A lot of players in game are looking for a decent means to verknüpfung or connect Royale from android devices kommen sie iOS devices und vice versa currently. It is why today I oase decided zu create this small tutorial in order to zeigen you how to do that v ease.

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Step 3: When ns Settinsg food selection shows up, tap on the “Link Device” and then “This ist the old DEVICE”.
Step 4: There möchte be 2 options for you:Link kommen sie iPhone (If you are making use of iOS on ns current device) or link to android (If sie are using android on die current device).Link to another device.In stimulate to link from iOS zu Android, you re welcome choose the second one (Link kommen sie another device).
Step 5: die Royale will give you a 12-character code which ist only valid bei 2 minutes. It aussehen like this:
Step 6: offen Royale ~ above the neu device (the one freundin want to link your video game to) immediately, open the Settings, choose verknüpfung Device und then tap on this zu sein the new device.Step 7: Enter the code which was given bei at the step 5. After ~ that, you can see her Royale account ~ above the new device.

Frequently inquiry Questions

When ich try to verknüpfung my account, it claimed that ich could only verknüpfung once?I bei der so sorry around that. You kann link her account nur 1 time deshalb you should use it wisely. Verknüpfung your account kommen sie both of your google ID und Apple ID and then you kann sein use the on all iOS and Android devices.

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I don’t receive any kind of code. The asked me to use die correct Google/Apple ID.That means sie are not using die correct Apple/Google ID, which is connected with your Royale account. Please Sign bei with the correct one und then try again.Okay deshalb that’s all around how to link Royale from android to iOS und Vice Versa. Pretty simple right? nothing hesitate kommen sie ask me any kind of question wie you need assist guys!


Sorry guys! naught here!I bei der just an editor male with zero knowledge around this awesome game.Want to have your own author box? call me when you oase more 보다 5 posts posted!

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