Good stuff

Palpably better kommen sie drive than in A-Class. It’s an estate car, yet sexier, deshalb people (might) think you’re much more interesting

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Bad stuff

Interior zu sein stupidly over-complicated in the technology department, not plush enough an the trim department

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Ready? It’s ns estate version von the coupe-style saloon version von Mercedes-Benz’s family members hatchback. Yes, the CLA shoot Brake ist really an A-Class, except an ext practical, but not as useful as it can be, since style. If you’d suggested this automobile to the stuffy, classic Mercedes-Benz of say, 20 years ago, you’d have been dropkicked out von the boardroom. Now, that golddust zu Merc, since it’s a niche the the likes of BMW and Audi haven’t tapped into. Yet.

But, does that way it’s a meaningless one? Well, ns original CLA was a sales phenomenon so Mercedes was always sure zu bring the back, und we’ve a soft spot zum its ‘Shooting Brake’ legacy sister due to the fact that wagons room cooler. Especially jetzt they’re a rare-groove selection against die Attack of the Crossover Clones. Clones like die GLA. Und the GLB. Seen what we mean?

Better looking, no it? much less nose-heavy, than the old CLA. Und not as fussy. Mercedes realised it was adding too many lines, creases und swooshes zu its bodywork, und it’s turned off them top top the neu CLA. Course, you blieb get a ‘floating’ prior splitter, big bonnet stärke domes that the engines don’t really justify, und massive fake exhaust trims, however that’s nit-picking – this is a better-proportioned, much more dignified mini-Benz than die one us used kommen sie have. And a smidge larger, too. 

The neu CLA is 48mm longer than the old one. No sound choose much, but all des that development spurt has actually been injected between the wheels, zu unlocks an ext cabin space. It’s roomier an the back and the boot’s a tad larger too. Yet it’s ns wider tailgate it is a viel more advantageous practicality boost. 

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The oily, spinny, according to bits space all shared with die A-Class. That method there are some very an excellent powertrains, and some versions zu be avoided prefer a flatulent loved one after Christmas lunch. Many versions space front-wheel drive, however there’s 4Matic all-wheel journey on market on die loftier versions an the range, und it’s conventional on the two go-quick shoot Brakes: die AMG CLA35 und AMG CLA 45 – which include supercar-chasing performance kommen sie a car currently niched to in inch of its life. 

Inside, the dashboard und systems space all familiar from die A-Class auch – liebe it or hate it – but there space some new Easter egg attributes – chiefly ns CLA knows how many human being are in the car, where they’re sitting, and when it’s being spoken to. Clever? Scary? That’s ns future, apparently.

All UK variants room AMG-line, i beg your pardon means ns style-first bodywork möchte roll roughly on sportier wheels und there’s a snouty prior grille und flared bumper arrangement. Prices kick off nur over £30,000, and don’t prevent until you’ve gott one v 400bhp und a £50k price tag. But before we obtain corrupted von power, let’s emphasis on die basics.