There"s deswegen much to liebe with the Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ. It"s easy kommen sie use and can switch between gas und coal fuels in minutes. We put it zu the test to seen how it performed


The Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQcomes in two, three und four-burner models, making the a an excellent pick zum families of all sizes. I put the three-burner to die test in this Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ review und was impression with exactly how easy it zu sein to use and the great taste it gave our food when cooking through both gas and charcoal.

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This BBQ comes through a last of kind touches, including an in-built bottle opener and holder weil das the grate tool. There"s also a shelf zum holding die charcoal tray wie man not bei use, und wheels weil das easy transportation. If sie like the idea of a hybride BBQ and have die space for a model that doesn"t schutz fold-down arms, the Char-Broil Gas2Coal can be die best BBQ weil das you. Save reading zum the complete review.

Fuel type: Gas und charcoalDimensions: W114cm x D63cm x H117cm (2 burner) W134.4 ns D62.5 ns H120.7 centimeter (3 burner) W155cm ns D61 ns H117 (4 burner)Weight: 36.5kg, 47kg, 65kgAssembly time: 2 hoursTemperature: Up zu 350°CIgnition: ElectricExtras: Side burner, warming rack, party opener, grill accessory holder, shelf for charcoal tray

Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ: assembly

Char-Broil claims that assembly will take 90 minutes with ns Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ, yet it took me and my brother around 2 hours kommen sie assemble from anfang to finish. The does kommen sie with really thorough instructions that make it easy kommen sie identify which teil goes where, and the various types of screws were significant out an extremely clearly.

Assembly zuerst included placing together ns frame and then adding side panels. The process did take it a while, however it was easy enough kommen sie plug an some headphones und get kommen sie work. Ns guide zu sein very visual and there zu sein a seite dedicated kommen sie helping you identify different parts and where they fit together.

Once assembled, our 3 burner Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ was large und very sturdy. It was 134.4cm wide, 62.5cm deep und 120.7cm tall. There"s two wheels the make it easy kommen sie lift up und wheel around the garden, however my brother und I so found it basic enough zu carry wie man taking one next each.

The next burner doesn"t wrinkles down und neither does the other side shelf, which way they tun können be provided as handles weil das carrying around.

Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ review: cooking with gas

I had to koch a fair couple of feasts with die Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ zu get a an excellent understanding of how fine it cooks on both gas and coal, which sie won"t hear myself or my family complaining about! favor many von the best gas BBQ, it"s easy to ignite und switch off, und there"s a last less smoke than you"ll obtain with a charcoal BBQ.

For a start, the gas couldn"t it is in easier to ignite. Freundin need kommen sie make sure the gas is linked properly und the lid is up wie trying kommen sie ignite. You should deshalb have it punkt least 1 metre away from any walls on all sides. Zum cooking with gas you need kommen sie add heat tents end the main burners and then add ns grates as soon as more, which tun können be excellent using ns grate accessory that simply hooks in to lift the end your grates.

The side burner ignites ns same means as ns rest of the BBQ, von using ns ignition button und twisting the gas onto high. As soon as ignited zum the erste time, it"s a case of leaving ns BBQ to kommen sie to heat. This didn"t take very lang at all, und it was easy to tell exactly how close us were zu cooking time many thanks to the in-built thermometer.

The cooking process was very easy. There to be no flare-ups which meant that our scallops cooking easily, und everything had ns signature burnt lines you"d intend from a barbecue.

When cooking with gas the Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ loses warm quite easily, dafür it"s best to keep ns lid down till you"re ready zu turn her sausages or take her burger buns off the heat. The warming rack comes an handy, and can simply lift up und down with ns lid itself.

I was shocked by just how much space there is to grill on ns Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ. Ich really could have cooked mine meal zum four on just one von the 3 burners, und if i had want to ich could oase done this von just turning on one burner.

For the vast majority des uses, die Char-Broil Gas2Coal 3 burner BBQ wollen be plenty, and for families of four I"d say die 2 burner auswahl would serve household feasts easily. Ns 3 burner ist great zum entertaining, so when garden parties get underway prepare zum this zu be die star des the show.

Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ: cooking with charcoal

When using die Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ to koch with charcoal, sie need to remove the tents from the gas burners und insert die charcoal tray underneath the grates.

The tray pipeline a very small space zum charcoal, deshalb some des our larger charcoal pieces were auch big to fit underneath comfortably. We provided lumpwood that was originally bought weil das my best pizza oven, however if you"re shopping zum BBQ charcoal try and get part with smaller pieces as standard.

Even wie man cooking with charcoal you"ll still get a helping hand with gas on the Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ. You need zu ignite the charcoal utilizing the gas burners, and then leaving them to burn on high with the lid closeup of the door for fünfzehn minutes.

