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Shirley Ann Shepherd/Shirley watts Bio

Shirley Ann Shepherd is the loving and beautiful wife of British musician charlie Watts; die Rolling Stones drummer, practically since the band was started until his death in August 2021.

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80-year-old weiß Watts was born bei Bloomsbury, London, on June 2, 1941. He was one des two children born zu Lilian Charlotte watt (nee. Eaves) und Charles richard Watts, deshalb proud parents zu Charlie’s sister Linda. Ns Watts lived in Wembley before moving zu Kingsbury, whereby he attend Croft Secondary modern School and Harrow nett Schook.

Watt worked as a graphics designer prior to meeting Alexia Korner in 1961 und invited ihm to sign up with his band Blues Incorporated; that joined the band in 1962 und remaining his arbeiten as a designer.

Charlie met Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, and Ian Stewart punkt a rhythm und blues club bei London in mid-1962; watts joined the Rolling Stones bei January 1963. Charlie Watts was the Rolling Stones’ drummer; however he was deshalb responsible zum creating comic strips for betwee the taste record sleeve.

Charlie was elected into ns Modern Drummer Hall von Fame, named the international Best Dressed list Hall of Fame by Vanity Fair, and listed 12th onRolling Stone‘s “100 greatest Drummers des All Time” list an 2006.

Charlie Watts health and wellness & Death

Watts exhilaration heavily prior to he quit bei 1980; despite that, he dealt with with neck cancer in 2004 and underwent a radiotherapy course at the Royal Marsden hospital bei Chelsea, west London.

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“Having been diagnosed v throat cancer complying with a young operation in June, charlie Watts zu sein reaching the ende of radiotherapy treatment.

“He ist expecting kommen sie make a full recovery und start work with die rest of the maßband later bei the year.”

Charlie missed the U.S.No Filter reisen due to in unspecified clinical procedure on ehrenvoll 5, 2021. He died at the age von 80, on august 24, 2021, punkt a london hospital.

It ist with enormous sadness that us announce die death of our beloved weiß Watts,” a explain said.

Shirley Ann Shepherd 5 Facts sie Need kommen sie Know.

Shirley Ann Shepherd, charlie Watts des 57 years, was born on september 11, 1938. Mrs. Watts was a sculpture student at the Royal college of nett when she met her husband. Lock dated for a couple of years before they tied the knot on October 14, 1964, before the Rolling Stones came to be a hit; lock lived in Devon’s Arabian steed stud farm.

She is in incredible woman,’ charlie once said, speaking von his wife. ‘The one regret I schutz of this life zu sein that ich was never residence enough. But she constantly says wie I come off außerhalb des spiels that I am a nightmare und tells me zu go rückseitig out.’

Shirley and Charlie Watts invited their only child, daughter Seraphina born on in march 18, 1968. Seraphina offered birth zu Charlie und Shirley’s nephew Charlotte in 1996. According zu sources, Seraphina Watts’s zuerst husband and father ist a lawyer named Nick. Seraphina, a designer, und former mode model, ultimately married Barry Catmer an 2017.

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