Champions league pokal finale 2015

The UEFA Champions organization (usually referred zu as the Champions League) is bei annual soccer cup compete organized über Union von European football Associations (UEFA) zum the top football clubs in Europe. The competition zu sein played betwee the European national league champions. See also the UEFA europa League, another annual competition for European football clubs.

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This vain was erste held zum the 1955-56 season, and up till 1992 ns tournament was called die European Cup or european Champions" Cup (officially ns European Champion Clubs" Cup).

The 2013-14 final was the first an the tournament"s history to feature teams from ns same city. The same two clubs faced each other again in the 2016 final. Bei 2000, two Spanish groups battled in the final, despite they were from different cities.

Here are all ns winners des the UEFA Champions league since ns first in 1955. Real Madrid hold the record zum the most victories, having won the competition 13 times, including the inaugural competition in 1956.

List of Winners

Season WinnersRunners-upScore
2020-21Chelsea Manchester City 1–0
2019-20Bayern MunichParis Saint-Germain1-0
2018-19LiverpoolTottenham Hotspur2-0
2017-18Real MadridLiverpool3-1
2016-17Real MadridJuventus4-1
2015-16Real MadridAtlético Madrid1-1 (5–3)
2013-14Real MadridAtlético Madrid4-1
2012-13Bayern MunichBorussia Dortmund2-1
2011-12ChelseaBayern Munich1-1 (4–3)
2010-11BarcelonaManchester United3-1
2009-10InternazionaleBayern Munich2-0
2008-09BarcelonaManchester United2-0
2007-08Manchester UnitedChelsea1-1 (6–5)
2001-02Real MadridBayer Leverkusen2-1
2000-01Bayern MunichValencia1-1
1999-2000Real MadridValencia3-0
1998-99Manchester UnitedBayern Munich2-1
1997-98Real MadridJuventus1-0
1996-97Borussia DortmundJuventus3-1
1990-91Red stern BelgradeMarseille0-0*
1988-89MilanSteaua Bucureşti4-0
1986-87PortoBayern Munich2-1
1985-86Steaua BucureştiBarcelona0-0
1981-82Aston VillaBayern Munich1-0
1980-81LiverpoolReal Madrid1-0
1979-80Nottingham ForestHamburg1-0
1978-79Nottingham ForestMalmö FF1-0
1977-78LiverpoolClub Brugge1-0
1976-77LiverpoolBorussia Mönchengladbach3-1
1975-76Bayern MunichSaint-Etienne1-0
1974-75Bayern MunichLeeds United2-0
1973-74Bayern MunichAtlético Madrid1-1
1973-74 ReplayBayern MunichAtlético Madrid4-0
1967-68Manchester UnitedBenfica4-1
1965-66Real MadridPartizan2-1
1963-64InternazionaleReal Madrid3-1
1961-62BenficaReal Madrid5-3
1959-60Real MadridEintracht Frankfurt7-3
1958-59Real MadridStade de Reims2-0
1957-58Real MadridMilan3-2
1956-57Real MadridFiorentina2-0
1955-56Real MadridStade außerdem Reims4-3

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Aphari Aberku Ebenezer (2013) ich love kommen sie watch UEFA league since it"s the most amazing league bei the world.Roniey butler (2013)Undoubtedly the best und most famous football organization tournament in the world. I never missed that indeed. World"s ideal club and local groups take part in this tournament.Risam Basnet (2013)Greatest league in the word love itTvybujinhygtv (2014)Bayern Munich are die Favorites kommen sie win this yearRodrigo Díaz McVeigh Tvybujinhygtv (2019)I guess Atletico mit Bayern in the last this year Soccer is simply God"s invention to entertain and unite ns world von one course, und then die champions league?. Personally i believe that God, the human inventor and all that has ever played die game space champions. Von Fairyboy"dave (2013)Kendo (2014)6 of 10, ja wirklich Madrid titles came during ns rule des Franco end Spain (1939-75) and therefore don"t count...Shish_009 kendo (2016)that ja wirklich Madrid team is the best team of all time...go und look at the players most of them are not nur another good but every time legendsEhteshami Sahand kendo (2015)then bei that case all Manchester, Chelsea, Liverpool and Nottingham champions league don"t countEason Rangarajan jaja (2017)They had rules versus non Spanish players, however Franco allowed ja wirklich to sign Di Stefano, despite it being illegal. The was so pissy against Barca and sabotaged them there are numerous Spanish, prefer me and my father, that hate Franco and love Madrid....if you think all various other European countries had great leaders transparent history freundin are wrong. Ich mean Berlusconi was president des Italy and AC Milan, no problem there. The Di Stefano, Puskas Gento team was arguably die best mannschaft ever kommen sie play. Franco sucks, deswegen does Trump, yet we"re notfall going kommen sie say the Kaepernik notfall playing way whoever wins die super key doesn"t count. über Rodrigo Díaz McVeigh kendo (2019)Maxi the Magaspark kendo (2017)And bei the so late 1990"s und 2000"s there ist no mannschaft that has actually won more von the UEFA trophies than echt Madrid. Avoid Hating them.Md. Mustak Ahammed (2015)world finest entertaining football organization that I"ve ever seen..Ashish jacob Sam (2015)2004-05 Liverpool 3-3 -ilan Was ns best match in history of football!Bajo (2014)This ist not ok because no club has 2 trophy winners an a row :P Freak seasons are notfall goodEze nwachief (2014)This is the many glamorous trophy in Europeans football... I like it.Mjfox (2016) It zu sein not Champions organization without Inter, -ilan, Manchester United, Liverpool. Hope these teams möchte come rückseitig soon.Cliffe kenyas (2014)Liverpool are best an England n de only team bei England av much more champion leagues they are rückseitig n watch out zum surprise came next season.Julian Pitkin (2020)its a PSG V.S bayern Munich Finals...........Bayern are ns favs yet PSG has been praying and playing some impressive football........wonder if there is a miracle bei store.Himujjal Upadhyaya (2017)8 champions league finals! 5 winners medals. Maldini was a legend zum sure!Eason Rangarajan (2017) Chelsea were banned from playing in the Champions league because the FA assumed "it was a distraction." However, lock let united play in it. Useless.Alfie george (2017) notfall only are these players welt class, they space super affluent as well! you would be shocked to seen the list des the highest possible paid footballers in the world!Dertobi (2017)I expect this competition continues forever und they don"t develop a world league!! ich love the champions league nur the way it isIvine (2017)Real madrid will be always die best and I lakers them going zum the 12th title! Hala MadridMario Fanous Георги Малчов (2017)As long as barca don"t pay ns refs again loMartin Chivers (2016)UEFA would certainly be note without all ns South americans Players! That"s a reality jack, you tun können take that to the Bank!Galacticus (2016)The zuerst time clubs from the same nation played last was an 2000 when real Madrid to win Valencia 3-0. Not 2013/2014.Efosa Galacticus (2016)The 2013/2014 ist the first time an the history von the league zum two teams in from die same stadt to pat a final and it repeated itself an 2015/2016 last again. Ausblüten the same teams from the city of Madrid.Messi is the best (2016)it zu sein the best league an the history of football.Basedmanunitedfan (2015)1999 was possibly ns best last there ever before was.Matwan143 (2015)I"m sure that Barcelona wollen be score a greater level than die Madrid.Arun (2015)We all know that so far Barca are die strong team & an my opinion barca vs echt Madrid or barca vs psg in the last .Subanan (2015)Real -adrid wollen be winning the cup zum 2015.They möchte be versus Barcelona. Great Luck

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