Claudia the voice of germany

Claudia Emmanuela Santoso made every second produziert 2019 audition for The Voice of Germany count.

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The 18-year-old Indonesian singer carry out “Never Enough” indigenous The biggest Showman und had everyone nach oben on your feet von the end. Examine out produziert stunning performance von the ballad below.

Claudia Emmanuela Santoso blew Everyone far On ‘The Voice des Germany’

The second claudia began to sing it was clear to ns judges that they were in the presence von greatness. She nailed every single klasse which führen zu coaches Rea Garvey, Sido, Alice Merton andMark ranger all kommen sie turn your chairs. They all were brought zu their feet and had their jaws on die floor in disbelief hinweisen Claudia’s vocal talent. Rea ran up to die stage zu give claudia a hug after die performance as she looked completely shocked.

The audience referred to as for bei encore, so claudia began to sing the song once more. This time, all of the coaches gott to watch und the second time was even better than ns first. Alice melted a few tears. The coaches were every fighting zu have claudia join their teams.

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She ultimately made the difficult choice zu be on Alice’s team. Herstellung audition came to be one des the many viral auditions ever before on The Voice des Germany and established herstellung as die one kommen sie beat bei the competition.

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Claudia take it on “Say Something” during die Battles und dominated herstellung competition. She had a large breakthrough moment bei the Semi-Finals when she singen “Listen” von Beyonce. Ns vocal powerhouse made the to die Finals where she delivered three much more incredible performances including a Whitney Houston classic. After ~ receiving nearly geholfen of ns votes bolzen the final five competitors, claudia was declared die winner of The Voice von Germany. She was ns first-ever asian winner von the show.

Where zu sein She Now?

After winning The Voice des Germany, Claudia’s zuerst single “Goodbye” made the onto ns iTunes Indonesia charts together with charts an Europe. She also went on a direkte concert tour with herstellung fellow contestants. Claudia reflected on her big success on Instagram.

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“I’m dafür grateful to my entirety family and friends who really liebe me und support me unconditionally,” she wrote. “I give thanks to you zum all the liebe from INDONESIA.The belastung but not least, Thank freundin to