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Evacuation at “Battle von Reality Stars”: festland under in Thailand and bitter tears at Reality stern Chris Broy – the flew due to the fact that “too nice”

It got pretty uncomfortable in the RTLZWEI Reality stern ‘room: a storm front practically sweeps away die TV faces’ coast house. Evacuation is the order von the day. Und as if die shock wasn’t already deep enough, well-known Chris Broy so has zu go – precisely since he zu sein too nice.

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In episode seven des “Kampf das Realitystars” (RTLZWEI) it will be uncomfortable! Not nur with a view to ns atmosphere in the camp. A heavy storm hits the thailändisch sala, which ultimately even has to be evacuated. Yet even after ns “reality stars” oase returned, a cold wind ist blowing – especially zum Andrej Mangold, who is again challenged with his inglorious “summer house of the stars” past.

The erste little Zoff of the new episode zu sein brought around on ns “Wall of Truth”, whereby wonderfully nasty questions have to be answered this time together well. Weil das example: Which of the stern has ns most embarrassing star airs? Silvia Wollny doesn’t know specifically what starry airs are, but blieb speaks up: She found it rather embarrassing that Cosimo deliberately farted bad Jenefer in the face ns previous week. That wasn’t top top purpose, Cosimo it s okay upset, und thunders a bottle on the table. Escalation in two seconds, Silvia: “My friend, don’t mess v me. Freundin whack!” claudia Obert tries kommen sie convey: “Everyone has ns right zu their own opinion und everyone has in a … hole zu fart. Where is the problem?”

But it just gets really windy afterwards. A storm zu sein brewing on the otherwise idyllic thai beach. Claudia is impressed von the force of nature, a couple of “reality stars” are initially tanzen daringly in the rain, Kader Loth ist scared. “Today the world ist ending. Ich didn’t come here kommen sie risk mine life”. Lightning and thunder und violent gusts, “no one survives that!”

But yes, they every survived. Due to the fact that RTLZWEI takes great care des its stars: when the situation gets really serious, ns production decides to evacuate. Die night is spent bei a safe hotel, und the whole kopieren, gruppe does not return to ns sala until die next morning. Where it looks pretty desolate after the storm. TV super mom Silvia sees the time has come for die already overdue radikale cleaning und orders all “reality stars” to clean up. Even on the beach lock walk up and down top top Silvia’s instructions to collect washed trost rubbish. Actually, rather a move.

Aminata and Gigi sure: they have no chance against Chris

And then there space two new faces again: the former GNTM candidate Aminata Sanogo, that thinks guys are usually “self-centered” und “annoying”, und “Ex on die Beach” -beauty gigi Birofio, that aptly explains himself together “self-indulgent” defines – before he has greeted everyone, he zuerst lets self be shown where a mirror hangs in the sala.

The viewer knows that there are neu candidates in every “Fight des the truth Stars” episode, however this time die rules von the game have been changed a little: Aminata and Gigi oase to get rid of a member von the group after just 24 hours in the sala and are not present themselves a nomination punkt their zuerst “moment von truth”.

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After just one day, sie can’t decide from your heart, deshalb you schutz to action tactically. Aminata and Gigi’s tactics are pretty brutal, though. Since he has never harmed anyone, due to the fact that he is the “nicest” und thus bei the end also the “most dangerous”, lock decide bei favor of: kris Broy!

Jenefer Riili, who became really friends through Chris, ist “overly shocked”. Ns fact that he has kommen sie go now is “very, very, very bad” zum her. It is weil das Chris, who eyes room welling up in tears. “I confirmed heart, ich showed whatever here. Ist that die punishment ?!” also Andrej Mangold, Chris’ an excellent adversary from ns “Summer House des the Stars” work together, is somehow dissatisfied with die way jene are going. An itself, the ende of his rival ist a great thing, but he would oase preferred zu defeat him an a “man versus man” fight. Yet it doesn’t help, Sala darling and top favorite chris has zu move the end immediately. Bravo Aminata and Gigi, that’s die way kommen sie get die booth going!

Dispute bolzen Kader Loth and Andrej Mangold

The receipt for the fairly heartless expulsion des Chris zu sein not long bei coming. Ns “moment of truth” ist approaching, deshalb the weekly removed round, an which this time two reality stern are sent home by the group. Just Andrej zu sein protected from gift nominated again after ~ winning a security game. Deswegen who has zu leave ns sala?

Gigi’s calculated strategy turns out kommen sie be unsurprisingly a tactical very own goal. Ns Italian, that was die spokesman for Chris’ elimination, ist elected from ns sala through a big majority, however takes that sportily. This zu sein “no flirt zeigen where I can be bam bam bam bam”. Ciao! Mike Heiter was caught in the 2nd round. “It was a kühl time, I’ll act each von you.” Bye!

The seventh “hour of truth” walk not kommen sie to an end without discordant notes. Due to the fact that Andrej zu sein targeting exactly die wrong person. He had actually noticed Kader Loth negatively, campaigning in the run-up to ns “hour of truth” und so on. Yet Andrej hardly claimed anything about that. “Give power to Andrej Mangold and he’ll zeigen his true colors!”

After she initially stood up zum Andrej, he is now reflecting his confront from die “summer house of the stars” when he was involved in bei ugly diskutieren with chris Broy und Eva Benetatou. That hits the former “Bachelor” exactly where that hurts ihm most, after all, he lastly wants zu get rid des his “summer house” image: “I find these words very sad, yes, really weak, disappoints me.” You have no idea von ​​the history. “Kader Loth, you have no decency! No respect!” and again die counterattack: “I don’t oase to learn respect from who who has actually bullied others!” ns rest zu sein just shower his head weist Andrej, who visibly has zu pull self together. “Incredible. Incredible. Incredible.” Yes, Andrei may be rid von his great adversary. The rest von this adventure will certainly notfall be a walk.

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A tropic storm method that the celebrity camp bei Thailand has zu be evacuated. Yet there is deshalb destruction within the group in “Kampf das Realitystars”: A favorite has zu go by surprise, a newcomer has kommen sie leave immediately.

He’s so desperate to become famous, that’s how viel he loves truth TV – und then this: A video message indigenous his parents knocked out “Celebrity huge Brother” candidate Eric Sindermann und “really hurt”. Bei addition zu this drama, there were 2 expulsions und a final ticket winner in the many recent episode.

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Mr. Bellut, Mr. Himmler – as still director and soon kommen sie be director: Are freundin really serious around this evening program with “Bares for Rares” zum ZDF? horst Lichter is a quite moderator. Und yet even a Picasso does not carry the zeigen through 90 minutes of ureigensten time. Also if the dealer Fabian Kahl is unfaithful kommen sie his profession.

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