 400g consisting of a lens provides it a extremely compelling prospect, whether offered as a standalone camera or a companion zu a larger body. Bei my review, I’ll put die G1X markierung III v its paces und compare it to key rivals including die Sony RX100 markierung V and EOS M5 zu help sie choose die right premium compact camera! I’ll anfang with a videos overview des the title features.