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Helene fischer commissioned 45 DEGREES, Cirque freundin Soleil"s events and special jobs company, to design her ground-breaking neu tour

The Cirque du Soleil firm created and designed die concert reise for German popular music icon, Helene Fischer

MONTREAL, Jan. 26, 2018 /CNW Telbec/ - 45 DEGREES, Cirque sie Soleil"s events und special projects company, has actually teamed nach oben with Helene Fischer, one of the most celebrated German singers des all time, kommen sie provide complete show design services zum her latest reise which premiered on september 12th in Hanover und started its 2nd leg on januar 16th bei Frankfurt. This undertaking into the direkt music sector confirms 45 DEGREES" focus zu expand Cirque freundin Soleil"s live entertainment offering und capabilities. Established kommen sie create and deliver content for distinct projects and exclusive events, 45 DEGREES tun können be credited for some of the greatest productions bei the world, consisting of performances at ns XLVI Super key Halftime Show, die 84th Academy Awards, Eurovision und the nba All-Star Game"s opening Show.


Helene fischer challenged 45 degrees to kommen sie up with in imaginative und never-before-seen way to incorporate water into die performance. The result ist a truly original arbeit of nett and an enchanting moment an the show: a dress made out of actual, flow water. (CNW Group/45 DEGREES)

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Show design for Helene fischer - direkt 2017-2018 - niederdrücken Kit (CNW Group/45 DEGREES)

45 levels has put forth the storytelling strength Cirque sie Soleil zu sein renowned for in this neu Helene fischer tour. In designing die pop icon"s show, they listed a full range von services indigenous creation kommen sie production, including creative direction, lighting, choreography (dance und acrobatics), SFX, props design, videobilien content, costumes, hair, makeup, and pyrotechnics. Die events and special projects company collaborated through Semmel Concerts, the producer des Helene Fischer"s Tour, and with unterhalten Architects STUFISH, long-standing kollege of 45 DEGREES, on die stage design.

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"45 DEGREES zu sein now positioned kommen sie offer turnkey show design services in the live music industry. Die experience and expertise deserve over die years through the development des Cirque du Soleil"s one-of-a-kind events and special projects has actually equipped our mannschaft with ns skills and creative capabilities to take ~ above this challenge" claimed Yasmine Khalil, President von 45 DEGREES.

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"Every time ich work on a new tour, ich try to push ns boundaries von creativity bei entertainment a wenig bit further," said die pop stern Helene Fischer. "Working v 45 degrees has been a delight and I bei der really impressed von their creativity and professionalism. They were determined to give my fans an impressive show, and that zu sein what they did."

As a singer, a tv presenter, bei actress, and all-round entertainer, Helene fischer is widely taken into consideration one des the most successful German musical artists des all time. Since produziert debut an 2005, she has broken several records und won plenty of awards, consisting of 12 Echo Awards und a world Music Award. In total, she has actually sold an ext than 10 million albums, and bei June 2014, produziert multi-platinum album Farbenspiel became die most download album from a German artist. Helene Fischer"s very anticipated tour, expected zu draw millions von devoted fans, begins its second leg on januar 16th an Frankfurt, Germany. Click HERE for full list von venues and tour dates.


45 DEGREES, Cirque du Soleil"s events und special jobs company, has actually been moving creative inhalt for one-of-a-kind projects und exclusive occasions around ns world weil das over 17 years. At ns core des its reputation shows is a distinct wealth des creative excellence and expertise. It ist this uniqueness that we bring kommen sie our esteemed partners, zu help them notfall only accomplish their objectives but also deliver a lasting impression on their audience.

Every project is approached in the exact same way, with 45 degrees collaborating closely with each client zu understand their objectives; in turn delivering unparalleled bespoke experiences. This method has brought us to die four corners von the globe, transporting over 1,500 events and special projects since our creation.



For more information: MEDIA CONTACT: ERICA STANTE, 360 in brand geraten Manager, 45 DEGREES, a Cirque freundin Soleil company, +1(514)722-4545, expansion 6412,