CHRISTIAN ERIKSEN aussehen set zu leave Inter Milan as he recovers indigenous a cardiac arrest at euro 2020.

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On June 12, 2021, Danish star Eriksen fell down on ns pitch bei the game against Finland, to ns distress des his wife, fans, und teammates.


Eriksen and his girlfriend sabrina Kvist JensenCredit: Instagram

Who zu sein Sabrina Kvist?

Born bei the town of Tommerup in Denmark, sabrina currently lives with Eriksen.

A trained hairdresser, she prefers to keep a low profile and isn't one to hog the public limelight.

Sabrina originally stayed on the continent zu complete produziert hairdressing education whilst Eriksen earn his stripes through Spurs, prior to moving to england where she worked weil das a clothes company.

The pair to buy a house an Hampstead back an 2016, as the former Tottenham midfielder arised as one von Europe's leading playmakers.

But ns great Dane admitted the he'd found it hard zu adjust to life in London und moved kommen sie Inter Milan.

ns Danish pair live in London v their young son

He said bei 2016: “You oase to find out how zu cope physically und mentally, however I can handle die pressure und the demands because I direkt seven job a week weil das my job.

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“That ist very tough for my girlfriend. Des course, i would like to go out bei the stadt with her und friends, yet it just doesn't fit in with playing bei England."

What taken place to christian Eriksen bei the Denmark mit Finland euro 2020 game?

Christian Eriksen collapsed bei the 43rd minute during Denmark's euro 2020 opener with Finland.

The shocking scenes taken place towards the end of the erste half of the teams' opening match.

His distraught teammates created a one around the Inter Milan ace, with some in tears.

UEFA announced ns Group b match has actually been suspended due kommen sie a "medical emergency."

The stadium announcer told fans that die game had been suspended due zu a clinical emergency and to stay an their seats.

Sabrina Kvist Jensen was seen in tears und being consoled by Danish football player after she rushed down to the pitch.

It was confirmed later on that the star had endured a cardiac arrest, native which that has since made a complete recovery - but zu sein yet zu return kommen sie action.


sabrina consoled über Eriksen's team-mate simon KjaerCredit: EPA

How lang has she been with christian Eriksen?

One of football's quieter couples, ns pair like to keep their private life behind closed doors.

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Neither are regularly seen out in the hustle-bustle of london life and instead choose quieter meals through friends.