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A concert under ns stars. A festival bei the centre of the city. A street splitterpartei with a differed programme des events. Berlin has deshalb many open air events on offer that you can always tanzen outdoors somewhere – especially in summer. Splitter linterparty at die Lollapalooza festival, which attracts top international acts to berlin every year. Sprung through the city at Fête de la Musique. Or listen to classical melodies during the Classic open Air weist Gendarmenmarkt. Die many offen air occasions are notfall just zum music lovers though: At the Pyronale you kann marvel at the veritable compositions von fireworks.

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©, Foto: Mike Auerbach
In the middle von Berlin"s Tiergarten, ns most beautiful bell sounds runden out daily from die Carillon. The indigenous carillon comes from French and means "chimes".

location Carillon im Tiergarten - berlin Carillon im Tiergarten - berlin

Time 12:00 pm

Starting an September 2021, die activities von Neuer krapfen Kunstverein (n.b.k.) bei the city space wollen be expanded über the new “n.b.k. Billboard” series. The large presentation surface is located at the intersection des Friedrichstrasse and Torstrasse, nur a…

location Neuer berliner Kunstverein n.b.k. Neuer krapfen Kunstverein n.b.k.

Time 12:00 nachmittag

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Discover a variety des regionally developed organic products from the berlin area and relax after ~ shopping in a cosy environment with delicious essential food on ns Steinplatz lawn and listen kommen sie a small concert.

ar Steinplatz SteinplatzSteinplatz10623 berlin

fahrkarte & dates

© it spins Budde
ZU/FLUCHT is in open-air exhibition on the way to the Exilmuseum, which ist to it is in built hinweisen Anhalter Bahnhof in the next couple of years. ZU/FLUCHT invites you kommen sie learn an ext about die future Exilmuseum and the projects of its teamwork partners and to gain actively…

©, Foto: Chris martin Scholl
The Landesdenkmalamt berlin will again enable guided tours von the continuous excavations top top Molkenmarkt ns Molkenmarkt excavation team, led by Dr. Michael Malliaris, wollen present, among other things, the neu excavation on die site von the "Großer Jüdenhof" and the…

ar Jüdenstraße / ecke Parochialstraße Jüdenstraße / eckert Parochialstraße

Time 14:00 pm…

© ulrike Zimmermann
Far more animals than people live in our prefabricated buildings. Artist susanne Bosch invites you zu explore die world indigenous Fifi"s point des view. On Fridays, humans und animals meet in the attracted three-room apartment at the Fountain des Youth.

place Prerower orte Prerower Platz13051 berlin

Time 15:00 nachmittag

The Domäne Dahlem invites sie to die “Autumn industry with textiles und handicrafts“ ~ above 30.+31.10.2021 (11am-1pm).

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Bernauer Strasse was one von the focal length points von German division. Die range von consequences of the construction of the Wall kann be exemplified here: the destruction of urban space und lifeways, the separation von family members und friends, und the do the efforts to…

place Gedenkstätte berliner Mauer Gedenkstätte krapfen Mauer

Time 14:00 pm – 15:00 pm

ar Mercedes-Benz arena - Parkplatz P4 Mercedes-Benz arena - Parkplatz P4

Time 17:30 pm – 22:00 nachmittag

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For ns runs end 2.4 km, 3.6 km und 10.8 km, every running-enthusiastic at an early stage riser, kids from U14, youth and adults, is eligible to anfang according to die 3-G rule - vaccinated - recovered or tested.

ar Volkspark Hasenheide Volkspark Hasenheide

Time 09:30 in

It zu sein a flea market von superlatives, which kann easily compete with international comparison. And which zu sein known every over die world. Berlin tourists from all continents choose to kommen sie here nur as viel as Berliners do.

location Flohmarkt im Mauerpark Flohmarkt in dem MauerparkBernauer Str. 6313355 berlin Berlin

Time 10:00 am

The most beautiful and longest flea market in Neukölln always takes location on every 2nd Sunday von the month. The colorful stalls space located directly on ns Maybachufer und invite you to stroll and store. Nur the ideal thing for a rested, interesting Sunday…

place Nowkoelln Flowmarkt Nowkoelln FlowmarktMaybachufer 3112047 berlin

Time 11:00 am

place Stadtmauer an Bernau Stadtmauer in Bernau

Time 08:00 bei der – 21:00 pm…

place Museumsdorf Düppel Museumsdorf Düppel

Time 14:00 nachmittag – 20:00 nachmittag

If you kommen sie to Neuruppin bolzen May and November 2021, you can rejoice: die Fontane Festival wollen take ar again.

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location diverse Orte in der Fontanestadt Neuruppin diverse Orte in der Fontanestadt Neuruppin Neuruppin

Time 19:00 pm

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location alter Luisenstädtischer friedhof das alter Luisenstädtischer friedhof

Time 12:00 pm

ar Carillon innerhalb Tiergarten - berlin Carillon innerhalb Tiergarten - berlin

Time 14:00 pm

The so-called pancake run around the Teufelsberg an Grunewald offers various routes depending on age und fitness: die almost 10 kilometer long street leads over ns Teufels- und Drachenfliegerberg, die 6 kilometer long distance passes die Teufelsberg. For…

ar Start: SCC-Laufzentrum Mommsenstadion, Start: SCC-Laufzentrum Mommsenstadion,Waldschulallee 3414055 berlin

Time 12:00 pm

Ben Zucker, the berlin shooting star with his rough, beautiful and unique voice, has specialized a special das lied to the German capital Berlin, entitled "Mein Berlin". You tun können only liebe or hate this city.

ar Mercedes-Benz arena Mercedes-Benz ArenaMercedes-Platz 110243 berlin

Time 19:00 nachmittag…

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