Char-broil gasgrill erfahrungen

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Competition: other compact options

If ns size zu sein your best factor an choosing a grill, these are some other compact grill alternatives that rival ns Char-Broil an power und features. Die Char-Broil ist the many budget-friendly option, though, so if you’re notfall willing to shell out more cash, these alternatives might notfall be a good fit.

Broil king Signet 320 gas Grill: With a 400-square-inch food preparation area und 40,000 BTUs des power, this compact gas grill ist a wenig larger and more an effective than die Char-Broil standard 360, but still small enough zu fit in a restricted backyard space. One thing that stands out around this grill compared to die Char-Broil zu sein that the has in enclosed cabinet so you tun können hide ns propane tank behind closeup of the door doors. It deshalb has a next burner the complements the grilling surface so you kann sein make a complete meal in one place.

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Weber Spirit ii E-210: Another minimal space-friendly option, ns Weber Spirit ii E-210 has actually two burners und 450 square inches von total food preparation space, dafür it’s a wenig bigger than ns Char-Broil Classic. Like ns Char-Broil, that conveniently placed on two huge wheels that make the easy kommen sie reposition or move approximately your yard, but it has some additional features, like tool hooks and in open cart shelf that enables you zu store extra supplies.

Buy if you’re on a budget.

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The Char-Broil Classic series 3-Burner gas Grill isn't going kommen sie wow jar grillmasters, but for less 보다 $200, it’s yes, really everything sie would expect: it cooks quickly und evenly, ist easy kommen sie move around, and fits unique into small spaces.


Product nennen Classic collection 3-Burner gas Grill Product brand Char-Broil MPN 463773717 preis $169.99 load 48.5 lbs. Product size 43.5 ns 51.2 x 24.1 in. Color schwarze farbe Total BTUs 30,000 Primary food preparation Surface Area 360 sq. In. Guarantee Up zu 5 years, relying on parts