Commerzbank arena frankfurt public viewing

The shock des the 0:1 loss against welt champions frankreich after bei own goal von Mats Hummels has been forgotten since die 4:2 against Portugal. Now the German national team is back on the road zu success und the european Championship fever has actually finally damaged out. Together we know, there space no large public viewing events this year like the one top top our souvenir photo from the former Commerzbank arena (today: Deutsche bank Park). Nevertheless, there are some possibilities to follow ns games von the German mannschaft (and deshalb other important games) through like-minded people, to cheer together und hopefully zu celebrate - von course an compliance with die applicable hygiene and distance regulations. Some nice windy viewing locations we would like zu introduce to you here.

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It is important kommen sie know: There ist a difference zu previous windy viewing events, such together the belastung World Cup. Together a precautionary measure, the Public stimulate Office points the end that, in contrast to previous years when such football tournaments were held, there to be no commonwealth or state regulations the would allow exceptions kommen sie noise emissions ~ 10 pm. Thus, even during the European Championship that zu sein taking place, ns noise regulations an force should be observed deswegen that those who space not deswegen football enthusiasts carry out not oase to complain.

The behörde therefore asks all restaurateurs who so want to offer football experience to ns guests present an their outdoor gastronomy to grad that this time there is no windy viewing exemption to die noise that may be associated with it und to be an especially considerate von local residents.

Our publicly viewing tips zum Wednesday"s game (and beyond, if applicable. Just click top top the nennen of each location weil das more info):

Long island Summer Lounge - beach feel, skyline view: This rooftop location will cure her European Championship fever not only with a broadcast von the gamings on 3 screens, but so with a serene holiday atmosphere.

City coast - also the city Beach on die roof von the parking garage Konstablerwache brings you the EM to ns big stadt beach - skyline see included. Do yourself comfortable on the deck chair und enjoy ns games des your favourite team in this good location.

Autokino Gravenbruch - in the oldest drive-in cinema in Germany you tun können watch die match Germany - Hungary ~ above a 60sqm führen zu screen. Tickets are only available online zum 5,50 € per person. The price includes 2 drinks (0,5 l) of your choice. It kann be assumed that so possible more games with German participation wollen be shown in the drive-in cinema.

Frankfurter botschaft - The restaurant at Westhafen has actually set up a "beach zone" in the outdoor area ~ above the bank of die Main. Comfortable lounge furniture or deck chairs invite you kommen sie bury her feet in the sand und keep your fingers crossed for the German mannschaft at die "Embassy Beach". The seats bei the coast area cannot be reserved, die rule here is: first come first serve!

Champions - ns Sports Bar bolzen Messe and Uni Campus Bockenheim will zeigen you die European Championship games on new Champions Terrace. Through delicious drinks and food you kann cheer on her favorites.

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Main-Terrasse - directly at the Mainufer punkt the fuß of the Eisernen stricken on ns Sachsenhäuser next - or as we Frankfurters say: Dribbdebach - lies this beautiful location, which mirrors all gamings with German participation. Add to there"s a great range des drinks und delicious food.

Mega Discostadl - in the Stadl beere garden, all die important games von the european Championship möchte be broadcast on two big screens. That gets hungry while watching, which tun können satisfy this at ns BBQ grill station. For a place in the beere garden ist a prior preventive necessary.

Lohrberg Schänke - A wonderful ar with a distinct view of Frankfurt. Within you tun können watch the EM ~ above a screen, an the beautiful the end area on numerous TV screens. Reservations are required!

Dionysos Restaurant - On the beautiful summer terrace von the restaurant you can enjoy notfall only Greek specialties, but also relaxed EM emotion when die games are broadcast on a screen.

Café Hauptwache - in the heart des the City, every games of the europe Championship möchte be broadcast live. To add refreshing drinks and delicious food.

Yours Sportsbar - ns popular sports bar on berger Street is so showing the European Championship games live. Reservations are recommended.

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Zur Kutscherklause - zum Eintracht fans, ns restaurant in the Ostend is always a famous public viewing location during die Bundesliga season. So during die European Championship king Football reigns right here - yet only through a limited number von seats. That"s why you schutz to book in advance.

Kupferstecher - ns restaurant an the historic premises of the previous Merianbad hinweisen Merianplatz has actually set nach oben a windy viewing area outside. Bookings are notfall possible here. There ist a small EM map from i m sorry orders tun können be placed. ATTENTION: bei this area just cash payment is possible!

Na, is there die right location for you? Then quickly reserve seat (where it ist possible und necessary)! us wish sie a lot of fun und keep her fingers crossed weil das the German team!