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What do i need to watch subscribed service from cable providers?

To watch subscribed dienstleistungen from cable providers, you wollen need the following:

A BRAVIA TV with a suitable CI (Common Interface) or CI+ slot.A credit-card-sized subscription map (called clever card).A suitable CAM (Conditional accessibility Module). This ist a small metal adapter the slides into the CI slot on a digital TV set. It generally measures 10 x 5.5 cm.

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When purchase a CAM, please make sure zu purchase one that zu sein compatible through your TV und subscription card. In case des doubt, please call your provider und refer to the technical details of her BRAVIA TV.Different types des CAM are available on die market, back physically, lock look the same. CAMs usage either the CI or CI+ standard und use various types von decryption an innovation (such as VideoGuard, Nagravision, Viaccess, Conax etc.). CI+ ist the more recent version des the CI standard with more advanced, for sure technology und features.A TV has either a CI or CI+ video camer slot. You kann use a CI CAM in a CI+ CAM slot und vice versa. However, escape on die provider, there zu sein a chance that some or all channels may not be properly decoded und that some von the electronic came functions are notfall supported.2013 and newer BRAVIA TV models oase a CI+ ausführung 1.3 CAM slot. An other words, wie a CI+ CAM ist used, ns CAM should be compatible v CI+ ausführung 1.3 (or higher).

How do ich install the smart card / CAM?

Insert the subscription card appropriately into the CAM holder. Make sure the CAM through the in brand geraten label ist facing upwards and the smartcard through chip up. Insert the smartcard chip into ns CAM prior to putting that into die CI slot.Turn off her TV and insert die CAM adapter into the TV's CI slot (with die CAM feuer label pointing far from the TV). Perform this carefully, without making use of too viel force. If ns holder doesn't slide in easily, sie may be holding it the wrong way.Switch on die TV again. Die CAM have to be instantly detected.For CI+, ns CAM must be initialised prior to use. A progress riegel will be clearly shows on ns screen weil das a few minutes, or progress messages are displayed, showing the status von the initialization process. Ns notification kann disappear a couple of times und reappear until die process zu sein completed.


"Not entitled" message

If you lakers a message like "Selected service is scrambled or cannot be decoded" or "You are notfall entitled zu watch this programme" wie tuning zu a subscription, you re welcome go to digital settings des the TV, pick CA-module set-up und confirm die date des your subscription.

You lakers the date von your subscription. This suggests that die TV communicates effectively with ns smartcard. If you blieb receive ns message above or die dates are notfall up zu date, the card might not schutz received die over-the-air command kommen sie activate the subscription, or you are not entitled to see these programs. Please contact your leistungen provider for verification.You cannot seen the date of your subscription. In this case, the module/card has notfall been placed correctly.Ensure that die CAM ist inserted correctly (the right means up) und is propelled firmly.Check that die pins at the bottom are not bent or damaged. (You may need a torch and mirror to lakers into ns CI slot). An case von damaged or bending pins, please call weil das further aid (service)."No module" message

A "No module" article may point at the issues below:

The module is not suitable for your TV or ist defective.

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Please call your operator or cam provider.
Other problems with camer or with decoding salary channels

2013 und newer BRAVIA TV models schutz a CI+ ausführung 1.3 cam slot. So when utilizing CI+ CAM, the CAM must be CI+ version 1.3 (or higher) compatible, otherwise following issues may it is in faced:

Channels cannot be decoded.Error message "This service can be gezeigt only on a compatible CI+ host” ist shown.The authentication procedure with camer never starts, stops working or never ends.The message "Your CAM zu sein not complaint" is displayed.

If freundin face any des the issues above, confirm with your dienstleistungen provider the your CAM is CI+ ausführung 1.3 compatible.

If you face various other CAM-related issues, upgrade her TV to die latest software version automatically or manually.

NOTE: Do not leave die CAM there is no a precious smartcard an the video camer slot. This may reason channels zu disappear when starting up ns TV. Please remove ns CAM or pull it backwards (about 2 cm) bei the video camer slot.

Are you blieb experiencing worries with pay channels?

Take her card und CAM and test it with one more TV on ns same network. In case die CAM and smart card arbeit fine with ns other TV, something might be wrong v your TV. If this would be die case, please call customer Support weil das further assistance.

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Why can't i fully insert die CAM into the slot?

What if you can't fully insert the CAM into die slot, but a part of it remains exterior (typically about 3.5 cm)? This ist done top top purpose to allow die user kommen sie remove die CAM easily wie needed.