Chrome Auf Fire Tv Stick Installieren

This is a step-by-step overview on how to install and use Chrome Web browser on FireStick, Fire TV, FireStick 4K, and Fire TV Cube.

Du schaust: Chrome auf fire tv stick installieren

Unfortunately, wie it comes to the web browser for amazon FireStick, us don’t oase many options. Only a couple von browsers prefer Amazon Silk Browser und Puffin TV-Browser space compatible v FireStick.

This has led several people zu look around for ways to use other web browsers with more features. Google chrome zu sein the erste choice obviously as it has been used broadly worldwide by millions des users.

However, google Chrome is available weil das operating systems like Windows or Linux only, not for FireStick. However you can navigate that using the mouse toggle app after sideloading that on her device.

I oase demonstrated 2 methods zu install a chrome web browser on FireStick. The erste one zu sein using ns Downloader app, while ns other one zu sein using ES paper Explorer.

Before proceeding, review this first…

Installing and using noþeles on her FireStick without a VPN constantly comes v privacy risks. VPN helps to keep your link private von hiding your initial IP address und have an encrypted connection. Our #1 choice zu sein Surfshark VPN.

Method 1: How to Install Chrome top top FireStick (Downloader)

Google Chrome zu sein designed to be provided on computers or android devices. Deshalb it zu sein not available for FireStick. It is why you have to sideload the on your FireStick as a third-party anwendung using Downloader.

But before that, make sure zu install und use Surfshark VPN top top FireStick when you are streaming something on your FireStick. That keeps sie safe indigenous malware und protects your online identity.

Now follow these steps to install Chrome top top FireStick using the Downloader app:

Step 1: Open Firestick Home


Step 2: Click on the Settings icon


Step 3: Select My Fire TV


Step 4: Choose Developer Options


Step 5: Click on Apps indigenous Unknown Sources


Step 6: Click on Turn On


Step 7: Navigate back to die home page and select the Find menu


Step 8: Click on the Search option


Step 9: Type “Downloader” und select the from ns list


Step 10: Select the Downloader icon


Step 11: click “Download” und wait zum the apps to install


Step 12: Wait until die download ist completed


Step 13: Click on Open to run the Downloader app


Step 14: Once die downloader opens, click on Allow


Step 15: A vorbestraft will it is in displayed, click OK


Step 16: By default Home tab would be open with a text kasten displayed on die right side


Step 17: Write ns URL in the URL bar and click Go

Note: The referenced link ist the main URL des this app/website. do notfall own, operate, or re-sell any app, streaming site, or service and has no affiliation through their developers.


Step 18: Click on the recent Version und then select Download. Wait weil das the app to download


Step 19: Once installed, click Install


Step 20: Click Open once the app is installed


So that’s how you install google Chrome browser on your FireStick. You oase to do a few changes to die system des your device und then sideload the via die Downloader app.

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Method 2: How zu Install Chrome ~ above FireStick (ES paper Explorer)

If sie are having problems with the Downloader app, below is bei alternative method. You tun können install Chrome internet browser on your FireStick using das File Explorer. The works die same as Downloader.

Don’t forget zu install and use Surfshark VPN on FireStick before freundin stream noþeles on your device. It help you kommen sie stay cotton over the internet über masking her IP.

To install Chrome ~ above FireStick using das File Explorer, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Click the Search symbol from the home screen von your FireStick device

Step 2: Write ES paper Explorer an the search bar und click the belang search results

Step 3: Click ns Download or Get button

Step 4: Click Open once the anwendung is successfully installed

Step 5: Launch es File traveler on her device

Step 6: Click the Downloader auswahl from die menu

Step 7: Select ns +New auswahl from the bottom menu bar

Step 8: Enter ns URL in ns path section and click Download Now

Step 9: Wait zum the browser to be downloaded

Step 10: Now click ns Install button

Step 11: Click Open once ns browser zu sein installed successfully

Step 12: Enjoy using Chrome Web internet browser on her FireStick

These were die steps you tun können follow kommen sie install Chrome Web web browser on her FireStick using es File Explorer. This zu sein just in alternative method und you don’t require it if Downloader is working well on her device.

