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The Joyn dating nur “Claudia’s House of Love” accompanies claudia Obert in search of produziert dream prince. Every broadcast days on TV und stream options tun können be discovered here.

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Claudia Obert ist a stärke woman. In the dating nur “Claudia’s House des Love” von Joyn she now hopes weil das great love in addition to herstellung success. Ten candidates want to win the heart von the entrepreneur und reality TV actress.

You kann sein find out whether they kann sein do the from ns streaming service Joyn Plus+, because ns episodes are accessible there punkt any time. So at Sat.1 the nur will be broadcast, the broadcast dates tun können be found below.

Broadcast dates und times des “Claudia’s House des Love”

Currently being no new episodes des Claudia’s House of Love broadcast. However, you kann watch reruns on TV. In principle, these run on Sat.1, but we also show you die broadcast dates von other stations here.


Claudias House of Love

am 30.03.2021 a 20:15 Clock

Claudia Obert ist waiting excitedly and with welcome drinks for ten men kommen sie enter her realm. After ~ exploring die “House des Love”, the erste love challenge is already on: “I never ever say no to Vino”. Ns winners kann sein follow claudia to a private wine tasting bei the chalet. Yet after the zuerst time together, dinge get serious: the zuerst exit ceremony ist coming up. Who can convince? und who zu sein flying?


Claudias House von Love

am 30.03.2021 a 21:30 Clock

In ns second episode, die men’s emotions boil, yet there zu sein no time for arguments, as ns next liebe challenge ist pending. An “swing die brush”, die potential partners have to prove their creative streak. The date “A picture weil das the gods” beckons the winner. Claudia and her preferred one invest romantic hours an the master bedroom, wherein they put each various other on paper. Who ist allowed to stay in the end und who has zu leave die house?

Despite all the care, it kann sein happen that we missed a broadcast date or bei error has crept in.

Claudia’s residence of liebe preview / spoiler

What’s next punkt Claudia’s House von Love? You kann sein read that here in our preview. Yet be careful: spoiler alert. If we recognize the information about ns next episodes des Claudia’s House von Love, you kann see them bei the list des broadcasting days at ns top. Providers choose TV Now and Joyn sell episodes in advance zum some series and shows an their own direkt TV apps a couple of days before the TV broadcast. In that case, you kann sein see castle exclusively online beforehand.

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So you kann see Claudia’s House of Love in the direkte stream

The easiest way to receive is via TV Streamingdienste. V that you not only gain “Claudia’s House von Love”, but ns complete one live stream indigenous Sat.1 v all shipments – und legally.

Alternatively, you kann sein access the station via IPTV providers. Zum example, Sat.1 is via MagentaTV und Horizon go offered. Note, however, the both provides are regionally limited. You can find out much more on our buchseite about ns Reception possibilities from Sat.1. There you can also find out exactly how you kann sein receive the station über DVB-S2 or DVB-T2.

Claudia’s House of Love: That’s what it’s about

Claudia Obert has actually been about since ns TV shows “Promi big Brother” and “Celebrities under palm trees” known to the general public. But die self-confident businessman was not lucky bei these formats. With her new TV show “ Claudia’s House of Love”, claudia Obert zu sein now setup sail zum love.

But claudia doesn’t want any kind of man. “He should be able to withstand what i am,” claims Obert of produziert dream prince. “A bomb bei bed, addictive”. Yet he shouldn’t oase to cook, iron or take out ns rubbish. That’s why she has actually employees, says die 58-year-old.

Similar programs und TV channels

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Not nur on Sat.1 shows prefer “Claudia’s House of Love”. You kann sein find comparable programs on others too private broadcasters, around onRTL two, TVNOW, RTL, rtl Living, Hello TV, ProSieben Maxx or rtl Crime. A an extremely extensive list v all reception options zum hundreds des TV channels kann be uncovered on our Channel overview. Alternatively, you kann sein go directly kommen sie these locations Series, die movie or Shows and entertainment program search.