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Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger ist a former us-fluggesellschaft pilot, who properly ditched his passenger planen on the Hudson river after it struck a flock of Canada geese, thereby conserving all 155 people aboard.

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Who ist Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger?

Chesley Sullenberger had actually been a advertising pilot zum 29 years before a plane he was flying out des LaGuardia Airport to win a flock of geese, damaging the plane's engines. That turned the aircraft around and ditched it bei the Hudson River, conserving all 155 human being aboard und becoming a national hero und instant celebrity. He retirement a year later, wrote his memoirs und concentrated ~ above a neu career as in international speak on airline safety.

Early Life

Sullenberger was born in Denison, texas on january 23, 1951. The enrolled an the U.S. Air force Academy in 1969 and graduated as an officer bei 1973 with a Bachelor of Science degree. He deshalb holds master's levels from Purdue University und the University of Northern Colorado.

Sullenberger served as a fighter pilot weil das the U.S. Air pressure from 1973 zu 1980, paris Vietnam-era F-4 Phantom ii jets. He was a trip leader and a cultivate officer and attained the rank von captain if building trost experience overseas und at Nellis Air pressure Base bei Nevada. A top pilot, Sullenberger was the aufgabe commander zum Red Flag exercises, in which pilots receive progressed aerial combat training. That was deshalb a member of in aircraft accident investigation board.

In 1980, Sullenberger joined Pacific Southwest airline as a advertisement pilot. (Pacific Southwest was acquired in 1988 von what would come to be US Airways.) end his years together a experienced pilot, Sullenberger was in instructor, as well as in Air line Pilots association safety chairman and accident investigator. He also participated in several U.S. Air Force und National Transportation safety Board accident investigations.

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Landing on die Hudson

Sullenberger's years von airline security instruction und study paid turn off on january 15, 2009, when ns US Airways pläne he was piloting to win a big flock des Canada geese throughout liftoff from new York's LaGuardia Airport. Both engines were damaged, and suddenly neither was providing any thrust. Through air traffic control, Sullenberger discussed his options: one of two people return to LaGuardia or festland at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. Sullenberger easily deemed the situation too dire weil das the pläne to stay bei the air lang enough for either plan kommen sie be successful, deshalb he chose that ditching (performing in emergency water landing) the jet bei the Hudson river was ns best option.

He announced over ns intercom, "Brace weil das impact," and took the pläne down onto die water's surface. Ns maneuver was a success, and all 155 people onboard trip 1549 survived, und all yet a few uninjured. Die crew evacuated ns passengers and Captain Sullenberger left the pläne last.

Recent Years

In ns aftermath des the miraculous emergency landing, Sullenberger, in instant hero und international celebrity, got calls des thanks indigenous President george W. Bush and President Barack Obama, adhering to his inauguration. He was in honored guest hinweisen President Obama's inauguration, and both die U.S. Senate and the House von Representatives pass resolutions praising Sullenberger and his crew.

Sullenberger retirement a year later, ~ 30 years together a advertising pilot. The then focused on running his security consulting business, Safety dependability Methods, Inc., which the founded in 2007, und on speaking an the vereinigt States and abroad about flight security issues. Bei 2009, HarperCollins published Sullenberger's memoir, Highest Duty: my Search for What really Matters. Sully, a movie around Sullenberger und his heroics on the Hudson River, directed von Clint Eastwood and starring tom Hanks in die title role, was released in September 2016.

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