How zu Use Chrome top top FireStick with computer mouse Toggle

As google Chrome is designed zum PC und Android devices, freundin can’t usage it ~ above FireStick or similar remote manage devices.

Fortunately, over there is bei app referred to as Mouse Toggle, which allows you zu navigate Chrome with the help des a digital cursor.

You kann sein easily install computer mouse Toggle on her FireStick as a third-party app und use Chrome without any problem.

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You can control the virtual cursor of Mouse Toggle with ns help von your FireStick remote.

Follow this guide to install und use mouse Toggle ~ above FireStick. However, don’t forget kommen sie use Surfshark VPN before you install any apps or currently anything on your FireStick device.

Step 1: when you open Chrome Browser, click Agree & Continue


Step 2: Click Next


Step 3: This ist the interface des Chrome Browser!


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How zu Uninstall Chrome indigenous FireStick

Once her work zu sein done, you kann sein uninstall ns Chrome browser from your FireStick. Well, sie might not want to uninstall ns browser, but ns low storage of FireStick doesn’t permit you zu keep together heavy records on her device.

Uninstalling ns Chrome web browser from your device möchte free up space und your device wollen run faster. Follow these steps to uninstall Chrome browser from your FireStick:

Step 1: lang press the home button des your FireStick remote

Step 2: Select the möglichkeit Apps

Step 3: Locate ns Google Chrome app among your other apps

Step 4: Press the option key of your FireStick remote

Step 5: Now click ns options Uninstall and you room done

Google Chrome Features

Google Chrome is a renowned web browser und almost all des us are familiar with it. This makes it easy kommen sie use and navigate on FireStick due to die simple interface.

It allows google Account Synchronization und supports multiple tabs which freundin can’t access in the default FireStick browser.

You tun können download lot of APK documents on your maker with google Chrome. Moreover, the Blink net engine feature makes the speed blazing in der nähe des to ensure fast browsing.

The incognito mode allows freundin to schutz a privatgelände session and keep sie safe indigenous malware. Freundin can deshalb use the Voice search feature to search anything more conveniently.

The personalized find results assist you zu visit your wanted site viel quicker and faster. Hence, die Chrome browser is worth using on FireStick until freundin are comfortable with the Mouse Toggle app.

FAQs – Chrome Browser

Is google Chrome compatible v FireStick?

Google Chrome zu sein designed for Windows and Android devices. Deswegen it ist not available kommen sie be mounted on FireStick. But I oase demonstrated an this overview how you kann sideload and use Chrome browser on FireStick.

How kann I use the Chrome Web browser on FireStick?

There is bei app dubbed Mouse Toggle the helps you zu navigate the Chrome internet browser on FireStick. The anwendung creates a online cursor that can be conveniently navigated with a FireStick remote. As well as that, you can also use a Bluetooth keyboard zu use Chrome ~ above FireStick.

Which browsers arbeiten on FireStick?

Well, over there are just a few browsers wie man it comes to FireStick. The means you don’t schutz much variety to choose from. You tun können use Opera, amazon Silk Browser, und Firefox on FireStick without any problem.

Which browser zu sein best weil das FireStick?

As i said, there are notfall many choices while selecting a browser zum your FireStick. As von my research and experience, amazon Silk internet browser works finest on FireStick due kommen sie its features und easy navigation.

Key Takeaways

There are a couple of browsers compatible through FireStick yet each of them lacks something. However, google Chrome zu sein one des the most used browsers around ns world, ensuring schon fast browsing.

As it is not available weil das FireStick, the has zu be sideloaded together a third-party app. I schutz shown how zu install Chrome browser on FireStick using Downloader and ES record Explorer.

You möchte require ns Mouse Toggle app to use and navigate with Chrome as it can’t be navigated with die FireStick remote. Computer mouse Toggle helps kommen sie navigate making use of a virtual cursor.

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Don’t forget kommen sie use a VPN prior to your download or stream anything on her FireStick. That helps you to schutz a protected connection und maintain anonymity über hiding her IP.