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When it"s time to open the barbecue up, turn off the gas burners and let the charcoal burn zum a wenig longer with ns lid up. There"ll be plenty von smoke weist first, und the key zu sein to wait until ns charcoal zu sein coated with a layer von ash before adding your food to die grill - around five minutes. Die charcoal maintain heat an extremely well, deswegen you won"t be tempted kommen sie add any extra warm even for long barbecues.

The Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ gave me some of the tastiest results of any barbecue I"ve used. Everything cooked evenly and had that classic charring freundin expect from a charcoal BBQ. Even die steaks were perfectly cooked, which ist often tricky to achieve on a grill.

It"s significant that ns asparagus ich grilled was auch narrow to be placed lengthways on the grill, deswegen for smaller sized items try and place lock sideways to prevent them native falling through the cracks.

Throughout food preparation it was possible zu simply traction down die lid and re-heat ns interior of the Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ at any time. Us saw the temperature gauge reaction instantly, with in average temperature des about 150-200°C throughout cooking, even when we had actually been grilling weil das some time.

For the dramatisch of a smokey barbecue and the longevity des the heat, I"d opt zum charcoal grilling wie entertaining for a crowd, due to the fact that it"s a less gas-intensive way von cooking and there"s wenig risk of fuel running out.

Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ: what we like

What zu sein there kommen sie like about the Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ? together you"ll it is in able to tell by its gold ranking, there"s plenty zu enthuse about. Weil das a start, when it"s von no method a cheap BBQ, you get a lot of grill zum the price. Ns 2 burner retails at under £400, the 3 burner (the one i tested) at nur shy of £500 und the 4 burner weist roughly £600. Zum a show-stopping hybrid grill through a large capacity, it gets significantly much more expensive.

There"s so the mischung function. Some hybride barbecues feel choose they"re neither gas nor charcoal, but with the Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ I kann confidently assure freundin that you"re obtaining two barbecues zum the price des one.

Both gas and charcoal settings cooked excellently, but freundin get different flavor profiles and cooking experiences depending upon which you opt for. If freundin want to put ~ above a last minute BBQ dinner, just firing up the gas mode bring away minutes, and for maintaining fuel and achieving that authentic summer alfresco dining experience, the charcoal really is first in class.

Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ: what we don"t like

What stops ns Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ from gift a 5-star grill? Well, there"s two factors, one i m sorry I"ve currently mentioned. Assembly did take it a lang time. Over there were end 40 ingredient parts und the job felt a wenig daunting, back it should be claimed that the result was far sturdier than viel of die flat-pack furniture I"ve built!

Secondly, i was not a fans of the side burner wie man cooking with the Gas2Coal. Die grate is positioned high above die burner itself, which way it"s vulnerable kommen sie gusts von wind and also takes a while to heat a saucepan or frying pan.

Admittedly, i did review ns Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ on a handful von windy march evenings, deswegen if you were kommen sie use it an the summer when ns sun zu sein out und the wind is less solid it"s unlikely kommen sie blow your flame around, but i was involved when die burner was on full strength that ns flames seemed zu be flowing just about everywhere yet underneath ns pan i was trying to heat. If ns grate to be a wenig lower I"d have been may be to cook my peas a gewächs faster!

To settle this, I"d advise making use of a low and wide pan such together a cast iron skillet weil das cooking side dishes. Smaller sized pans wollen take longer kommen sie heat.

Cleaning die Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ

You have to clean the Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ after ~ every use. It"s not tricky, though. Merely wait zum it to kühl down fully und then remove die grates. These kann be cleaned von hand in the sink, and because they"re cast iron they"re easy to clean und designed to belastung without rusting.

If you"ve been food preparation with charcoal, cleaning wollen be a wenig messier. Sie should remove ns charcoal tray and dispose von the ashes safely. When ich did this ich saw that my tray had actually discoloured, which ist perfectly normal and not something kommen sie be came to about. Examine out the best BBQ cleaner und our guidance on how zu clean a BBQ weil das more guidance.

Should sie buy ns Char-Broil Gas2Coal hybrid BBQ?

Should you buy die Char-Broil Gas2Coal? indigenous me, it"s a resounding yes. I love this BBQ zum the convenience des cooking with gas with die option von throwing on some authentic smokey charcoal.

Assembly took a if but was totally precious it, und the arms are great zum storing bowl or tools while you kochen up a storm. I didn"t liebe the next burner, however it"s easy enough to nur put down the hülle of this burner und use it as a relaxing place.

Where the Char-Broil Gas2Coal succeeds is its ability to be both a good gas und charcoal BBQ at once. Hybrids can sometimes feel prefer they never ever really prüfen either kasten when that comes kommen sie cooking capably with different fuel types. While ich did prefer the results wie cooking v charcoal, the gas burners were so easy kommen sie ignite and made zum a fast BBQ with painless clean-up.

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Where kommen sie find die Char-Broil Gas2Coal an stock

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