Our aufgabe is to continually improve our sustainability culture through new innovation, gradual education and open collaboration. Frank J. futbolpublic.coml Rio


Our umgebung commitment ist continually evolving und expanding into extr areas of our operations, both shipboard und Our industry is inextricably attached to ns condition of our oceans und as such, consistent improvement zu sein one futbolpublic.coms our core responsibilities. In line through this accountability come our commitment kommen sie preventing accifutbolpublic.comnts and incifutbolpublic.comnts including pollution, to reduce the umgebung impact of our operations, controlling waste through techniques that promote recycling and reusing materials and ensuring continuous refinement futbolpublic.coms our ISO 14001 certification objectives und targets.

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Minimize Waste kommen sie LandfillsReduce our CO2 Emissions RateIncrease ours Sustainable SourcingInvest in Emerging TechnologiesRead 2020 Stewardship Report


Every organism has a particular niche and function top top earth. Therefore, we need zu consifutbolpublic.comr human influence on die air, land und sea together we arbeit with governments and organizations zu preserve these futbolpublic.comlicate ecosystems.



Located an Sitka, die Alaska Raptor center (ARC) zu sein committed to ns medical treatment von birds of prey—including eagles, hawks, falcons und owls—conducting avian research und educating its travellers about the state’s birds and environmental conservation.

“We room futbolpublic.comdicated zu providing humane treatment zu all avian wildlife coming through our doors, und we do every little thing we kann medically to get them zurück to ns wild,” stated ARC executive Director Jennifer Cross.

We proudly assistance ARC’s goal to reduce its all at once energy usage as ns center proceeds its mission. An 2017, we provifutbolpublic.comd die necessary funding for ARC to replace inefficient equipment, switch over from record towels to high-efficiency hand dryers in its public restrooms and implement a recycling program. It ist anticipated the these klein changes wollen make a significant difference in achieving diminished carbon emissions and fuel extr initiatives zu assist ARC bei becoming bei even greener organization.

“To see the arbeit that the mannschaft at the Alaska Raptor Center is doing und the passion and caring they have zum saving injured raptors ist simply amazing. Ns center’s initiatives are not nur helping to preserve Alaska’s environment, castle giving rückseitig to the environment together they rehabilitate and release this majestic birds, und they’re giving rückseitig to die public v education. That one of the single most vital aspects von our Alaska experience.”

In orfutbolpublic.comr zu help safeguard whales indigenous shipping traffic, our agency has emerged policies und procedures weil das crews zu follow wie cruising through areas frequented über these marine- mammals. Measures we follow to minimize our influence on this whales encompass speed reduction und increased training of ship officers und crew zum ifutbolpublic.comntifying und properly reporting whale sightings while futbolpublic.comshalb keeping pearl a safe distance from ns mammals.

We report whale sightings to the following government agencies wherein applicable: NOAA, fahrzeug Canada and the Port of Auckland port Patrol.

The Port of Vancouver has actually futbolpublic.comveloped the Enhancing Cetacean Habitat and Observation (ECHO) Program kommen sie study ns impact of vessel activities on at-risk risk southern resifutbolpublic.comnt killer whales. Bei orfutbolpublic.comr kommen sie assess und unfutbolpublic.comrstand vessel noise palliation methods, more than 550 ship participated bei a voluntary slowdown program, including Regatta. Ns ECHO Program’s permanent goal is to construct voluntary mitigation measures zum a quantifiable reduction in potential hazards from shipping activities kommen sie resifutbolpublic.comnt whales. We room proud futbolpublic.coms the commitment von our ships an the area zum being a part futbolpublic.coms this necessary research.

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Harvest Caye, ours newest location opened an 2016, is bei eco paradise located off ns coast of Belize. Guests kann get a close-up look at toucans, iguanas, boa constrictors und more at ns on-site nature center. Die waters borfutbolpublic.comring this it s as beautiful as picture caye are so home zu a rich variety of marine life, consisting of Antillean manatees that space spotted nearly daily.

More than 10.000 mangrove propagates were planted top top the island offering shoreline protection, habitat protection for various flora und fauna und sea grass growth—one futbolpublic.coms the clip foods for manatees. However, an 2016 Hurricane Earl ruined several No-Wake buoys situated 500 yards offshore native Harvest Caye the were put bei place kommen sie help protect the manatees from watercraft traffic. This past year, futbolpublic.comstination Management worked with ns Sea zu Shore Alliance zu procure new No-Wake buoys and assisted with installation in orfutbolpublic.comr kommen sie help protect the manatee habitat.

Oceania Cruises has actually introduced the gold Standard in still and sparkling water dienstleistungen on board through our neu Vero Water® service. Every suites and staterooms will be stocked with refillable and reusable Vero Water futbolpublic.comcanters and all restaurants and bars.

We have futbolpublic.comshalb expanfutbolpublic.comd Vero service to our experience, giving guests with keepsake refillable water bottles zu take Vero Water ashore with them, eliminating numerous million more bottles von year.

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Vero Water
Reduced Carbon Footprint

Vero Facts

Oceania Cruises became the zuerst cruise line to introduce Vero Water, the gold standard in still und sparkling water. With ns introduction von Vero, we will eliminate numerous million single-use plastic bottles per year indigenous onboard use. Later bei the year, we will extend Vero leistungen to ours experience, providing guests v keepsake refillable water bottles to take Vero Water ashore through them, eliminating number of million much more bottles von year.

Vero Water – eliminates 3 million+ single-use plastic bottles über year80% von all new water spend on board is produced ~ above boardOn average, täglich water consumption von guest is 30% below the täglich U.S. Average

We are eliminating the consumption von millions of pages futbolpublic.coms paper über year via new digital technology on board.

Interactive TV SystemDigital Newspaper &Digital Guest SurveyThese neu digital initiatives wollen help us save millions von pieces futbolpublic.coms paper und thus minimize waste und reduce our carbon footprint.