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Keeping sie safe und secure online is part des Chrome’s DNA. Along with providing solid default protections, we aim kommen sie give you accessible, intuitive, und useful controls deshalb you kann sein make selections that room right for you. So, today we’ve started rolling out new tools and a redesign of Chrome’s privacy and security settings on desktop, to help freundin control your safety on ns web. 

Easy to understand controls

With this redesign, we’ve made the controls also easier to find and understand, with simplified language und visuals:

In site Settings, we’ve reorganized die controls right into two distinct sections zu make that easier kommen sie find the most sensitive webseite permissions: access kommen sie your location, camera or microphone, und notifications. A new section so highlights the most recent permissions activity.Because many civilization regularly delete their searching history, we’ve moved that control, “Clear browsing data”, to ns top von the Privacy & defense section. 

Safety check an Chrome 

With our new safety check an settings, you tun können quickly confirm die safety des your experience an Chrome.

Du schaust: Chrom: // settings / content ein

The neu tool will tell sie if ns passwords you’ve asked Chrome to remember oase been compromised, and if so, how zu fix them. It wollen flag if for sure Browsing, Google’s technology zu warn before you visit a dangerous site or download a harmful apps or extension, zu sein turned off. The safety inspect tool deshalb has a neu additional way to quickly lakers if your version des Chrome ist up kommen sie date, i.e. If it’s updated with die latest security protections. If malicious expansions are installed, it möchte tell sie how and where to remove them.


Third-party cookie controls an Incognito mode 

In Incognito mode, wherein people kommen sie for a more private browsing experience, Chrome doesn’t conserve your looking history, info entered bei forms or web browser cookies. While us continue kommen sie work on our permanent effort to make the web more private und secure through Privacy Sandbox, we want to strengthen the Incognito protections in the meantime. In addition to deleting cookies every time freundin close die browser window in Incognito, us will also start impede third-party cookies von default within every Incognito session und include a prominente control ~ above the new Tab Page. You kann sein allow third-party plätzchen for specific sites von clicking ns “eye” icon in the address bar. This feature will gradually roll out, beginning on desktop computer operating systems and on Android.

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A new home for your extensions

Starting heute you’ll anfang to lakers a neu puzzle icon for your expansions on her toolbar. It’s a practiced way kommen sie tidy trost your toolbar, und gives sie more control over what data extensions kann sein access on sites you visit. V this addition, you’ll still be able to pin her favorite extensions to ns toolbar.


Upgraded security with magnified Safe searching protection und Secure DNS

We’re bringing you two major security upgrades that you kann sein opt bei to. First, amplified Safe searching gives sie more proactive and tailored protections native phishing, malware and other web-based threats. If sie turn on intensified Safe Browsing, Chrome proactively check whether pages und downloads are dangerous über sending info about them to google Safe Browsing. If you signed in to Chrome, climate Chrome and other google apps you use (Gmail, Drive, etc.) möchte further protect freundin based ~ above a holistic view of threats freundin encounter on die web and attacks against your google Account. Over the next year, we’ll be adding even more protections to this mode including tailored warnings weil das phishing sites and file downloads, and cross-product alerts.

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We’re also launching certain DNS, a function designed to improve her security und privacy if browsing the web. When you accessibility a website, her browser erste needs kommen sie determine i m sorry server is hosting it, using a step well-known as a "DNS (Domain nennen System) lookup." Chrome's certain DNS attribute uses DNS-over-HTTPS to encrypt this step, in order to helping prevent attackers from observing what sites freundin visit or sending out you zu phishing websites. über default, Chrome wollen automatically upgrade you to DNS-over-HTTPS if your current service provider support it. Sie can deshalb configure a various secure DNS provider in the advanced security section, or disable die feature altogether. 

Secure DNS kann be configured kommen sie use your present ISP's dienstleistungen if accessible (default), another provider indigenous a list, or a practice provider.

These neu updates und features, including our redesigned Privacy und Security settings, möchte be coming to Chrome on desktop platforms an upcoming weeks. We’ll continue to focus on attributes that protect your privacy und security together you’re browsing the web v Chrome, in addition to giving you clear und useful choices roughly managing her data.